A List Of 15 Celebrities Who Look Stunning, Or Weird Without Makeup

Most of the celebs’ photos we come across on social media make us wonder if they really do look like this all day long in real life. Well, most of the times they do look their best, but the appearance isn’t the only thing our stars have to maintain.

How often have we actually seen one of our favorite celebs without any makeup on? Well, if you didn’t get any chance to see them on their not so lucky days before, here’s your chance.

Also, this reminds us of the fact that celebs are humans after all, and they are not perfect. Without further ado, let’s check out this awesome list of these fifteen celebrities without any makeup!


Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is known for her gorgeous smile and stunning face – and this is how most people have always seen her.

However, this set of pictures clearly shows that that is not always the case. While one picture portrays a very doll-like appearance of this stunning diva, the other one shows her looking quite ordinary.

Thankfully, she is quite beautiful naturally as she is!



Kate Hudson

With a smile that can melt any heart, Kate Hudson is known for her radiant look that is omnipresent on her face.

However, this picture is anything, but radiant. It seems as though all the makeup has sucked the radiance away from this beauty’s face! The face looks quite plain and ordinary.

There is one thing we should consider, though. Kate was pregnant at the time paparazzi took this picture, so we should probably give her a break!



Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone is another noted beauty from Hollywood who looks her best all the time and is especially known for her spotless face.

However, this snap of Silverstone shows quite a few spots on her face, which makes her look quite different from how she usually looks. It seems she has stripped off all her stunning features simply due to the lack of any makeup on her face.

Despite that, she still ends up looking good even without makeup!




This talented singer and composer needs no introduction. With a soothing voice and a great face, Adele is the heartthrob of millions of fans around the world. The issue is, this picture of hers is clearly not worth any awards!

If we compare the pictures of Adele where she has her makeup on, with this casual snap, you’d agree with us that Adele only looks stunning with her makeup on.



Penelope Cruz

This Spanish beauty has been wooing millions of fans around the world with her stunning looks. She not only sports great looks, but is also known as someone with a free spirit. However, the person who captured this snap clearly wanted to shatter our dreams and convince us that she is nothing, but a mere human being like the rest of us!

This picture shouldn’t deceive you, though because she continues to have that hidden beauty.



Jennifer Garner

This photo doesn’t do justice to the beauty that is Jennifer Garner, thanks largely to the makeup artists in the industry.

In this makeup-free photo, she clearly doesn’t look anywhere close to how she normally does, and her hair isn’t helping her cause, either!

However, the second photo, which is how she normally looks, clearly makes us believe that there is indeed some magic in makeup.



Goldie Hawn

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, but then, youthful looks don’t exactly last forever. Beauty was definitely good to Goldie Hawn for quite a long span of time, but like all good things, it did end. In this casual picture without any makeup, she looks old as she is – and we don’t blame her, she is seventy-three years old!

However, we won’t shy away from saying that there is no dearth of makeup artists and skin treatment options in the industry that one could avail.



Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is probably one of the very few celebrities who look stunning even without any makeup on. In this picture, we can see how gorgeous she looks, which is quite a toned-down look compared to her earlier appearances. Her fans are clearly in love with this new version of her.

To sum it up, Lady Gaga is, without a doubt, a gorgeous woman.




Madonna, the queen of pop is a role model for many around the world. She not only continues to entertain millions of fans around the world, but she also takes care of her four children. No wonder her fans call her superwoman!

However, her looks without makeup clearly aren’t stunning, and she looks quite aged.



Britney Spears

Britney Spears has millions of fans around the world, thanks to her acting and singing career. And just like the other singer we discussed earlier; she is also a mother.

And we have to admit – Spears looks quite nice even without the makeup, as this picture suggests.

And we love Spears anyways, so she gets a pass from us!



Katy Perry

This mega-star is no doubt a stunning woman. Katy Perry looks quite stunning even without makeup in this picture.



Kate Moss

Kate Moss looks quite stunning with makeup without a shadow of any doubt. However, it is the non-makeup one we’ll be discussing here and we find it quite amusing how she ends up looking like Smeagol from Lords of the Rings in this picture!

She is undoubtedly a diva on the big screen, and till now, we only assumed that makeup was used to enhance that already gorgeous face.

But clearly, now we know there is more to it! Most of her fans are quite shocked that Kate can actually look like this.



Tyra Banks

Tyra is a fierce lady who hasn’t shied away from embracing her natural looks. She has clearly said no to aging, as we can see in this picture how she continues to look stunning.

This snap shows her smiling for the camera, and clearly, the age has no bearing on her beautiful looks.



Halle Berry

For all those people who were expecting a bad picture of Halle Berry – there is none!

She is rightfully considered one of the most stylish and classy stars in the industry, and she never really shies away from the camera.

As we can see with this picture, she wasn’t even ready for the click, but still ended up looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.



Kim Kardashian West

Reality star Kim Kardashian needs no introduction. She hasn’t really looked bad – ever!

In this picture, we can clearly see how stunning she looks even without any makeup on. In fact, this isn’t the first-time fans have caught a glimpse of her without any makeup. She is one of the rare stars who look stunning both with or without the makeup.