15 Healthy Meals For Your Heart That Are Really Easy To Cook (2 of 5)

Smoky chickpeas with some greens on the side over quinoa or rice

This Marisa Moore’s recipe is super easy to prepare. To begin with, you need some fresh greens (like baby kale, spinach, and broccoli), some chickpeas, some spices (paprika, turmeric, and garlic), olive oil, and a bowl of quinoa or rice. You can also stuff the chickpeas and the greens in naan or pita bread if you aren’t a big fan of rice, adds the chef.



A non-boring, delicious salad

If you aren’t a big fan of chicken Caesar salad, try out this salad recipe. Start with some romaine lettuce, sliced apples, grilled chicken, red pepper, feta cheese, cucumber, and white onion.

Drizzle the white onion dressing you prepared and you are good to go. This is probably the best salad recipe that ensures you consume fruits, chicken, and veggies without feeling bored.



Avocado egg salad toast

This is one of those unique twists on avocado toast recipes most of us have seen time and again. Start by mixing a couple of hard-boiled eggs, smashed avocado, some grounded mustard, diced pickle, pink salt, red chili flakes, and ground pepper and you are all set. Mix it well and spread this mixture over a couple of whole-wheat toasts and enjoy!

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