21 Celebrities Weight Loss Transformations That We Think Deserve A Grand Salute

Mike Tyson – Lost 140 Pounds

Mike Tyson a renowned boxer had to fight off weight too. Tyson has fought 58 professional fights of which he lost only 6. He has won many boxing titles and had appeared in movies like ‘The Hangover’. His profession required him to tune up his muscles and body for which he had to eat lavishly. But, after retirement, his eating habits didn’t change and eventually, he gained a lot of weight. He had to join a gym and workout to lose as much 140 pounds. He works out like an athlete and is found on the road most of the time. He also turned vegan which has helped me stay fit and maintain a healthy weight.



Chris Pratt – Lost 60 Pounds

Chris Pratt had struggled to achieve the podium that he enjoys today. He is the most admired actor of Hollywood. He puts up weight and loses it quickly as per the roles. Some of his roles required him to gain lots of weight while some like in Marvel Series, Guardians of the Galaxy he had to lose 60 pounds in six months. He has done an incredible job in maintaining his weight and is a great inspiration to many.



Tom Arnold – Lost 100 Pounds

Tom Arnold has enjoyed a great career in the entertainment industry as an actor and writer. He has appeared in more than 160 movies, according to IMDB data. Over the years, his popularity took a back seat as new faces joined the industry. Recently, he made a comeback with tremendous weight transformation. It is said that after the birth of his son, he decided to set an example and lose 100 pounds.



Britney Spears – Lost 20 Pounds

Britney Spears the most famous pop singer had to face some tough challenges in her personal life which led to weight gain. She was criticized for her weight and she was also got addicted to drugs. She lost custody of her kids. But, eventually, she came out as a superstar and regained control on her life. She joined a drug rehab and got rid of all the bad habits. She was a lot of stress because of her personal life issues. She learned a way to deal with them by choosing the right diet and workout. She was able to lose 20 pounds and today she looks prettier than ever.