The Enormous Celebrity Transformations Ever to Take Place in the History of Film and Music Industries

Before a few major celebrities made it big in the industry, they used to a completely different version of themselves. More often than not, it stuns us to see the transformation that their character, choices, facial, and physical features underwent.

Back when they started, nobody could have guessed they’ll be massively disrupting the fame industry and will be able to bag millions of fans. The transformations they’ve undergone are baffling.

We’ve listed out 15 such celebrities, who they used to be then, and who they’ve grown up to now. Continue reading to find out how these minor celebrities who looked nothing more than just a mass of flesh and blood suffering through an identity crisis are now the most popular ones out there.




Back in the early 1990s when Victoria Beckham rose to fame, she was known mostly as “Posh Spice” from Spice Girls. Their debut album called Spice was a smashing success in 1996 and managed to sell more than twenty million copies worldwide.

She was also an aspiring dancer, and she explored her love for fashion after the band broke up in 2000. She was mostly known for flaunting a retro look – huge hir, platform heels, and body-hugging fits.

Back then we viewed her as the Regina George of Mean Girls, minus the mean nature. A preppy dressing style and probably a bit more wanted or popular than the others, Victoria was certainly our idol when it came to fashion.



She had a high profile marriage that created a furor in Hollywood, as she married the famous soccer player, David Beckham. She explored her interest in fashion and her first launch was the VB Rocks jeans back in 2004.

By 2008, she had managed to launch her line of clothing and is now known as a fashion designer. She is now one of the most photographed women in the world, with the paparazzi papping her every step with her husband, David.

She has already written two books on fashion, launched her sunglasses and clothing line, and her jeans are loved by all. She has also taken down her retro look a notch – hardly wears platform heels at night, and flaunts a way more minimalistic, sophisticated look.





Known worldwide for his role as ‘Michael Scott’ in the popular tv series ‘The Office’, Steve Carell set a milestone in his career with this role. His character Michael Scott got so popular among everyone that whenever he tried out a different role such as the one in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, we couldn’t help but think it was the same man.

The Office did not bag much popularity while it was on air, however, it’s considered legendary now. Steve Carell started by making small television appearances in the early 1990s. The Dana Carvey Show gave him his first break, and he soon rose to popularity.

Before he became a household comic, he directed the wrote ‘Tomorrow Night’ – but we hardly knew what his career trajectory had in store for us.



After leaving the show “The Office” in Season 7, Carell became a full-on silver fox, as his career took a huge leap. By now, he has starred in numerous movies and has lent his voice to a lot of animated characters such as in Despicable Me. He has starred in movies like “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, “Foxcatcher” and “The Big Short.”

He has received innumerable Teen Choice and Screen Actors Guild Awards and has been happily married to Nancy Carell since 1995.

His outfit style went a huge transformation as well, as he flaunts a more casual yet upbeat look – rather than a tuxedo.





Known for her over the top outfits, we’ve known this singer for her out of the box costumes and powerful voice. She used to be referred to as the ‘Mother Monster’ of the industry.

She once wore a meatball costume to the MTV Music Awards which created havoc, resulting in her being trolled and made memes upon. She was always subtly called out for her outrageous outfits, but we’d say she was bold!

Nonetheless, she had a powerful voice with songs like ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Edge of Glory’ making it to the Billboards hit list and sustaining there for quite some time. She has had beef with celebrities in the past, and all in all, she used to be a very controversial personality in the music industry.



Her ‘over the top outfits’ have certainly decreased now, as she wears more presentable and not so flashy outfits anymore. She flaunts a more sophisticated style with a tint of fun and playfulness in her outfits now.

She is currently dating entrepreneur and investor Michael Polansky. She has broken off two engagements in the past, and her present relationship seems to be going smoothly.

Apart from proving her talent in music, Gaga has also proved her skills in acting. She starred in Bradley Cooper’s remake “A Star is Born”, and her acting had all her fans by surprise. The pop sensation recently released her album called “Chromatica”.