5 Stylish TikTokers

It seems the time has come to download Tik Tok: we are telling you about 5 fashion bloggers who will teach you how to dress cool.

We live in an era of influence from social networks, so it is not so easy to close your eyes and pretend that they do not exist. During the time of self-isolation, Tik Tok gained immense popularity: celebrities were happy to upload videos of their dances or home images to this so far unusual for many social networks. We suggest you not only download Tik Tok but also subscribe to the most fashionable bloggers who can easily teach you how to dress stylishly.

Brittany Xavier, Nose, Skin, Lip, Eyebrow, Lipstick, Eyelash, Flash photography, Gesture

Brittany Xavier

Brittany Xavier is a popular fashion blogger: the girl has about 1.5 million followers on Instagram (and this number is constantly growing) and more than 3 million subscribers on Tik Tok. Brittany often posts fashionable looks on social networks, and many of them can be easily assembled from things that almost every girl has in her wardrobe.

The girl often shares short master classes on reworking old clothes or re-reading the classics: for example, in one of the videos, Brittany bleached old jeans on her own and gave them a new life. And the celebrity also loves to shoot videos, in which he advises on how to play a familiar thing in a new way – take note! On her account, Brittany also shows you how to wear basic clothes or replicate the look of a celebrity from the red carpet – we think we convinced you to download Tik Tok!