Here’s The List Of 25 Most Hated Actors In Hollywood That You Should Check Out Right Now!

Everyone loves being accepted and loved by people they come across – and this is more so in the case of actors. One of the most primary traits any good actor has is the ability to strike a chord with the audiences, and then cultivate that over time; winning the love and affection of most people who come across their work or their personal lives. However, despite having such a strong connection with the public and how public perception ultimately affects their career, many stars do end up getting in the bad books of the fans; receiving ill favors from almost anyone and everyone. Whether it is because of their poor performances on screen or something they did in their personal lives, these actors did end up earning the public’s disapproval. But who exactly are these ill-famed stars of the industry? Let’s check out the list below.


Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill started his career with a string of comedy flicks that gave him instant recognition before he ventured into serious roles over a period of time. However, unlike his on-screen persona, the actor is known to be quite a jerk when he interacts with his fans. People recall how he would often give his business card when a fan would ask for an autograph! Well, that’s one unique way to earn a fan’s wrath, Mr. Hill!



Zac Efron

Zac Efron got a break in Hollywood with High School Musical, and became immensely popular with the tweens – and that creates a ton of enemies! The hate for the “pretty boy” persona he has was quite a lot, and even Seth Rogen admitted that he was one of those who hated Zac Efron before they worked on Neighbors.



John Travolta

We’re not really sure when this began, but over time, John Travolta slowly and steadily created the perception of a creepy uncle. From inappropriate touching to pronouncing a name wrong at the Academy Awards, Travolta has given the audience more than one reason to hate him. This has also affected his movies, with more and more of them coming out only on digital platforms. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also a very influential member of Scientology – a reason alone that makes people feel freaked out!



Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been a diva ever since she reached adulthood. From being late on sets to never making it to the shoot at all, she has more or less done everything that a professional actress is not supposed to do. In fact, all the drama around her has created a very clear perception around her that makes people thinking twice before hiring her for a role – the sole reason why she isn’t getting any work these days.



Hulk Hogan

Well, to consider Hulk Hogan an actor would be a bit of an exaggeration, but he did try his hands at acting for a few years, before going into oblivion. Apart from failing as an actor, he was also hated for his arrogance, racial slurs, and also his infidelity.



Tyler Perry

Well, Tyler Perry does know one thing really well, and that is, drawing a crowd and making himself some pretty penny. However, that takes place at the cost of all reputation and art, as he copycats all the stuff and makes horrible sequels no one likes to watch – all to make money. Oh, and we forgot to mention those awful Madea movies!



Jaden Smith

It may be because of family favoritism, or simply a fact that he seems to be quite a wise philosopher, the bottom line is, no one likes Jaden Smith at all! The possibility of having a decent acting career went down the drain with the awful movie After Earth, and whatever little is left of him, he is slowly and steadily eroding that away with the choice of clothing and words that come out of his mouth.



Miley Cyrus

We’re seeing a pattern here. Just like most childhood stars who became an adult, Miley Cyrus is hated by quite a lot of people as well. Well, after she became an adult, she tried to shed her cute child star persona and put on an adult one by acting all scandalous – an endeavor that failed horribly. This is perhaps the single biggest reason she is hated by almost everyone now.



Eric Baldwin

Even though Eric Baldwin has earned his way back to the good graces of the public, he was clearly a lightning rod for anything that was even close to controversial. He not only started tirades and rants on Twitter, he even ended up calling his then eleven-year-old daughter a “thoughtless, rude pig!”



Kristen Stewart

The love for Kristen Stewart grew by leaps and bounds when she started dating her Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson. When the news of this reached the public, every Twilight fan was all over the moon. However, as soon as the cheating saga with Rupert Sanders began, the love turned into immense hate for the actress. Despite the setbacks, she has been able to keep her acting career steady, but she is mostly getting to work in indie films, as she is trying to stay away from the limelight as much as possible.



Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen hasn’t really done much to trigger the fans, but his acting in the Star Wars prequels alone earned him a lot of haters. His acting felt very much flat and whinny, and earned him the wrath of fans, thanks to him destroying a character that the fans had loved so much over the years.



Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf continues this trend of child actors turning adult (and arrogantly stupid!). Like most child actors, he also underwent a journey of “self-discovery” – one that earned him wrath of public. From his silly and over-the-top stunts of wearing a paper bag while walking the red carpet to blabbering anything that comes to his mind, LaBeouf was hated so much that a guy who looked a lot like him was assaulted in a case of mistaken identities!



Gwyneth Paltrow

An actress who was named openly as the most hated celebrity, Gwyneth Paltrow has often wondered why she’s been considered so. A lot of people point out the fact that she acts like an uppity elitist, and pretends that she isn’t aware of it at all. Others point to her famous lifestyle website that goes by the name of “Goop,” saying that she is clearly out of touch with the common man. Also, the fact that she ended up calling her divorce with Chris Martin as “consciously uncoupling.”



Pauly Shore

Those who are familiar with the 90s comedy scene would agree to the fact that Pauly Shore was a big hit back then. However, he sort of vanished as quickly. Many consider his arrogance the primary reason behind his downfall, while some point out that he was nothing but a horrible comedian and even worse actor! Well, whatever be the reason, everyone seems to be on the same page when it comes to expecting a Pauly Shore comeback!



Anne Hathaway

We still haven’t figured out why people hate Anne Hathaway so much. Despite that, she ends being hated for almost anything and everything. For made-up reasons like the fact that she pretends to be better than other actors to her fact, there are endless reasons why people hate her. Some even point to the fact that she wasn’t deserving enough to win an Oscar, but she did. One thing in common is – all the reasons are quite silly and maybe everyone should leave the actress alone!



Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash is most popular for her role in Clueless, and she later became a political pundit for Fox News where she talked about her conservative take on politics. However, her views were so much unpopular with the audience that she was ultimately fired by the news studio, which cited that her views were way too outrageous!



Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl was definitely a rising star, thanks to Grey’s Anatomy, and with several Hollywood roles coming her way, she was destined to make it big. However, with more offers comes more arrogance. She made bizarre comments about the show that made her popular in the first place in order to get media attention, but it not only severely backfired on her, but she has been unable to make any kind of comeback since.



Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck is another popular star who is hated by most people. However, people were left more than just displeased when the actor won the Oscars for Best Actor in the year 2017. This was because quite a short while ago the actor was in news for multiple cases of sexual harassment accusations. The actor settled out of court on a couple of occasions and the amount was definitely in the millions.



Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins in the finest example when it comes to learning to differentiate between an actor’s character portrayed on-screen versus their real selves. The actor played a beloved dad on 7th Heaven who always gave right advice and passed on his wisdom as any loving father would do. However, he left the fans shocked and angry when he himself confessed to his sexual abuse of several girls that took place throughout his career. Quite understandably, the public hates him to the core now.



Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was a beloved star, but things turned in a completely different direction in no time when the love turned to loathe. Two and a Half Men made Charlie Sheen a star that charmed one and all with his wit and humor, but that came to an end when he made a series of terrible decisions, starting with the announcement of his divorce. Very soon, he was fired from the show because of his behavior issues and he created a drama around the entire event so much that everyone started hating him.



Woody Allen

Woody Allen has always been a whiny and awkward dude who thinks he is funny, but clearly isn’t. However, he wasn’t really hated for it. But ever since the history of his creepy relationships came out, he has been hated by the audiences and he is no longer a star he used to be.



Sean Penn

Sean Penn has been a famous actor and philanthropist for quite some time now. He has also won several awards over the course of his career, but he has had his fair share of controversies surrounding him. The actor has received the wrath of the fans because of his silly political stunts, such as his meetings with several dictators and drug lords. 



Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world, thanks to movies like The Wedding Singer and Happy Gilmore. However, the actor has failed to bring that magic on the big screen again. Instead, he has tried his luck with silly and horrible movies like Jack and Jill. And with his string of terrible movies, people were left more than displeased that the actor has been signed on for a big movie that will be produced by Netflix!



Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was probably the most loved television celebrity for a very long time. His stand-up comedy shows were popular all over the world, and everyone just loved him. However, things took a sharp turn when around thirty-five women came out in public and accused him of rape. Since then, his reputation has gone down the drain and he is no longer liked by anyone.



Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson was another one of those rare few people who were loved by one and all. However, that reputation came crashing down when a recording of him making racist tirades came out where he was also heard saying trash things about his then-girlfriend. Hollywood blacklisted him for well over ten years and even though some people from the industry are slowly getting close to him, it is highly doubtful if he will ever regain public’s trust.