Rags To Riches: Stories Of These 15 Celebrities Will Fill You With Motivation

We all envy the lifestyles of celebrities. They seem to be having the best life a person can ask for. From getting to travel to far and wide locations for work to holidaying in the most exotic places to having a swarm of people who help them look their best all the time – they have it all. It looks as though they have nothing to worry about. They get enough money to get any work done and to buy anything they wish for.

However, not all of them were born into such well to do families. There are many who were from middle-class backgrounds just like us. Some of them have seen such tough days as not having enough money to book themselves a room for the night or even buy a meal. But with their work and perseverance, they gradually climbed up the position where they are today.

In this list, we have fifteen such celebrities who worked their way to fame and stardom. Their success stories will inspire you and make you believe in your dreams. Let’s check out the article now!


Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra is a very talented singer that we know by the many hit music albums she has to her credit. She is also a very strong and determined lady that we know by the difficult times she has seen, which could do nothing to stop her from following her goal.

There were days in this Dominican American personality’s life when she was both financially and emotionally unstable. She had to live in a car and at the same time get recovered from the toxic relationship she was earlier in. Amara had no option but to use parking spaces of restaurants for sleeping and their washroom to bathe with wipes. Has your life ever been this challenging?



Tiffany Haddish

Another woman whose story has inspired many to chase their dreams and make them come true.

In her initial years, Tiffany had to live in a car as she was finding it hard to make a living out of her stand-up comedy work. Through an interview of hers, we got to know that it was her co-star from Night School, Kevin Hart, who came into her life like a godfather when she was going through the toughest days of her life and helped her in every possible way. The cheerful actor lent Tiffany $300. He even encouraged her to compile a list of things she wants in her life and to make them her own one by one. This sweet gesture has certainly doubled our respect for him.



Matt Leblanc

Here comes the person who portrayed our favorite TV character ever from our favorite TV show ever. He made us laugh like no one. No matter how many times we hear him say “how you doin?” we would want to hear it again and again.

Are you aware that there was a phase in his life when he wouldn’t have had a very positive answer if he were asked this very same question? Yes, it is true. Pretty much like the iconic character he played in Friends, in reality, Matt too was struggling in his acting career. In fact, he was left with a mere $11 when he bagged the role of Joey in Friends. Had Friends not happened, Matt might have starved.



Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz, an American actress, and singer is an idol to many. Though she is a plus-size actress, the confidence and grace with which she carries herself inspires both plump men and women to accept and love their bodies instead of loathing themselves.

Her best-known work is that in This is Us. She was even nominated for Golden Globe Awards for the same. Though she is much in demand now, there was a time when she found it impossible to live within her little income. Thankfully, she had a bunch of supportive friends who made sure she had a roof over her head.



Halle Berry

The difficult times that Halle had to face to make a name in the show business are a testimony of the fact that nothing comes easy. When she moved to New York she had money enough for just three months. And when that got expended, she phoned her mother asking for financial assistance, but her plea got rejected. This is what put Halle on her mettle and urged her to work hard with all her might.

She is now one of the top actresses and has won a number of awards, including an Academy Award.



Ed Sheeran

Some tidbits about Ed’s early life will make you believe that he was born to be a singer. When he was a kid, he would sing with the church choir. By the time he reached puberty, he could play the guitar and write songs. When he left school to pursue his dream, he had nowhere to live. He would rely on strangers who would let him sleep in their house. When he couldn’t find a place to rest, he would sleep outside the Buckingham Palace. In one of his interviews, he said that no one should have to experience such a trying time as he did.



Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey, who now has a net worth of $160 million, used to survive an entire week on just $50. In the late 1980s, Steve was homeless for a long period of three years. He would shower at gas stations. There were tons of jobs he held before he tasted success as a stand-up comedian. He has repaired automobiles, sold insurance policies, cleaned carpets, and delivered mails.

At present, he hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show.



Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson, who is now a well-known singer-songwriter, rose to prominence in the year 2002 after she became the winner of American Idol. Her first song A Moment Like This was the best-selling single of that year.

This may come as a surprise to you, but before she auditioned for American Idol, she had tried to make a career in singing in Los Angeles, but things didn’t work out. When the apartment building that she used to live in got burnt down she lived in a car for a few days and then moved to her hometown, Texas. It was in Texas, where she got to learn of the popular singing competition and decided to give it a shot.




Just like her name, Jewel has a beautiful soul and equally beautiful looks. Her innocent face and fairy-like locks make it difficult for anyone to take their eyes off of her. As if all of that weren’t enough, Jewel is also endowed with a melodious and soothing voice.

She too had her share of struggles before she made it big as a singer and songwriter. After being expelled from her office for refusing to be her boss’s mistress, she was homeless for quite some time. But she didn’t ask anyone for support. She continued to write and work as a singer in a local café. Her first music album Pieces of You became a massive hit.



Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington has been a part of some of the biggest hit and most loved movies such as Avatar, Terminator Salvation, and Clash of the Titans. The way he portrayed the Greek god Perseus in Clash of the Titans and its sequel was much appreciated.

Before this Australian actor got the role of Jack Sully in Avatar, he had sold off nearly everything he owned and with the proceeds of some $2000 bought himself a car to live in. Sam received the Saturn Award for best actor for this very role.



Chris Pratt

He is smart, he is handsome, he is loved, and he is adorned. But it wasn’t always the same. Chris Pratt has seen days you would never have even imagined. From having just a van for shelter to surviving on eating leftovers from other’s plates; from selling discount tickets to working as a stripper and as a waiter, Chris’s journey to fame in Hollywood was in no way a cakewalk, but inspirational in every way.



Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig, or, as many people prefer to refer to him, James Bond is imbued with a talent for acting. His sharp looks and his career graph have made many of his contemporaries jealous. He began acting as early as he was just six. When he managed to secure a seat in the National Youth Theatre when he moved to London. In order to provide for his training, he served tables in restaurants.

As is rightly said that bad days aren’t there to stay, Craig got cast in The Power of One just a year after he completed his graduation in 1991.



Charlize Theron

One of the highest-paid actresses as of this year, Charlize Theron has had financial issues in the past. After modeling for a year in Europe she moved to Los Angeles to make a career in acting. She was in a bank trying to encash a cheque her mother had sent her when she got noticed by John Crosby, a talent agent, who took it upon himself to help her find her feet. She later appointed him as her manager.

Charlize has won many accolades, which include an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award.



Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is loved all over the world by everyone who knows him. He has many talents, is humble to people around him and has often been seen engaging in philanthropic activities. Though his unattainable physical fitness level may give you the impression that he must have started working out the day he would have learned to walk we want to let you know that Dwayne’s life wasn’t always as blessed as it is now.

Ever wondered why he named his production company Seven Bucks? Well, that’s because when his career as a footballer fell apart, he had a meager sum of seven bucks. That is when he made up his mind to follow his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and be a wrestler. We all know how successful as a wrestler he was and how good an actor he is now. Dwayne is also one of the highest-paid actors in today’s age.



Jennifer Lopez

We are ending this list with your favorite, my favorite, and everyone else’s favorite J.Lo. She is an excellent actress, an exceptional singer, an amazing dancer, a fashion designer, a producer, and also a businesswoman. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the woman is one of the most talented persons our planet has ever been a home to. Everyone follows all her work – be it her music albums or the movies she does or her charity work. But do you know anything about how she became who she is today? How and when did she get her first break?

In her younger years, she used to work as a dancer much to the resentment of her family. When it got just unbearable, Jennifer left home to follow her dream and passion. She spent many nights sleeping on a couch in a dancing studio. She worked as a dancer in Europe for a short while before getting chosen to be Fly Girl in the comedy series In Living Color.