15 Videos With Unexpected Ending

Source: Reddit

Dad bets his daughter he can wipe the water off the floor before she touches it with the fork

It’s always a good idea to teach your children not to be gullible! If my dad had done this with me, maybe I wouldn’t have lost 400 bucks playing Three-Card Monte!



How to lose your life in one easy step

I might be wrong, but something tells me that the fiercest fight that night was fought outside the ring…..



Don’t be sad bro

Man if only bears weren’t furry death tanks, because otherwise they look like such good friends!



Sir, your bottle?

Give someone water and you quench their thirst for a day; teach someone to steal water and you quench their thirst for a lifetime.



The McDonald’s self serve experience

I guess a happy meal is completely out of the question.



They really put a lot of effort into this

It’s got to the point where you need to do 2 or 3 unexpected things for me to not expect you. After all the gravity, the guy should have turned into a ham and taught me Swahili



Requires absolute finesse and precision

This magician is everywhere his powers know no bounds. I know we’re all getting over the “weird flex, but okay” thing, but man does it ever fit right here.



Motorcyclist takes this corner at full speed

That’s actually pretty damn fast, just like Tom Cruise in the latest Mission Impossible movie.



The world’s greatest magician

I think the best part is that she clearly enjoys both the reaction and her success at fine motor control. You can see her focus for a second, raising just one finger on purpose is not easy for a kid that age.



Who doesn’t love the beach

The only thing that would make this better was if this wasn’t their dog. Husky just saw people flipping and decided to join.



This bottle of coke

I thought the unexpected part would be that wrapper cleanly ripping off, leaving nothing behind



Hug it out <3

The card has a folded down flap the middle, much like a T shape, with HUG on the one side and A**L on the other side. You see him flick the card when he takes it out, folding it to the other side.



Unclogging the kitchen sink

Wtf was he even doing?? Unclogging it by trying to shove the entire stick through the pipes??



Nice to fight you

How do you fight a man after he does this? Now you’ll just look like an asshole.



Romance is not dead

It went extinct