We Can Uncover Your Best Personality Traits Based On Your Favourite Fruits!

Since forever, fitness experts have been nudging us to consume more fruits! They are delicious, filled with natural sweetness, and are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Any well-balanced diet will include a lot of color from various fruits.

The fruit kingdom has so many varieties, from green citrus kiwis to purple antioxidant-rich blueberries; they come in all shapes, flavors, and sizes. But ever wondered what your favorite fruit might say about you? Are you a loner because you love banana or maybe an old soul because melons are your go-to? Read on to find your personality through your favorite fruit!



One of the classic fruits out there, if apples are your favorite, you are probably a traditional, good boy or girl next door. The versatility in its flavor and the various varieties that it comes in are a good indication of your personality. No matter which kind, be it McIntosh, Smith or Granny, we love them all the same. You probably have a very easy-going aura and are blessed with a willingness that lets you adapt to any surroundings.




We are bananas for bananas, but then again, who isn’t. If this sweet fruit is one of your favorites, you probably are a very fun loving person who is an admirer of every simple thing in life. And off course, the much-needed dose of potassium is always a plus. If you consume this, you can rest assured that you most probably have amazing blood pressure with all the correct levels. Just like a banana, you are cool, completely calm and very much collected.




Citrus fruits is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if oranges are your thing, you are most definitely a very happy and vibrant person. You have a magical skill of cheering up all your peers and always have your loved one’s best interest in your heart. Just like the fruit, your bright and cheerful personality can light up any room (and someone’s day) while the gracious soul spreads happiness and leaves everyone who touches smiling.




Nothing beats the lusciously purple blueberries in taste. If you love blueberries, you can rest assured that nobody is blue when around you. The berries are fun just like your personality, humor being one of the strongest traits. You might notice that you leave people wheezing and gasping after your punch line! But it’s not only your humor; you are as smart as you are funny!




Strawberries are one of the most beautiful fruits out there. They taste like everything happy and sweet and with that as your favorite fruit; it is safe to assume that you are polite with immaculate manners. You never miss an opportunity to say a ‘please and thank you’ and are courteous enough to hold the doors for anyone behind you. Not being the sweetest gives you major anxiety, so much so that despite the person being too far away, you would hold the door which might comically force the person to half run half walk while making it to the door. But they always appreciate the effort, it is the thought that counts, doesn’t it?