25 Hilarious Celebrity Fails

Everyone has embarrassing moments on occasion. However when that person is a celebrity, these kinds of moments become more obvious and can persist for a very long time. Below is a list of some of those fails that celebrities experienced that haven’t seem to go away. Probably because they are so funny that we can’t let them go.


Lawrence Stumbling

The largest gathering for many A-list celebrities that we are aware of is award ceremonies. While all kinds of crazy things go down, one we want to highlight right now is the little stumble actress Jennifer Lawrence had at one of these shows.

It was during the time where Jennifer Lawrence was a rising star. During the ceremony she was accepting her award for her role in David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook film. Between her getting to the stage, her heel snagged on her dress and she stumbled on the staircase.

A stumble is something we all experience but this was in front of a room filled with A-list Hollywood stars and seen by over 30 million people worldwide.

It was embarrassing, but was played down thanks to Lawrence’s charm. We know her for saying during her acceptance speech, “This is nuts. You guys are only standing up because I fell and you feel bad. That was embarrassing.”



Scarlett Johansson Stumble

Another actress who took a stumble is Scarlett Johansson. During the filming of the arthouse sci-fi Under the Skin, someone got an off-set footage of Johansson falling in Glasgow Scotland. The footage was taken mid-fall and has since become a meme that has been photoshopped and shared many times.



Falling Through The Stage

Men are not immune to the slip ups, but this one is particularly different. Instead of slipping on stage, there was a slipping off stage. The victim was Justin Bieber at a concert in Saskatoon.

With many people recording on cell phones, screaming fans turned into gasping fans as Bieber sunk through the stage and fell. Apparently on the catwalk he was on there was an opening that caused him to slip down.

Why didn’t he notice it? Well, before he took that stumble he was adjusting his pants. He was probably too engrossed in adjusting to not notice the opening. Regardless the stumble must’ve hurt considering people heard the thud of his microphone, which made it sound especially painful.



Heels And Water Don’t Mix Well

As a general rule, wearing heels at an event where there is lots of water is not a smart idea. Demi Lovato learned this lesson the hard way when she decided to wear high heels on a stage that was wet.

Why was the stage wet? Well, it was to go with the theme. She was performing her song “Cool for the Summer” at the WaterMarke Tower in downtown Los Angeles. Her face planting and losing her footing on the stage in front of pool party-goers wasn’t a scripted part of the performance.



The Queen’s Hair Getting Caught

Not that queen, the other queen – Beyoncé. During her “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour,” Beyoncé had one mishap while performing in Montreal, Quebec. In the middle of the song, her hair got snagged by one of the on-stage fans.

Despite that snag though, the show went on with her singing and acting like nothing was wrong while security guards worked to free her. You could say they were real fans of her work.