Top 15 Worst Car Mods Ever Seen

Lightning McMeth

Looks more like Tia after her life fell apart when Mia died in a tragic accident



Parking sensor

I see this as an improvement to the overall design.




I actually like it, in a “Yea I’d drive that car in GTAV” kinda way. Not real life, jesus no.



This is shitty and awesome.

This baby will do 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosene.



I don’t think you can get any lower…

It looks like a pickup truck glitched halfway into the ground



Climbing mountains in a low modded car

This is car equivalent of people who can’t tell when they should stop doing plastic surgeries.



I had no clue you could make a slingshot look worse…

I actually don’t mind the look of the slingshot from the front. Or side. But when you see the big gaping black abyss that is the back of that vehicle it’s just… it’s like they gave up. Like the computer only rendered 85% of the car and no one told the engineers.



Legend has it he’s still adding exhaust tips to this day.

If the owner would tune each tip to a different note, he could add some Arduino-controlled dampers and play simple tunes. Imagine the car exhaust playing the SuperMario theme at red lights.



Now what the freak is this

Damn, that’s gotta add at least 200 horsepower



Bring More Watermelon

At least they got the look complete.



Idk, I think it’s kinda genius

It should be in the front to warn the crowd of people its about to hit.



The RAM Wrangler?

And somehow I find the worst part to be the fact the spare rim/tire doesn’t match the mounted ones.



A giant moving mirror reflecting the sun into the eyes

So bad I can’t even tell what car it was to start with!



Wind up smart car

His license plate literally says smartass. This guy’s good




It looks like the car has a specific fetish