9 Divas Who Shocked The World With Their Transformations From Ugly Ducklings To Most Loved Idols

These beautiful women today are renowned all over the world for their brilliancy in the acting and singing industries. They are always trending in Hollywood, with many popular movies, TV series & songs in their pockets. Besides their talent, these celebs are very beautiful and attractive too, with their faces on most of the major beauty campaigns.

However, they weren’t as much alluring from the beginning, as they are now. Most of them had a humble beginning and were very average-looking during their growing years. But no one could have imagined that someday they would be so immensely pretty and lovely.

They have made a place for themselves in the fame world, and are inspiring millions of aspiring girls to become like them. Given below are 9 such celebs who perfectly justify the title.


Anne Hathaway

It would be unfair not to mention “The Princess Diaries” or “Ocean’s Eleven”, and many other famous movies, where Anne stole the show. Even she was once a plain simple girl, with jumpsuits, who is an alluring example of beauty now. It’s hard to imagine that today she is a mother of a child; along with that she is also a winner of distinguished awards like Golden Globe, Emmy, and also an Oscar too.



Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, also known as our very own Harley Quinn, is responsible for immense crushes among young people owing to her killer beauty. In the image shown, Margot is barely 13. During her teenage years she had a messed up brown hair bun with specs and braces. Only with time, she grew up to be the diva she is today. Her latest flick “Birds of Prey” was critically acclaimed for her performance. This proves her brilliance in both acting, as well as beauty.



Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes, who has killer beauty, has quite always been charming and pretty. Even at 40, she doesn’t look a day over 22. Even during her childhood she was a cute and bubbly kid. To date, she continues acting and still sways us away with her charm. She is quite active on Instagram, and regularly posts her no-makeup pics, and to be honest, she is more beautiful without make-up and instead with her natural beauty.