15 Times When Ellen DeGeneres Got Out From Celebrities Their Deepest Secrets

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is without a doubt the best talk show ever. The witty and cheerful Ellen gets any celebrity to feel at home when they are sitting across her, on her couch. Just like her, they too get uncontrollable when talking to her and, at times, give out such interesting and hilarious trivia about their lives, which they may have never imagined telling even their closest friends. And how can anyone stop themselves from opening up to Ellen? She is so ardent and welcoming that one can talk to her or watch her talk for hours and still not have enough. Perhaps that is the reason why the show has successfully completed seventeen seasons and is still going strong!

In this list, we have fifteen such confessions made on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which made headlines and remained the talk of the town for quite a long time. Here we begin-


What Dwayne Johnson Looked Like in High School

Dwayne Johnson is an inspiration to anyone who is even the slightest interested in getting in shape. His ultra-fit body gives the impression that he must have started working out from a very young age. This is why it was pretty hard to believe him when he said: “I looked like I was 48 years old”.

We could barely recognize him when Ellen presented us a picture of him when he was in high school.



Cardi B on Wearing Spanx

Cardi B got so comfortable and maybe even forgot that the cameras were still rolling and she ended up admitting to Ellen that she was having Spanx on. What she exactly said was: “I got Spanx. I got three layers of clothes. You know what I’m sayin’?”

This got us wondering whether Ellen had even asked her anything about her clothes?



One Direction Boys Shared Toothbrushes

How many people you have in your life whom you’d be comfortable sharing your toothbrush with? I bet the answer is either one or no one. We wouldn’t lie – we weren’t grossed out a bit when Louis and Niall confessed to having brushed their teeth with their other bandmates’ toothbrushes and did not even bother asking them or letting them know.



Lady Gaga’s Love for 90 Days Fiancé

We have so many times seen her performing with her supersonic energy. And even when she is not, it is almost never that she isn’t all decked up from head to toe. Can you imagine her in her PJs, lying on a couch and watching TV as we do on the weekends?

Well, this may come as a surprise to you, but Lady Gaga is just like us. She had a quick answer to Ellen’s question of which show she would choose if she had to watch it for the rest of her life. It was 90 Days Fiancé.



Channing Tatum fears Porcelain Dolls

It’s alright. Many of us have a fear of dolls. Annabelle and other such movies have led us to believe that they may come alive and try to scare the shit out of us. Isn’t it funny how something, which kids use to play with can be scary for some adults? This is how Channing described his fear: “I just think they’re freaky. They’re really super freaky, they have, like, real eyes, and they look real, and I just imagine when I walk by them, their heads turn with you the whole time.”

This does resonate word-for-word with every doll-fearing person out there.



Chrissy Teigen’s Abhorrence for Her Feet

Having well-shaped feet is attractive and crucial (when buying shoes), but it is more so for a model. Chrissy Teigen does deserve a pat on the back for managing to always keep her pictures perfect and never letting her feet ruin them. We would never have known about her wide feet had she herself not have admitted. She said, “I have, uhm, like Asian jungle feet, like we’re meant to climb trees.”



How Travis Scott Panicked in the Delivery Room

Having your child being born can be a panicky situation for most of the men. And Travis is no different. He too got flustered and freaky when he was having his baby with Kylie. In his own words, what freaked him out so very much was “there is this thing called the placenta, that I’ve just been hearing about? Oh my god. So, I was scared of all that.”



Drake and his hookups

It was in 2016 when Drake was on Ellen’s show and was asked whether or not he had hooked up while he was on tour. Now, Drake could have just lied and given a “no” for his answer. We all would have bought it. But he chose to be a sport and said that he had actually.



Kim Spills Beans About Kris Jenner

What we do in our bedrooms is something we want to keep as private as possible. Kris Jenner must have wanted to kill Kim Kardashian for having ears and for not keeping her mouth shut when she would have watched the episode in which Kim blurted out “I’ve heard her from downstairs”.



Kendall Jenner Reveals How Basic Kourtney is

Kourtney had the reputation of being a glamorous diva who enjoyed partying and drinking. But this image we had of her in our minds changed in a split second when Kendall Jenner casually said on Ellen’s show that they both like to just chill at home when their other sisters go out for drinks or parties.



Chris Pratt’s Go-to Pick-up Line is “Ya Like Money?”

What would your answer be if someone used this pick-up line on you? You sure wouldn’t be able to say no even if the guy asking you out wasn’t good-looking. But, if the guy looks like Chris Pratt, you got no reason to even think twice. He can get even straight men with this pick-up line. We guarantee he would have never gotten no for an answer.



Clothes are an Option When Rihanna is Texting Someone Her Selfies

Rihanna doesn’t just have a good sense of humor, but also has one of the sexiest bodies in Hollywood. Those men must be the luckiest on Earth who got to talk to her and even got those selfies. The audience’s excitement could be felt when she made this confession.



When Justin Bieber Forgot His Date’s Name

Not remembering the name of the person, you are out on a date with can be such an awkward and embarrassing situation. Imagine how careful you’d have to be while choosing your words. We hope the girl Justin was with didn’t get to know that her name has totally slipped his mind. Or else he would have learned a lesson for life that night.



Jennifer Lopez and Her Man’s Texts

We are all guilty of this and Jennifer is no exception. She didn’t have much choice when Ellen popped to her the question of whether or not she had checked messages behind her boyfriend’s back. She admitted she had and even if she lied, we would have got the right answer from her expression. JLo even confessed to having snuck a guy into her apartment while her children were asleep in the adjacent room.



Miley Cyrus Didn’t Quite Like Her Engagement Ring

No matter how many absurd or amazing gifts our fiancé gets us, it is our engagement ring that we want to be just the way we like. How disheartened Miley would have been when the ring Liam got her failed to match her taste! Wanna know why she didn’t like it? Hear it out in her own words: “It’s very weird because this is like real jewelry, and most of my jewelry is made out of gummy bears and cotton candies.”

She then added, “this isn’t really my aesthetic, but I’ll wear it ‘cause you love me.”