Check Out These Fifteen Best Halloween Costumes Of 2019 That Were Really Impressive

Get your adrenaline levels pumped up in a horror house, get to eat your yearly quota of candy in one go, and carve a pumpkin by the bonfire. It’s quite clear why Halloween is perhaps the most loved holiday after Christmas. However, Halloween isn’t just about those things. Halloween is also that time of the year when everybody loves to get spookier by covering themselves in fake blood, cobwebs, and some really bizarre costumes. And while we ordinary folks get to do a lot of things, even the celebs aren’t left behind as they get to rock in their bizarre and yet “bloody” creative costumes. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!


Kate Beckinsale and Jonathan Voluck

This photo of them just casually shopping while dressed up as world’s one of the biggest icons really takes their costume game to the next level.



Nicki Minaj

Well, this is sure a whole new take on the legendary villain duo!



Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice

The more you look at this photo, the more you want a fresh new Addams Family reboot. They look amazing!



Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

Well, isn’t that a cute couple look for Halloween? They definitely nailed it!



Liam Payne

Okay, let’s be honest here – Liam was really lazy with this one. Where’s the iconic curl at least?! But at least he has the looks and confidence to rock the Superman look, so he gets a pass.