30 Simple Changes That Melt Away Your Excess Body Fat Like Magic

Until now you must have put yourself through most of the popular diets or HIIT workouts that claim to give you the body of a fitness model in less than a month or so. But, were you able to follow their instructions for long enough to reach your fitness goal? We can say with utmost surety that you would have been out of breath and lying on the floor within two minutes of doing those exercises. On the other hand, it’s better to not even talk about such diets that make your life a living hell by advising you to completely cut out all comfort foods and survive only on a selected range of options that are either bland or have no taste whatsoever.

So, the big question is how do you lose weight without losing your calmness and never put it back on again? It may surprise you but there are a number of things you can do to get in shape steadily and healthily. All it takes is a few little changes and you’ll notice your flabby thighs turning leaner day by day. Let’s get started on finding those out:


Don’t be distracted when eating

This has and will always work. Practicing mindful eating increases your awareness of the quality as well as quantity of your meals. You are then in a better position to decide on what to eat and what to skip by evaluating its nutritional value and your body’s requirements. Also, it helps you respond to satiety signals from your brain.

Research has shown that mindful eating can provide noticeable benefits to obese people as regards their weight, eating habits, and stress. It can be all the more helpful if binge eating or emotional eating are your major weakness.

When you are conscious of your food choices and responsive to your body’s needs, weight loss comes naturally.



Work towards bettering your lifestyle

A healthy body can’t reside in an unhealthy or overworked lifestyle. The first step towards getting fit should be finding out all the bottlenecks in your way of living and doing away with them.

Since diet plays the biggest part in keeping you healthy, it’s important yours does its job well.

Never fall for fad diets because they may make you lose weight promptly but you are only going to gain it back (even some more) in no time. Your focus should be to fulfill your nutritional needs with the help of eating a balanced diet consisting of everything in apt proportions rather than simply becoming thinner.



Brush teeth after having a meal

You read that right. Good oral hygiene doesn’t just keep your teeth strong and healthy but can also aid in weight loss. It is so because when you have cleaned your teeth, the remnants of food stuck in between them are washed away leaving a pleasant, minty breath behind. This curbs your desire to indulge in snacking and have your mouth smelling like food again.

Additionally, anything you eat wouldn’t taste as good for a little while after you rinse off the toothpaste. If you are too lazy for brushing, swishing mouthwash would be just as helpful.



Practice resistance exercises

To take things a notch higher, you could include resistance exercises which are considered to be the best form of workouts for beginners.

Dieting alone is not recommended because it can make you lose muscle mass along with body fat. This, in turn, impedes the rate at which your body burns calories. In order to prevent that, you must engage yourself in weight lifting exercises about three to four times a week. The best part is that it can feel its positive effects in no time.



Include some cardio too

Once you are hooked to the resistance workout moves, the next thing to do is adding a bit of cardio to it. Cardio is such fun that you’ll have no trouble incorporating it into your everyday life.

When it comes to cardio, you get to pick your favorite from many exciting options or mix two or more of them and intensify the game. Choose amongst jogging, power walking, hiking, cycling, and get started the soonest you can. These not only improve your physical health but take care of your mental well being too.

It doesn’t end there. Cardio averts many heart diseases by acting upon the risk factors leading to them. It also attacks the fat around your belly which, if left ignored, makes you more prone to acquiring metabolic ailments.