15 Confusing Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

Source: fannntastic.com

Are you aware that the human brain creates about 12 watts of electricity? Same 12 watts is capable of powering a low-led light so we have put together a little competition to make your brain work harder. Let’s see how fast you can figure these photos out so prepare your stop watch and let’s see who’s got the fastest brain.

15. Swapped

We are looking at a photo from an office setting. Though the location and company is unknown, we are still able to gather information from it. One thing that strikes the eyes is the heels and we bet you are asking who is wearing the heels.




14. Unknown

Now we don’t know what’s going on here either but we are sure we see a guy enjoying his lone time with his bike. If care is not taken you would assume there is someone sitting on the bike and bending towards the helmet; it’s brings us to the question of if she’s a girl.




13. Muscles

Wow it seems he eats a lot of protein. Little man has a strong affinity for muscles so he tries to fool us into thinking he’s got intimidating muscles; must confess it worked for a few seconds before realizing its his dad’s.