Don’t Miss Out On Watching These 10 Epic Monster Movies This Halloween

The rest of the year belongs to all the Robert Downeys and the Tom Cruises of the movie industry. But come fall, and the monsters take over that ‘star’ role. Who honestly wants an Iron Man when you can enjoy watching a Godzilla or a Frankenstein’s monster? These nasty, spooky guys sure land up on our list of some of the most epic monsters we’ve ever seen, alongside some really modern ones as well. And by the way, we’re not really talking about the extraterrestrials or the ghosts – we are more into the real deal, the good old-fashioned movie monsters. These man-made monsters include some really big worms that live underground and strange underwater creatures. Check out our list of 10 epic monster movies that you should definitely watch this Halloween!


Creature From The Black Lagoon

If you are planning to host a movie party that has really old-school monsters, you should probably add this one to your list. A story revolving around a prehistoric monster who lurks around in the dense forest, along with a small group of (crazy?!) scientists who wish to capture the monster to ‘study’ it, this movie would definitely scare you. The spookiest part of all this? People who love taking credit for things that are not really theirs!



The Descent

If you are claustrophobic, this isn’t the right movie for you – trust me! The Descent is the story of a group of women who decide to go spelunking, where they find some bizarre underground monsters that are lurking around in the darkness and really constrained spaces. This modern horror epic will surely leave you stunned and gasping for some space.



The Thing

In this 80s classic, Kurt Russell starred in a movie where a strange creature starts attacking a group of scientists in remote parts of Antarctica – one at a time. The spookiest part of the movie is that the creature can take the appearance of its victim! The movie is a great one to add to your list for the Halloween movie party.