21 Celebrities Weight Loss Transformations That We Think Deserve A Grand Salute

Mike Tyson – Lost 140 Pounds

Mike Tyson a renowned boxer had to fight off weight too. Tyson has fought 58 professional fights of which he lost only 6. He has won many boxing titles and had appeared in movies like ‘The Hangover’. His profession required him to tune up his muscles and body for which he had to eat lavishly. But, after retirement, his eating habits didn’t change and eventually, he gained a lot of weight. He had to join a gym and workout to lose as much 140 pounds. He works out like an athlete and is found on the road most of the time. He also turned vegan which has helped me stay fit and maintain a healthy weight.



Chris Pratt – Lost 60 Pounds

Chris Pratt had struggled to achieve the podium that he enjoys today. He is the most admired actor of Hollywood. He puts up weight and loses it quickly as per the roles. Some of his roles required him to gain lots of weight while some like in Marvel Series, Guardians of the Galaxy he had to lose 60 pounds in six months. He has done an incredible job in maintaining his weight and is a great inspiration to many.



Tom Arnold – Lost 100 Pounds

Tom Arnold has enjoyed a great career in the entertainment industry as an actor and writer. He has appeared in more than 160 movies, according to IMDB data. Over the years, his popularity took a back seat as new faces joined the industry. Recently, he made a comeback with tremendous weight transformation. It is said that after the birth of his son, he decided to set an example and lose 100 pounds.



Britney Spears – Lost 20 Pounds

Britney Spears the most famous pop singer had to face some tough challenges in her personal life which led to weight gain. She was criticized for her weight and she was also got addicted to drugs. She lost custody of her kids. But, eventually, she came out as a superstar and regained control on her life. She joined a drug rehab and got rid of all the bad habits. She was a lot of stress because of her personal life issues. She learned a way to deal with them by choosing the right diet and workout. She was able to lose 20 pounds and today she looks prettier than ever.



Randy Jackson – Lost 100 Pounds

Randy Jackson is the most popular judge of the American Idol. He joined the squad of judges in 2004 and since then with the rise of the reality show, his charm has also touched heights. Jackson once admitted to having a weight problem. In 2001 his doctors diagnosed him of having type 2 diabetes. In 2003 had gastric bypass and advised a strict diet plan which helped him lose more than 100 pounds.



Drew Carey – Lost 90 Pounds

Drew Carey started his career in the 90s and rose up to fame through his game show hosting and acting. Today he is known for hosting ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ Rising to the fame that he enjoys was not easy. He has succumbed to bouts of depression throughout his journey. Depression never comes alone it brings with it many health issues like weight gain and diabetes. During the tough times, he learned to fight off depression and shed 90 pounds. Today he looks much happier and healthy than before.



Hilary Duff – Lost 40 Pounds

Hilary Duff is the girl we know from the TV show ‘Lizzie McGuire’. She started off her career when she was in her teens. The McGuire show started in 2000 and was one of the most watched TV shows for a couple of years. Soon after the end of the show, Hilary, who has been a lot concerned about her skinny body, got married and had a kid. It was during her pregnancy when she didn’t think of her skinny body. She ate whenever she wanted and whatever she wished. This led to tremendous weight gain. Soon after the birth, she wanted to shed the baby fat and was eventually able to. But, now she lives with a completely different mindset for her body. Once she confessed that her state of mind for her skinny body was not healthy.



Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart has appeared in many sitcoms and reality shows. Her most prominent appeal in the ‘Sabrina, The Teenage Witch’ won her initial success in the media. The show ran from 1996 to 2003. Later she appeared in ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ but the success was not as huge as Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. She also appeared in yet another show “Melissa and Joey” and after that, she took a break to have three kids. The pregnancy led to weight gain. She confessed of having put up 40 pounds extra weight. Her weight gain made it difficult for her to take care of her three kids. So she decided to follow Nutrisystem diet as she found it convenient than a regular gym workout. She was able to shed 40 pounds and was able to take care of her kids.



Ruben Studdard – Lost 119 Pounds

The winner of American Idol’s Season 2, Ruben Studdard, made news when he lost 100 pounds in 2008. But, he regained the weight when he split with his wife. Ruben was 462 pounds when he made his appearance on The Biggest Loser. Using the methodology of the show he was able to shed 119 pounds.



Zach Galifianakis – Lost 60 Pounds

Zach Galifianakis’ much-touted fame is due to his heavy looks in the movie ‘The Hangover’ (2019). He put up more weight for his next movie ‘The Campaign’ (2012). His chubby appearance has helped him land on some of the best comedian roles in American cinema. But in 2013, he realized the need to shed off extra weight. Unlike other celebrities, he didn’t hit a gym. Rather he gave up on heavy drinking and embraced a healthy diet. It helped him lose as much as 60 pounds and now he looks much better than before.



Kevin Smith – Lost 85 Pounds

A very few celebs face humiliation in the public. For anyone the humiliation that Kavin faced would have been life-changing. The 46 years old Kevin Smith pledged to lose weight when one day a flight crew asked him to step out as he didn’t fit in the single seat. Before the incident, Kevin had a different perspective on his weight. He didn’t bother being obese and ate what he liked. In 2014, he conveyed his story through Stephanie Soechtig documentary ‘Fed Up’. He has shed nearly 85 pounds and confessed that he cannot be skinny.


Perez Hilton – Lost 70 Pounds

Perez Hilton is a well-known celeb gossip blogger. He shares stories of events, off the screen incidents, and gossips of celebs. Many people follow his blog to get a glimpse of celeb life through his posts. He recently was in news for shedding more than 70 pounds. The exact numbers are not out as the blogger refrains from leaking the details. All he has disclosed till now that to be able to shed 70 pounds he had to follow a very strict workout regime. He was required to work out seven days in a week and sometimes twice a day. Today, he looks stunningly hot.



Jon Favreau – Lost 85 Pounds

John Favreau’s appearance in ‘Rudy’ is of a heavy man which is true to his real life. He is food junkie and cannot resist food. His love for food has led to massive weight gain. He did lose weight for ‘Swingers’ but the weight loss didn’t last long as he regained the weight. He took a break from his career soon after the birth of his kids. He spent most of his time taking care of them which led to further weight gain. At that time he weighed no less than 300 pounds. Concerned over his weight, he decided to put himself on a strict diet that restricted the intake of calories to 1200 a day. This worked well for him as he began to lose weight quite quickly.



Val Kilmer – 90’s vs. Now

The Batman guy who stole the heart of millions with his look in the mid 90’s has worked hard to put up weight. Today, it is not really pleasing to look at him.



Dr. Dre – Lost 50 Pounds

Dr. Dre is the most popular rapper of N.W.A. rap group. After some time he decided to go solo and left the group. However, his solo performance was not as admired but he did gain fame as a producer. He is the one who discovered the prominent personalities including Kendrick Lamar and Eminem. He worked with Eazy E but after losing him he started to spend a lot of time in the studio which hampered his health. He put up a lot of weight which drastically affected his overall appearance. He worked out to lose 50 pounds.



Nicole Eggert

Nicole Eggert, the most popular face from the ‘Baywatch’, has enjoyed the fame of the sexiest lady to most heavy women in the industry. She owns an ice cream truck business which seems like have added to her own weight.



Melissa McCarthy

Melissa is better known for her roles Gilmore Girls, and Mike & Molly recently was in news for losing more than 75 pounds. She looks incredibly beautiful with her new looks.



Kirstie Alley – 1989 vs. 2009

Kirstie Alley embarked her acting career in the 80’s. Since then she has put up and lost weight but this has not affected her career. She carries herself gracefully in all occasions and events.



Christina Aguilera – Lost 20 pounds

Just like any celebrity, Christina Aguilera has been concerned about her looks. She is said to have shed 20 pounds under the guidance of Tee Sorge, the fitness guru, and by doing yoga. Christina Aguilera slimmer physique became the news when she appeared in the ‘The Voice’ in 2013.



Jonah Hill – Lost 30 pounds

Jonah Hill started his career in 2007. He charming personality in the ‘Superdad’ soon transformed into super fat as the actor stopped taking care of his health. But he was seen in a slimmer physique soon before the production of 21 Jump Street.



Lauren Alaina – Lost 25 pounds

Lauren Alaina, the American Idol runner-up, shed 25 pounds in 2011. During an interview, she said that workout and right diet helped her lose the weight.