Check Out These Funny Parenting Tweets That Every Parent Can Relate To!

If you have ever tried to calm down a toddler or put clothes on a raging baby, then you’d already know that parenting can be quite a challenging task. The best part? Irrespective of how tough you think it is to raise your gen-next, you aren’t the only one going through that feeling. However, parenting can also be quite rewarding – and sometimes, very funny.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 hilarious parenting tweets that prove how even the most seasoned pros often find themselves caught unawares and humbled while performing the everyday task of taking care of their kids. You would definitely relate to most of these tweets if you are a parent. If you aren’t, well, you can at least expect what’s coming next should you choose to become one later!


On anger

Do you seriously believe that limiting their screen time irks them the most? Just wait till you try and convince them to put on mittens in the snow.



On fiscal responsibility

It is all cute and adorable until the invoice arrives and you realize that your kid still doesn’t know the ABCs of a piano!



On being cautious

All parents will agree to the fact that a delayed reaction is a thousand times better than a no reaction.



On manipulation

There are always two ways to get a thing done. You either take the hard way and convince them to do it, or you use your mystical powers of manipulation!



On expectations

Well, at least the part where Daniel Tiger’s mom forgets to put pants on him quite routinely is relatable.



On prioritizing

We only have a limited number of hours a day, and peak Twitter is only available for a few out of those hours.



On convincing your friends to join

If they were told that parenting was way more complex than just teaching their kids how to read or sniffing their baby’s head, would they have the courage to take on this challenge?



On compromise

It is definitely a smart choice to take the path of least resistance at times, even though your dog would hate you for it!



On abilities

We agree – not everyone is meant to make it to the Ivy League.



On supplies

If you plan on having kids, do factor in the supply budget in addition to the college fund!



On nutrition

If you just want to de-refrigerate food day in day out, just go for something nutritious while packing lunch for your kid.



On enthusiasm

Do you really want to know the secret of being a great parent? Just muster up enough enthusiasm to keep saying “great” for the same Minecraft video your kid shows over and over again.



On being supported

Kids might grow up to become your biggest support, but they will definitely be your harshest critics first.



On household duties

On a brighter side, you can definitely expect some alone time doing laundry!



On freedom

The yards are fenced-in for a reason, we believe!



On being needed

Reminder: it is really going to take a lot of time before your kids actually start doing things for you!



On balanced meals

Well, having a lot of sugar and caffeine doesn’t really make breakfast the most important meal of the day.



On expensive toys

Parenting tip: the more expensive the toy you buy for your kids, the less they will play with it. #Fact!



On discovering treasure

Well, just because you can afford a place to live in and have some money in your savings account, it doesn’t mean you are now ready for parenthood.



Dad and buried

At times, even your own flesh and blood can (surprise) shock you!




At times, taking care of yourself and taking care of your kids can be diametrically opposite things!



On motherhood

Motherhood does make one more patient!



On dietary restrictions

Well, some don’t even “touch” their food!



On privacy

Privacy? That’s a fancy concept definitely not meant for parents.



On peace

Feeling peaceful and content? Well, don’t get used to it, you won’t be getting it anytime soon again.



On cleanliness

If you honestly believe that your kids are going to help you with household chores, wait till you actually have kids and they “surprise” you!



On hygiene

Well, some legend rightly said that parenting is nothing but making sure your kid keeps his tongue inside his mouth!



On airplane etiquette

You really thought you’re the only person on the plane who is annoyed by that baby? Think again!



On responsibility

It is not always the cute baby snuggles and helping with science projects, after all!



On alone time

A little me-time is all one longs for, as a parent!