10 Recipes To Add To Your Diet To Make Your Immune System Stronger Than Ever (2 of 3)

Spinach and tomato kitchari

For days when you feel too tired or lazy, go for a filling bowl of kitchari. The preparation time and cooking time is minimal and the dish sufficiently meets your nutritional requirements from a meal. Since it is loaded with spices and legumes, it gives you the satiety of a thick soup on a cold evening.

Due to their prebiotic effect on the body, spices make for an excellent choice to build better immunity. The prebiotic effect refers to the promotion and regulation of healthy bacteria in our system. These bacteria present have a major role to play in keeping our immune system on track.

Therefore, even though used in tiny quantities, the value these aromatic ingredients add to your meals is enormous.



Baked mackerel with sweet potato

Happy to have found something you love on our list? This Thai delight is as much a treat to the taste buds as it is to our digestive organs.

Sweet potatoes have a compound called carotenoids, which act as a stimulant for the body to produce B-cells. These are the cells responsible for making antibodies when any pathogen makes its way into our system. On the other hand, mackerel is a chief source of omega-3, which is vital for proper immune functioning. Apart from that, omega-3 fatty acids also support other aspects of a healthy life. Most nutritionists recommended at least two fish dishes in a week, preferably the oily varieties. If you are a vegan or a vegetarian, the best omega-3 sources for you to fall back on would be chia seeds, walnuts, flax seeds, etc.



Lentil salad topped with tahini

A must-try salad recipe for all the salad lovers amongst us. It’s power-packed with nutrients, so grab the biggest bowl when you’re serving for yourself.

Lentil and veggies fulfill your protein and vitamin need, while yogurt provides the best environment for the friendly gut bacteria to thrive. Apart from these, it provides a decent amount of fiber that keeps you satiated for a long time and thereby prevents unnecessary snacking. Moreover, fiber also helps with proper digestion of food. A good digestive system and a responsive immune system go hand-in-hand.