Here’s Why Coconut Water Is The Best Summer Drink For You (2 of 2)

A good potassium source

Coconut water is a rich source of potassium. This mineral supports bone and muscle health and also aids in healthy heart functioning. Consuming as little as half a can of this magical drink will fulfill approximately 16% of the recommended daily intake of potassium.

It has also been found in many studies that potassium negates the effect of excess sodium in the blood and, thereby, helps maintain normal blood pressure. Keep in mind that you can’t rely solely on coconut water for your potassium intake. Dietitians advise that you must include in your diet other potassium-rich foods too. Oranges, apricots, bananas, green leafy vegetables are a few most common potassium sources.



May help maintain blood sugar level

Research done in the past has found a link between regular intake of coconut water and improved blood glucose levels. A report from one study conducted on rats found out that coconut water has multiple positive effects on those suffering from hyperglycemia. It also helped with oxidative stress. If you are diabetic and considering incorporating coconut water into your diet, we’d suggest you first speak with your doctor.



Full of electrolytes

Coconut water can be tremendously beneficial for those who engage in physical activity a lot. It has a high concentration of electrolytes and makes for an excellent post-workout or sports drink. Even dietitians approve it as the ideal drink after an exhausting exertion. Rizzo revealed that she herself prepares her energy drinks using coconut water in place of plain water. The idea behind this is to replenish the electrolytes expended from the body along with sweat. Her bonus tip is to add a little salt too, since that is lost too when we perspire. Make sure you read the label while buying bottled coconut water to ensure it does not contain any added flavors or sweeteners.



Great choice for hydration

Most of us rely on water to reach our recommended level of daily water intake. A common problem with water is that it’s tasteless and we sort of have to push ourselves to stay hydrated.

Apart from water, there are also several fruits and vegetables that contain enormous amounts of water. Coconut water is one of them. As much as 95% of the clear water present in a fresh coconut is water. Therefore, a green coconut or a can of coconut water is just what you need when your body has lost a lot of water through sweat.

The amount of coconut water you must have will depend on how strenuous your activity was and the surrounding climate. Rizzo says that you can opt for coconut water to hydrate yourself after a workout. If the duration of your exercise was less than an hour, you are good with just gulping down some water. However, for intensive and lengthy workouts, coconut water would be ideal as that would also provide the electrolytes you lose with sweat along with hydrating your body.

Research suggests that coconut water is better than other common post-exercise drinks. It is so because it does not make you feel too full or give you nausea. These effects are common with carbohydrate-based drinks or regular water. Moreover, you can also consume it in a much larger quantity without feeling any difficulty.

Thus, we can conclude that the benefits of coconut water are exceptional. It’s nutritious while being low in calories. What more can we ask for from a refreshing drink? Besides, it tastes good too. We hope you are now convinced of its health gains and would opt for this drink in place of a soda can to have with your meals.

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