This Is The Time When You Need To Turn Your Phone Off To Get The Best Night Sleep (2 of 2)

Several experts do not agree with this study’s conclusion, however, they trust its findings

Although the authors of this study have stated that many studies in the past too have established that there exists a strong link between the quality of sleep and the use of mobiles, there is one expert who has a conflicting point to make. Bob Patten, who is a psychology lecturer at the University of Surrey, says that this study is cross-sectional. By that, he means that one cannot firmly conclude that it is the excessive use of the phone that’s impacting sleep.

However, Patton doesn’t completely disagree with the findings either. He went on to add that this study has given us some good evidence to deal with the growing problem of smartphone addiction. A better understanding of its consequences will enable us to tackle it effectively. He is also serving currently as the lead for Drugs, Alcohol, & Addictive Behaviours Research Group at the same university.



Experts recommend not to use such gadgets at least an hour prior to the bedtime

In the end, we say that irrespective of the number of hours you use your phone, it’s best to keep it in check and toss it away a minimum of one hour before you hit the bed. This study also mentioned how screen time impacts our circadian rhythm; the body’s sleep cycle patterns. Vsevolod Polotsky, who has an MD and directs sleep research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicines, advises that if in order to reap the most benefits of sleep, it’s crucial that you refrain from using devices such as tablets, computers, phones, etc. sometime prior to your bedtime.

How much time do you spend using your smartphone in a day? Are you working on bringing that down?