The Reunions Of Stars That Got Us Super Excited and Nostalgic

Reunions bring back memories that surely make us feel great. It is like a possible alternative of traveling back in time when we can relive the days that we keep very close to our hearts, with the people that made them memorable for us. They knock life back into us by letting us revisit the days that have been the most carefree for us.

However, it is not only the reunion of our schoolmates or university batchmates that excite us, but it is also the reunion of the celebrities that we absolutely love and have spent some considerable amount of time binge-watching that fires up our enthusiasm. Think if this hypes us up so much, how would it be for the celebrities themselves, meeting their co-stars after years of them working together for a movie or a television show? Think what would they talk to each other about, how they would reignite the spark that they all had back when they were in touch with one another’s lives.

In a few words, celebrity reunions top the segment of entertainment news for a good enough reason. They are the real deal and we all are aware of some such reunions that have taken place in the past few years. Some of the most remarkable celebrity reunion parties according to us that Hollywood saw in the year 2019 are listed down below.


The Reunion of The Roswell

The Roswell has always been enjoyable to watch. Though the series The Roswell is based on a book series, it does not make it any less enjoyable. The series has been the childhood of many of its fans who absolutely, whole-heartedly admire it and the cast, as they associate it with their good old days. Aired on The WB Television Network, it gradually formed a good and strong fanbase to encourage the crew for even better content.

Though the production unit kept the series sweet and short and limited the number of seasons to 3, it did not affect the attachment of the fans to the series and it was a treasure for them to see the cast of the series – Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Katherine Heigl, Majandra Delfino, Brendan Fehr among the others in a photo of 2019 that screamed reunion. All of us think that the picture is perfect and contagiously happy, but secretly, we wish we were there to witness them having fun and be a part of it, too.



The Reunion of One Tree Hill

As they say, we never get out of the high school phase. And we totally cannot deny that teen and high school dramas did shape our vision regarding adolescence and everything related to it. One such television series is One Tree Hill, which we all have binge-watched as teenagers and have wanted to visit the town of Tree Hill, and have our hearts broken knowing that it does not even exist.

As hardcore fans, we love the star cast of the show and have wanted a reunion of them, probably just as much as they themselves would have. It was pleasant news for us when we got to know about their reunion on February 24, 2019. We could not stop discussing that, and our hearts were full of happiness by simply looking at the reunion pictures as though we were there in those (which in case maybe, we also wanted). We hope to see many more such reunions filled with happy tears and warm smiles in the coming years.



The Reunion of Twilight

For those born in this age, Twilight has made our childhood. Call it overrated, immature or anything like that, Twilight would still occupy a significant, soft space in our hearts. The romantic fantasy relaxed us during our school days and you will have to agree to this – it secretly made us want to find a vampire for ourselves and made us want to know more about those mysterious creatures, despite having the knowledge that they do not exist.

It is through this series that we developed a crush on the charming Robert Pattinson and the breathtaking Kristen Stewart. After the series came to an end, we could not get over the cast all that easily. We kept wanting a reunion of the star cast and guess what? 2019 is a magical year that way! Out of a star’s birthday party, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner planned a little reunion for themselves. If the pictures they clicked did not make your heart melt, you cannot be a true Twilight fan.



The Reunion of Wayne’s World

Proving their tagline “You’ll laugh, You’ll cry, You’ll hurl” right, we experienced so many emotions while watching the episodes of Wayne’s World. The American comedy film, which was directed by Penelope Spheeris stole our hearts by making us laugh like little carefree kids. We also loved the main characters of the movie – Mike Myers and Dana Carvey – who were best friends with opposite personalities.

The movie remained in our hearts and we always craved to see the two best friends together again. This year, we were pleasantly surprised at their reunion on the award stage of Oscar Awards and we are shedding happy tears already. We do not  know if it meant something to the people who have not watched the movie, but for us, the reunion lit up our moods and faces and took us back to the times when we used to watch this for hearty laughter.



The Reunion of Mad Men

Those who are always fascinated by the mystery of the history, period and serial dramas come to our rescue. There are moments of suspense and revelation occurring at all the unpredictable times of the episodes keep us intrigued and wanting more. As curious kids who did not have the patience to read, TV series provided us with the required visuals and one such extraordinary TV series was Mad Men, which was aired on Cable Network AMC.

The series much was based on the working of the advertisement companies and it gained much praise and it developed a pretty impressive fanbase, too. The cast- Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Kiernan Shipka, etc- received a lot of love, and naturally, wanted a reunion for them as soon as the show ended after the concluding seventh season. In February 2019, two stars of the series had a little reunion, which was absolutely lovely. Oh and, we are totally living for the cute selfies that reflected how happy they were.



The Reunion of My Best Friend’s Wedding

The romantic comedy that got us all confused and made us cry in the end deserves to be on the list of movies/series the cast of who we want a reunion of.  My Best Friend’s Wedding is one in which we laugh throughout, only to realize that we are going to ugly cry in the end. In this movie, we all had a character that we could relate to and started obsessing over Julia Roberts like crazy!

More than anything, we like seeing the star cast with one another, sharing the same screen space. We hated it when the movie ended for the sole reason that it actually did end and next, we could not wait for the stars of the movie to reunite. However, it is only after so many years that in 2019, we saw the star cast- Dermot Mulroney, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, and Rupert Everett coming together for a much-needed reunion for the sake of the good old movie. The fans, undoubtedly, loved it.



The Reunion of Fatal Attraction

This 1987 drama is not like the usual comedy or romantic that we would watch to de-stress ourselves. It is handled with more depth and is a psychological thriller that deals with obsessive attachment and things that come with it.

Despite being not-so light-hearted, it was much talked about and was loved by the audience. We could not get enough of the show and absolutely loved seeing the star cast together- Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer. We were dying to have a reunion of them right after the show ended and guess what? To our surprise (pleasant), it happened and we could not contain our excitement. It was the SAG Award that made it happen and we can not thank them enough of the gift. Glenn Close and Michael Douglas walking together was definitely a sight to see.



The Reunion of Saved By The Bell

We loved this show for it was a perfect blend of a high school comedy, which also at moments discussed big issues like death, exploitation of the environment, drug abuse, the rights of women among the others. This show made us laugh, as well as think about things that matter. It was about a bunch of high school-goers who became friends and while watching, even we befriended them and kept close to our hearts. It made us feel at ease and at the same time, gave us the important information we needed as teenagers and educated us on delicate topics.

Like any other series that we watched, it also left a hollow in our hearts after it ended and left us craving for more, which we knew could be met through a warm reunion. The two much-loved stars of the show- Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez were blessed by fate and bumped into each other at the gym, which served the purpose of a reunion that we all had been waiting for. Though unusual, it was unique and lovely.



The Reunion of The Wonder Years

This TV series, other than having won many awards, has also won the hearts of millions who have watched it religiously. This coming of age drama has been a part of many of our lives in all the heartwarming and wholesome ways. Many people have also considered it to be a classic in the world of dramas, as it can stand the test of time for ages to come. As Kevin Arnold grew, we grew with him, laughed with him and shed tears with him.

However, the 6 seasons were never enough for us and we needed more of the lovely star cast- Fred Savage, Dan Lauria, and Alley Millis among the others. This left us craving for a cast reunion and sense the delight of seeing them sharing the same space for one more time. It was only in February of 2019 that over lunch, the star cast got reunited and we cannot get over how bright and beautiful all of them looked.



The Reunion of Mamma Mia

Musical movies were an altogether different genre that caught our attention during our teenage years. The fact that they were different made us even more curious about them and after watching movies of that genre, we definitely grew fond of it. One such series was the American Mamma Mia! Which we have all watched time and again and it has made us love it all the more every time.

The movie was a mix of some great rhythm with humor and the cast- Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Julie Walters, and Pierce Brosnan among the others- was much loved by its fanbase. It did sort of sting us to know that the movie has ended and we could not re-watch it for the first time again, and we desperately wanted a reunion of the cast. To our surprise, it happened. Well, not like we did not see it coming. It was inevitable (*winks*).



The Reunion of Freaks and Geeks

And we are back at it again, the teen comedy-dramas. It has been a very special part of our teenage years, as we have spent so many hours watching them. I mean, this is one genre that directors and producers could never go wrong with and, of course, a huge fan base was a guaranteed thing anyway. As teenagers we have watched several of these, however, some of them have made it to our favorites.

One among them happens to be Freaks and Geeks, which is an American TV series made for the teen audience and it left us wanting to decide what we wanted to be a part of – freaks or geeks. Though there were only 18 episodes, we still loved them and the very admirable star cast. We definitely needed more of them and wanted the Freaks and Geeks reunion badly. Our wish came true and it finally happened. On one of the episodes of the series Busy Tonight, we had a very refreshing reunion of Linda Cardellini and Busy Phillips and we can tell you; we were dying for this reunion.



The Reunion of Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs are absolutely fascinating creatures that fortunately have not lived long enough to co-exist with the human race. As curious kids, we were intrigued by these mystical and ancient creatures and it was the Jurassic Park movies that got us into the world of dinosaurs. It was another science fiction genre movie that was all over the place and everybody was talking about it.

We do not think any amount of praise will justify how much we have loved this movie and we still do. We can almost say that it is a classic because we still find ourselves enjoying the movie to this date. The cast of the movie was the bomb and we wished to see them together, once again. The Choice Wards gave us the opportunity to see them again and there was no way we could miss it. The photograph of Laura Dern and Joseph Mazzello was a sight to see.



The Reunion of The Mighty Ducks

Sports movies are something we have always found fascinating. The Mighty Ducks was about that, too. We can say it by seeing the officially released poster. It is one of shows in which you literally fall in love with one or multiple characters and they become a part of you. The cast was very well received by the audience. We all loved Joss Ackland, Lane Smith, Emilio Estevez among the others.

This masterpiece directed by the legend Stephen Herek will always stick around in the list of “favorites” of the people who have watched it. So obviously, we desperately wanted a reunion of the star cast of the series. However, their reunion was nothing like what is usually expected of a reunion. They did not resort to the hackneyed way of hooking up to catch up on each other. They went ice skating together and did we tell you we are already in love with them taking picture in similar outfits and looking like balls of joy?



The Reunion of Mean Girls

What can we say more about the Mean Girls that one is not already aware of? It had given so many relatable characters to compare our life with and admit it or not if you have watched this movie, there was a point in your life when you were obsessed with it. Among all the teen comedies, this will remain a classic and will be watched for some more times, at the least. It helped us survive high school and taught a lot about the kind of impact that high school can have on us. More than the movie, we grew attached to the star cast and it was after long that the sweet memories of Mean Girls made Jonathan Bennett and Lindsay Lohan hook up for a mini, yet super cute reunion.



The Reunion of The Office

The Office – the American sitcom, which has received much love from its viewers – has a very dedicated and huge fanfollowing, which has cheered its star cast from time to time. As it is a mockumentary based on daily office workers and the clashes that they face, and since it has 9 seasons of around 20 episodes each, the characters – Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, etc had developed a great bond amongst one another as they had been working together for a considerable period of time. Very recently, Steve Carell gave the best surprise to Jenna Fischer by popping out of a big box. Jenna was taken aback, but in all the heartwarming ways. We have to agree that we also somewhat got emotional when she cried out of happiness seeing him after so long.