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9 Fashion Brands All Body Positive Women Will Love

Fashion labels of today are more open and inviting to varying body types than ever before. . Sizes and shapes are being accepted into mainstream fashion, allowing for the fashion industry overall to be a more inclusive place overall. Many brands are adjusting accordingly and creating clothing that is more diverse. An overall atmosphere of body positivity and empowerment is on the rise as these brands continue to push fashion culture into a more inclusive future. To learn more about these cutting-edge companies, check out these 9 fashion brands all body positive women will love.


Lululemon is a conscious company that mainly makes workout clothing, but does their part to make sure all sizes and shapes have access to workout gear. This company is one that not only caters to smaller sizes, but includes sizes that fit all body types. Their aim is to create clothing that make women feel confident and secure in workout gear, giving them the inspiration to be more active and proud of their bodies.


Aerie is the sister store of American Eagle, and has become one of the most visible companies dedicated to body positivity. They went as far as changing their policy with marketing campaigns in 2014, stopping all airbrushing and retouching of their models to encourage realistic body standards in the fashion industry.


SmartGlamour is a brand based in New York City that infuses body consciousness into every piece of clothing they make. All of their items are made by hand, and range from sizes XXS to 6X so that they are very inclusive of all shapes and sizes. Because their clothes are handmade, the comfort and fit are the next level, which intrinsically makes women feel more celebrated and accepted in their clothing.