Hollywood Stars Who Aged Like A Fine Wine

Much like a fine wine, quite a lot of people start looking better with age. And this stands true for these Hollywood stars as well, who have continued to look the same (in fact, even better!) even after years of working in the industry.

The stress of being a celeb is way too much, and perhaps this is the reason why not many age gracefully. We have compiled a list of select few who have aged like a fine wine and continue to amaze us with their stunning looks. Without further ado, let’s check out the article.


Taylor Swift

Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has millions of followers from across the globe. She is one of the leading artists of the current generation and is known for her style of singing and songwriting that mainly revolves around her personal life. She is not only known for her songs, but also her great looks, which get her humongous media coverage from across the world.

Swift also supports numerous causes, some of which include speaking up against the discrimination faced by colored people and LGBT communities.




Madonna Louise Ciccone is not only a successful singer, actress, songwriter, and a businesswoman, but also a proud mother of four. And while there are numerous talents coming out of the industry every year, Madonna continues to hold her forte and is possibly the most stunning sixty-year-old you would ever come across! Not only that, she is also holding the record for being the highest-grossing solo artist, with around $1.4 billion earnings through her concert tickets.




Robyn Rihanna Fenty hails from Barbados and is one of the leading singers and songwriters of this era. She has acted in quite a few movies as well. She has well over two hundred and fifty solo records worldwide to date. And while she continues to enthrall the audiences with her soul-touching voice, she is one of the most gorgeous looking singers to have ever performed on stage. This pop icon was also named the ‘Humanitarian of the Year’ by Harvard University.



Angelina Jolie

If there’s anyone who has aged truly like a fine wine, it is none other than Angelina Jolie. This actress and filmmaker has entered the forties for a while now, but refuses to age at all. She continues to mesmerize audiences with her acting chops and beautiful features and has often topped the chart of the highest-paid actresses. She has won numerous awards, which include the Oscar, the Screen Guild Awards, and the Golden Globe Award.



Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is not only an acting powerhouse, but also a great-looking man. He is often known as one of the most influential people in the industry, with his career as an actor and producer earning him millions at the box office. Pitt was named as the hottest man alive for years by the media and he continues to be a handsome man even at the age of 55.