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Nutritionally Packed Staples That Are Must-Haves In Your Kitchen At All Times

The food we eat is a major aspect of us. Apart from providing nutrition, it is what our capability to carry out tasks rests on. Therefore, it is crucial that we make the best eating choices. The plethora of information at our disposal has truly muddled up our understanding of our nutritional requirements. Terms such as ‘gluten-free,’ ‘dairy-free,’ and ‘non-GMO’ have become all the rage. Truth be told, we can’t hate them more for trimming down our options.

The key to good health is going back to basics. Unlearning the unreliable fads and relishing recipes cooked with simple ingredients. You don’t need to incorporate imported edibles into your diet to get your protein RDI met. Similarly, paying extra for attractive packaging isn’t going to give you the glowing skin you desire. Eating balanced meals in the right portions will be your best bet.

Mentioned below are 15 items you can’t skip on any grocery shopping visit. They are choke-full of essential macros and will keep your energy levels optimal throughout the day.



Delicious, versatile, quick, and easy to prepare. If you haven’t been having eggs frequently, we don’t know why. Mere few minutes are enough to whip up an omelet. Or, you can chop a boiled one and add it to your salad and improve its protein content. The fact that they contain a variety of vitamins and minerals has earned them the tag of ‘nature’s multivitamin.’ Not to mention the good fats that are an added bonus.

You can have them along with any of your meals. Also, they make for an excellent snacking option. Add different kinds of veggies and spices to enhance the taste and make them more fulfilling. The biggest relief is that they last for around 5 weeks in the refrigerator.

Our suggestion would be that you opt for pasture-raised ones if possible. The hens being fed well and kept in favorable conditions hugely improves the quality of their laying.



Yogurt (the full-fat one)

Yes, we are asking you to eat a dairy product having full-fat guilt-free. Not only is yogurt an excellent protein source, but is one of the best probiotics available. The fats that you are so scared of can significantly improve your skin and hair quality.

Stack your refrigerator with flavored, but sugar-free, yogurt cups and treat your taste buds. You can even add them to sauces and curries for a richer texture and balanced flavor. Eating them frozen is nothing less joyous than having ice cream. They can make for a good spread too.

With a shelf life of 3 weeks, you can safely buy them in large quantities. It is worthy to note that the full-fat variety offers some proven health benefits. It aids in the prevention of diabetes and keeps the fat off of your belly area.



Fresh vegetables and fruits

Aren’t they appealing to the eyes? Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are a powerhouse of antioxidants. Including them in your everyday diet is an excellent way to eliminate free radicals and aid in cell regeneration. Along with that, the ton of vitamins and minerals they offer render them a must ingredient in every dish. Replete with dietary fiber, regular intake of veggies and fruits will keep your gut healthy too.

The only issue with them is that they are highly perishable. Many can’t afford to run to the grocery store every other day. However, there are still plenty of them that retain their nutritive value even on being stored. Apples, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pomegranate, cabbage, are a few examples of such staples that can be stored for about a week.



Healthy condiments

With a vast variety of them available in the market, you are going to need to be a little picky.

Several brands add unhealthy additives to increase their product’s shelf life or make them addictive. Therefore, make sure to peruse the ingredients before popping one into your basket.

Condiments work great at adding punch to any boring dish. You can use them as a side, mix in salads or pasta, or as a spread onto your sandwiches. Your taste buds as well as your digestive tract will thank you loads. You read that right. They help in the digestion and assimilation of nutrients too.

Most can be stored till about three to four months and worry not, you’ll run out of these before that. Tahini, coconut amino, salsa, coconut butter, nutritional yeast, raw honey, balsamic vinegar are a few examples.



Onions and garlic

Onions and garlic are the most hated and yet the most loved foods. They taste great and we want to have them with every meal. But the mouthwash rinse needed post consuming them is a big annoyance.

If you haven’t had them in a while, it’s time to consider bringing them back to your palate. Apart from making your meals flavorful, they are known for medicinal properties too. Having them with soup can provide instant relief from sore throat. Besides, regular intake of them is linked to warding off several heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, and mental disorders.