6 Super Easy Home Workout Moves To Keep You Fit And Healthy (2 of 2)

Mountain Climber

To do this exercise, start with your body in a raised-up position, with your hands apart at shoulder-width. Then, start bending your left knee and bring it forward, and place the ball towards your left hand. You can then switch sides by hopping with your right foot, and landing the ball of the foot toward your right hand and the other leg going backward, as seen in the image. Continue the same set with each leg for a minute.

Mountain climbers are a great way to workout your core muscles. They workout the biceps, deltoids, chest, obliques, triceps, hip abductors, hamstrings, and quads. Plus, they push the heart rate up for a good, complete workout.



Ice Skater

For ice skater exercise, start in the standing position with your elbows slightly bent. Then, leap towards your left side using the left leg, and bend the right knee when you land, and cross the left leg just behind that right leg, with your toes tapping the floor. As you make that leap, bring the left arm forward and the right hand backward, as seen in the image. Repeat the same steps with the other side and continue “skating” for a minute, at least.

Ice skaters help you strengthen your calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads.




Last but not least, planks are a great way to workout that core of your. Start with your arms on the ground, with your palms in a downward position and just below the shoulder, with your legs in an extended position. Then, place down your left hand under your right shoulder and push upward, with your arms straightening. Repeat this move with your right forearm as well in a way that your body completes the raised plank position. You can then lower the right arm, then the left arm. Repeat the steps and continue doing the exercise for a minute.

Plank is a killer exercise. It targets the chest, triceps, shoulders, and obviously the core.

The above-mentioned exercises are safe to be performed even by a beginner. However, we’d suggest you do a two to five-minute warm-up to not cause yourself any injury. If you feel too lazy to workout, get started by keeping the duration of your exercise short and gradually work your way up.

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