20 Best TV Shows Of All Time That You Should Definitely Watch

We love binge-watching TV shows on weekends or even after we are done with the day’s work and have nothing urgent to do. They also prove to be our savior at times such as when we are sick or are left alone in the house. At the same time, it is also a lot of fun to watch them with our bunch of friends or family. A big bowl of popcorn and some TV drama (or a thriller, whichever genre is your favorite) is all it takes to lighten our mood. They are even helpful in dealing with heartbreaks. Such is the role of TV shows in our lives.

With the advent of Netflix and other such platforms, TV shows have become less popular and their place has been taken up by web series. However, there are still many of us who use these platforms to savor our favorite old TV shows one more time. Here we have curated a list of 20 such shows, which became hits soon after they were aired and are still unbeatable.


The Twilight Zone

Period: 1959 – 1964

Channel: CBS

The Twilight Zone is a show, which cannot be designated a particular genre. Some of its episodes were horror, some science fiction, some supernatural, while some were fantasy. It ran for five seasons, each better than the other. Among other awards and recognitions, it also won the Golden Globe Awards in 1963 for best direction.




Period: 2004 – 2010

Channel: ABC

Lost, which was shot primarily in Oahu, Hawaii, is a story of plane crash survivors who are stranded on a deserted island. It was one of the most expensive shows of that time due to its huge ensemble cast. It also won a number of awards, including the Saturn Award and Emmy Award.



Twin Peaks

Period: 1990 – 1991

Channel: ABC

The show Twin Peaks is set in a fairly small town of the same name. It is a quiet and serene town, however things take a different turn as the show continues. If you are a fan of mysteries, then this must be one of your favorites. Though the show was only for three seasons, which comprised of just forty-eight episodes, they were enough to create a massive fan base and give it a spot in the list of best shows ever.



The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Period: 1970 – 1977

Channel: CBS

References to things of the sort of casual sex or birth control weren’t that common some fifty years back. But it was The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which broke the ice. It was also the first-ever show to have a homosexual character. The show is about a young, independent and ambitious girl named Mary Richards.



Arrested Development

Period: 2003 – present

Channel: Netflix

Arrested Development narrates the story of a family, the Bluths, who once lead a very luxurious and wealthy life. However, things have now gone for a toss and it is Michael on whose shoulders lies the responsibility of keeping things peaceful in their house. Its first three seasons were telecasted on Fox and the latter ones were released on Netflix. The series is regarded as one of the best sitcoms ever and has won Primetime Emmy Awards six times and also a Golden Globe Award.




Period: 1972 – 1983

Channel: CBS

The series, M*A*S*H is based on true events. Its central theme is the stressful and traumatic lives of those serving in military hospitals. The characters use fun and humor to make their lives better. This show was loved so much that its last episode went on to become the highest-rated and also the most-watched TV episode till that time.



Modern Family

Period: 2009 – present

Channel: ABC

Modern Family centers around the lives of three modern families who are living in Los Angeles. These families are often confronted with problems that are then resolved with the aid of the other families, leading to some curious and extremely ridiculous circumstances.



30 Rock

Period: 2006 – 2013

Channel: NBC

30 Rock gives us a peek into how it’s like behind the scenes of a show. One of the prime characters is Liz, the head writer, who has to anyhow deal with uncooperative stars and her boss’s arrogance to keep the show running while maintaining her sanity. If you had a bad start to the day, the positivity and fun in 30 Rock is sure to cheer you up.



The Simpsons

Period: 1989 – present

Channel: Fox

Here comes the show we have all been enjoying watching since childhood. The Simpsons family has been keeping us entertained for years. The show has completed 31 seasons, which includes some 664 episodes, leading to it being the longest-running TV show in the United States.



Sex and The City

Period: 1998 – 2004

Channel: HBO

This is one show, which is loved by women across the world. It is set in New York City and its plot revolves around the lives of four women. We get to get dissolved not just in a world replete with trendy dresses, high heels, and makeup, but also into the love, sex and work lives of the four leading ladies. The desire to discover the fate of the heroines would surely keep you hooked until the last episode.



The West Wing

Period: 1999 – 2006

Channel: NBC

The West Wing, which ran for 7 seasons consisting of 156 episodes, is considered to be one of the best TV shows ever. It is a take on how things must be controlled and coordinated in a President’s Office.



Saturday Night Live

Period: 1975 – present

Channel: NBC

Saturday Night Live, which was originally titled NBC’s Night Live is a late-night TV show, which is telecasted live. The show has actors, comedians, and other artists coming together to deliver hilarious skits on a varying range of topics. The series is a favorite of late-night TV viewers and has won many accolades, which include a whopping sixty-five Primetime Emmys.



Mad Men

Period: 2007 – 2015

Channel: AMC

Set in New York in the 1960s, Mad Men shows how business is done in an advertising agency, but its primary focus is the agency’s creative director, Don Draper. It is immense fun to watch him balance his smoothly running professional life and his teetering personal life.



I Love Lucy

Period: 1951 – 1957

Channel: CBS

Lucy always dreamt of being a singer and now that her husband works at a nightclub as a bandleader, she anyhow wants to convince him that she can work alongside him. Her husband feels that though she is an excellent wife and mother, she has no talent for singing. Through I love Lucy we get invited into the house of Lucy Ricardo and Ricky Ricardo and witness the countless ROFL moments she creates to prove her talent to her husband.




Period: 1989 – 1998

Channel: NBC

Seinfeld is a situational comedy series created by Jerry Seinfeld along with Larry David. Jerry also stars in it as the lead character who is none other, but a fictional version of himself. The show, which is focused on Jerry’s personal life and his relationship with his three close friends will give you many hilarious moments.



The Sopranos

Period: 1999 – 2000

Channel: HBO

The Sopranos is a crime drama TV series that is centered upon an Italian-American guy Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini, who is the head of a mafia based in New Jersey. Through the various therapy sessions with his psychiatrist, we get to learn of the struggles he goes through while trying to find a balance between his criminal affairs and family life.



The X-Files

Period: 1993 – 2002

Channel: Fox

The X-Files was the first show of its kind on TV. The show has in its lead two of the FBI’s special agents – Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (portrayed by Gillian Anderson). It is exciting to watch them turn over every rock to get to the root of paranormal cases they have been entrusted with. As you would have expected, the two become good friends in no time and we see this friendship blossoming into a romantic relationship by the end of the series.



Breaking Bad

Period: 2008 – 2013

Channel: AMC

As the title suggests, Breaking Bad shows the transformation of a guy named Walter White. He was once a soft-spoken chemistry teacher, but things change and he turns into a cunning criminal. When Mr. White gets diagnosed with lung cancer, he gets into the business of mesh-making to make his family’s future financially secure. However, it doesn’t take long for his priorities to change.



Game of Thrones

Period: 2011 – present

Channel: HBO

Game of Thrones is one show you would fall in love with even before you finish the first episode. It has a greater number of fans than any other series. This show has in it to satiate anyone’s desire for entertainment. It is the perfect blend of twists and turns, unnatural dragons, the fight for the coveted throne, and, obviously, love. It is an adaptation of the fantasy novel series titled A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.




Period: 1994 – 2004

Channel: NBC

Would you forgive us if we forgot to give Friends a place on this list? We don’t even expect you to. It would be a sin if we omitted Friends or gave it any other position but the first one. The show ended much back in 2004, but the love for it continues to grow. No matter how many times we watch it, we just cannot have enough of it. It’s about six people who live, laugh, fight, cry, do crazy things, and are always there for each other come what may.