We Can Uncover Your Best Personality Traits Based On Your Favourite Fruits!

Since forever, fitness experts have been nudging us to consume more fruits! They are delicious, filled with natural sweetness, and are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Any well-balanced diet will include a lot of color from various fruits.

The fruit kingdom has so many varieties, from green citrus kiwis to purple antioxidant-rich blueberries; they come in all shapes, flavors, and sizes. But ever wondered what your favorite fruit might say about you? Are you a loner because you love banana or maybe an old soul because melons are your go-to? Read on to find your personality through your favorite fruit!



One of the classic fruits out there, if apples are your favorite, you are probably a traditional, good boy or girl next door. The versatility in its flavor and the various varieties that it comes in are a good indication of your personality. No matter which kind, be it McIntosh, Smith or Granny, we love them all the same. You probably have a very easy-going aura and are blessed with a willingness that lets you adapt to any surroundings.




We are bananas for bananas, but then again, who isn’t. If this sweet fruit is one of your favorites, you probably are a very fun loving person who is an admirer of every simple thing in life. And off course, the much-needed dose of potassium is always a plus. If you consume this, you can rest assured that you most probably have amazing blood pressure with all the correct levels. Just like a banana, you are cool, completely calm and very much collected.




Citrus fruits is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if oranges are your thing, you are most definitely a very happy and vibrant person. You have a magical skill of cheering up all your peers and always have your loved one’s best interest in your heart. Just like the fruit, your bright and cheerful personality can light up any room (and someone’s day) while the gracious soul spreads happiness and leaves everyone who touches smiling.




Nothing beats the lusciously purple blueberries in taste. If you love blueberries, you can rest assured that nobody is blue when around you. The berries are fun just like your personality, humor being one of the strongest traits. You might notice that you leave people wheezing and gasping after your punch line! But it’s not only your humor; you are as smart as you are funny!




Strawberries are one of the most beautiful fruits out there. They taste like everything happy and sweet and with that as your favorite fruit; it is safe to assume that you are polite with immaculate manners. You never miss an opportunity to say a ‘please and thank you’ and are courteous enough to hold the doors for anyone behind you. Not being the sweetest gives you major anxiety, so much so that despite the person being too far away, you would hold the door which might comically force the person to half run half walk while making it to the door. But they always appreciate the effort, it is the thought that counts, doesn’t it?




If this fruit grabbed your attention, you probably are a daredevil. You can be found constantly running a risk of being unable to locate and find the exact flavor candy or even some ice cream. It is hard to locate this flavor in processed food and even the real raspberries aren’t easily found as they have a comparatively shorter season as compared to most fruits; hence the struggle to fulfill the craving for these delicious berries is an ongoing battle. But what does this whole ordeal say about you? Well, you are a person who is persistent and doesn’t mind being against the flow. You can walk to the beating of your drum and have fun while you are at it.




Ah, the citrusy goodness, the kiwi. A bold and unique choice! There is an assurance that you are always up for some juicy kiwi, you might be on the elusive type and despite getting an invite for a party, and your friends might not be able to say for sure if you will show up. That being said, when you end up showing, you will have plenty of interesting anecdotes and stories to share with the group!




Anyone who is a fan of the grapefruit will almost always make majestic power moves. You are a complete player! You know what it is that your heart desires and you make sure you go after it. With a hint of tartness and an abundance of sweetness, you are awesome inside out. In addition to that, you are also an asset to whichever team you decide to join and are comfortable taking charge as and when needed.




You can be often found asking your friends to go ahead and live just a little! We can guess that you definitively live by that motto. You are someone who does not mind rather loves living life on the edge or even taking chances when you feel there is a probability of you winning. Living on the edge is like being home and chances are taken without much thought. You live for adventures and take any opportunity that life might throw at you. You are someone who can be counted on for being there as you are down to ride. Provided that you get to eat some tasty mangoes!




Anyone who likes pears has a little bit of sophistication mixed with care for others. You will knowingly never hurt anyone. Pears are one of the most nutrient-filled fruits, simply classic just like you are. You are charming and classy sprinkled with a little bit of wit. You are the personification of modern James Bond hopefully without all of the living a secret life.




Peaches stand for everything light and summery, and just like the fruit, you can be a tad complex to understand. Peach lovers are notorious for having a big sweet side to them but just like the fruit, they might have a bit of or dark side. You might turn, very easily and without taking a lot of time. Your personality is also something that makes a switch depending upon the situation. But surely enough, your sweetness outweighs your dark times.




When we hear the word coconuts all we can think about is chill. You are someone who can teach anyone how to relax and if coconuts are your favorite from the family of fruits, you are surely one of the most chilled out and coolest people your friends might know. You can go with the flow while bringing fun-loving vibes everywhere you are. You might even call yourself the master of zen and hopefully, you can imbibe your knowledge on the subject of being laid back to all the peaches out there.




Watermelons are synonymous with summers, as they are the perfect treat to beat the heat and much like them, your personality must be bursting with flavourful positivity. You can make a party fun by lightning it up and you are an expert on juggling play and work. You like to live by the motto work hard and play hard. Something like that can only be achieved with time management. Your friends love so many of your traits because you are always able to accommodate time to be able to hang out with them and have fun grabbing some refreshing watermelon drink.




Loyalty and sincerity are the words that anyone who is in the process of knowing you would use to describe your characteristics. Your imagination is blossoming and you are known for seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses or might we go as far as to say with a cherry tint. Much like the fruit you are well rounded and creative and also have fierce faithfulness towards the ones you care for and that makes you one of the best people to be friends with.




You might not be expecting to see this on the list but since tomato is a fruit (of course, based on a technicality) since they have seeds from the plant and they grow on a tomato plant we are forced to categorize them as such. But if you are someone who chooses this fruit as their favorite, we can make an educated guess that you are one of the most sarcastic people out there. You like to make jokes about everything around you and people love you for it.




When we think of grapes we think of nutritious balls that are filled with amazing taste, that are easy to have any time of the year. It is easy to love them since they are sweet and packed with vitamins. Anyone who loves them is open to change and they do not like being stagnant in one situation for very long. You want to change. Be it your Professional life or even your being. You believe as long as you’re moving you are winning. And as grape lovers, we’d like to warn you to be careful. This is both a good or a bad thing. Just don’t forget ‘living in the moment’ and enjoying it is as important as constantly moving. So take a couple of seconds to just enjoy some sweet grapes.




If you chose pineapple as your favorite fruit, you probably think you are harder on outside but full of loving sweetness on the inside. Your favorite fruit being pineapple might be because of its very abrasive exterior. But once you can open up you can show others the abundance of fun, positivity, and happiness that you carry in your heart. You like to stand tall and wear the crown just like what a pineapple does. Luckily, they say it’s the character that matters and outside appearances aren’t to be trusted even if they might be out off-putting. Generally, looks are not a very good measure of judging someone’s character.




Who doesn’t love melons? They are sweet and full minerals. They are perfect for a lazy day around the house. Chances are if you are someone who likes melons you are probably an old soul, someone who is very introverted as you might enjoy staying home curled up with some classic book than go and dance away your heart at a club. Your life is very similar to this fruit, simple! Anyone who loves melons knows that simple is always good.