Five Main Reasons Why You’re Always Tired And Sleepy

If climbing mere two flights of stairs makes you pant like a dog or you always feel the urge to rest your head on the work table, it’s a signal that something is amiss with your system. You can’t keep ignoring it with workload excuses, but have to make attempts to get to the root cause. Charging yourself with caffeine isn’t the solution here. Although it may spike up your energy level for some time, relying too much on it has its own side effects.

A number of factors can be attributed to the constant feeling of tiredness or lack of energy.

Moreover, the cause varies from person to person. Read further to find out what the culprit is in your case and what you can do about it.


Lack of sleep

A good 8-9 hours of sleep is imperative to keep us active and agile throughout the day. It rejuvenates both the physical body and the mind and packs us with vitality to carry about the activities of everyday life with ease. Therefore, you are totally wrong if you think you are being more productive by doing less sleep. In fact, lack of sleep is directly linked with several bodily issues such as fatigue, indigestion, poor performance at work, stress, depression, mood swings, overeating, obesity, and the like.



Poor quality of sleep

Simply laying on the bed all night isn’t going to provide you the benefits of adequate sleep. The quality matters as much as the quantity. If you find yourself flipping every two minutes or your mind can’t keep calm, the quality of sleep is bound to be affected. Don’t get the idea of turning to sleep pills. Instead, look for reasons which may be contributing to keeping you somewhat awake and do away with them.

Key things that affect sleep are the room’s temperature and amount of light. Apart from these, regular changing of sheets, showering before hitting the bed, no use of phone a few hours before sleep time, and finishing dinner a little early promote good sleep and decent rest.



Excessive stress

We all are well-aware that no good can come out of stressing and yet can’t help, but stress over the most trivial of issues. This may be shrinking your energy and interest in general activities.

Things may not be working out in your favor or the way you had expected, but you are only making the situation worse for yourself by being stressed all the time. In such circumstances, your approach should be to tackle problems with your acumen.

Similarly, you have to make peace with the way certain things are and embrace the fact they won’t change no matter the amount of stress you put on your brain. A few science-backed ways to combat stress are proper sleep, exercise, pursuing a hobby, healthy eating habits, listening to music, dancing, and talking it out.