Screen Image Vs. Real-life Personality Of These Popular Celebrities Will Leave You Surprised

We adore celebrities. We love and admire everything about them. We try to emulate them in every way possible. The way they dress up, the way they interact with people, the way they walk, the way they talk – every single thing about them is cool and attractive.

However, what we fail to realize is that the way they portray themselves may not be their real persona. They might be an altogether different person when they are with their friends or colleagues or when the camera isn’t rolling. We often form an image about an actor  or an actress based on the kind of characters he or she has played on screen, but the thing is, in movies or TV shows an actor is trying to act like someone and not be themselves. Someone who is often seen in movies as a drunkard or a badass person might actually be a teetotaler or very humble and religious in real life.

In this list, we have celebrities who in reality are totally in contrast with the perception people have of his/her personality.


Lena Headey

The actor Lena Headey in real life is nothing like the Lena Headey you see as portraying Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones. Cersei is ruthless, terrifying, the most hated character on that show. You either wish you could grab her throat and choke her to death or you shiver at the thought of even standing beside her. But believe us, if you’d meet Lena, you’ll feel like she is your friend from a long time ago and you wouldn’t be able to stop talking to her. She’s that kind and friendly.



Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi has played roles such as those of being a gangster, a murderer, an addict, etc. But the best one he plays is when he is being himself. Before he made it big as an actor, Steve used to be a firefighter. This may come as a surprise to you, but when the terror attacks happened in September 2001, he got back to his previous role and helped his firefighter friends clean rubble and search for survivors for over a week. If it hadn’t been for his fellow firefighters, we wouldn’t have even known about this big-hearted gesture by Steve. Can you imagine any other celebrity doing that?



Tim Allen

Based on the characters he has played such as that of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor in Home Improvement or Scott Calvin in The Santa Clause Trilogy, we have an impression of Tim as a good-natured, humble, and sweet person. It’s indeed hard to digest that he was charged with drug trafficking in 1978 and imprisoned for two years. Tim was arrested for the second time in 1997 for driving under influence. He was also at the receiving end of criticism for defending Paula Deen’s usage of the “n-word” during a casual talk.



Carroll O’Connor

Carroll O’Connor played Archie Bunker in All in the Family so convincingly well that it was hard to understand that it was just a show and he was acting. However, it is only Carroll and the show’s producer Norman Lear know how difficult of a role it was for him. He had to forgo all his kindness and humility and transform into a brazen and illiterate person as soon as the cameras started to roll! Well, we never thought he could be this bad!



Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball players the world has ever seen. He was so adept that kids of that time idolized him and desired to be like him when they grow up. He was also very famous and one of the highest-paid athletes. However, he wasn’t as impressive as a person as he was a basketballer. He once punched Steve Kerr and called Muggsy Bogues a very offending cuss word, which starts with the letter “m”. His speech at the Naismith Hall of Fame in the year 2009 comprised mainly of hateful remarks on his former coach, which makes this legend earn 11th spot on our list.



John Lennon

Through his books All You Need is Love and Give Peace a Chance he preached us about how love and peace can change our lives for the better. But it seems like the singer-songwriter never himself practiced any of that. Reportedly, off-camera, he was very disrespectful towards women and often abused them, wasn’t faithful to his wife, and in fact, wasn’t even there when she was diving birth to their first child. It’s hard to believe that a person can be this heartless. Well, shocking, but this is how he is.



Caitlyn Jenner

Hands down the most popular transgender celebrity in the entire Hollywood, Caitlyn Jenner can be as good a politician as she is a TV personality. All she needs to do is to keep some of her political views, which are likely to create controversy, to herself. For instance, when she said that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz’s arch-rival, would be better for women’s rights!



Andrew Lincoln

We have watched Andrew on the ten seasons long show – The Walking Dead. In it he played Rick Grimes a southern guy who is really tough and fearless and doesn’t even bat an eyelid when he has to fight zombies. Andrew is all of it, except for the Southern part. He is, as a matter of fact, British and his real surname isn’t even Lincoln. It is Clutterbuck. Surprised. Aren’t you?



Nolan Gould

Nolan Gould shot to fame from his role in the popular sitcom Modern Family. In the show, he played Luke Dunphy, an adorable boy who isn’t so bright. But he actually is completely opposite of that. Nolan isn’t just blessed with good looks and charming personality, but is also a very high intelligence quotient. The ideal person to date. Isn’t he? He is, in fact, a Mensa member.

Mensa is a society that invites people from different walks of life who have very high IQ to interact with each other and share their knowledge and experiences.



Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is the reason why The Tonight Show is such a big hit. He is hilarious and playful and keeps the show full of fun and humor till the last minute. But, do you know what he does when he isn’t hosting? Drinking. Yes, it is true. He is quite a heavy drinker and has even suffered injuries in the past because of the same. He once fell on a broken bottle causing major harm to his arms.

A person gifted with so much talent, we hope Jimmy gets rid of this habit at the earliest.



Will Smith

Will Smith is always admired for the kind of roles he chooses and for portraying them to the T. However, there are some people who absolutely loathe him. Throughout the period The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired, the makers had to repeatedly replace the woman playing Aunt Vivian. The reason being Will not getting along with his costars. Janet Hubert, who played Aunt Viv in the first three seasons accused Will of acting egomaniacal and unprofessional on the sets and treating her with disrespect.



Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, a very successful actor and director in Hollywood, is one of the most rumored celebrities. Though things are better now, there was a time when he used to be an alcohol and gambling addict. Ben joined a rehabilitation program in 2001. If reports are to be believed, these and a few others, including infidelity were the key reasons why Jennifer Garner divorced with him.

He was also once told to leave a casino when they found out about him engaging in counting cards.



Beyoncé and Jay-Z

The very talented Beyoncé and just as much talented Jay-Z were thought of as an ideal couple for years. They gave us major couple goals. However, this image of theirs shattered in no time when footage of Jay-Z and Solange (who happens to be Beyoncé’s sister) making out got leaked. This was enough juice for tabloids who began spreading rumors of them separating. It is surprising that the two are together even to this date.



Ellen DeGeneres

The host of our favorite talk show ever, Ellen DeGeneres may not be the kind of person that she has made us all believe she is. The Ellen we see on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is funny and entertaining who doesn’t hesitate to ask even the top celebrities questions regarding their personal lives. It is impossible to not like someone who seems so sweet and approachable as Ellen. But only those who work under her know her real self. Many of them have complained about her being rude and never bothering to appreciate their efforts.



Jennifer Lopez

Did your heart just break upon seeing Jennifer in this listing? Well, it is better to hear the truth than run away from it. Although she always tries to maintain her humble-and-down-to-earth-person image, she is a complete savage when she is away from the spotlight. She was once seen yelling at a flight attendant for some trivial reason. Jennifer even got a guy fired from his job who made the intolerable mistake of asking for an autograph. So, if you ever spot her, think twice before approaching her for a picture or an autograph.