14 Times When Photoshop Was Too Obvious On Social Media

The question or rather big problem and issue of the social media is always widely discussed by the masses, media and public. The topic of discussion is quite obvious – the extreme amount of usage of filters, editors, Photoshop, excessive makeup and so on. Simply put – beauty modifators and tools to make one look more attractive than they appear in real life. Unfortunately (or actually fortunately) some people get exposed to the public, when their imperfections shine through all the glitter and filters. Thus, proving the bitter reality of the so-called “Instagram beauty”. In this article we will look into more of such examples that will further shatter your trust in social media beauty.


Ah, the good ol’ face editor apps and their magic

In her videos and occasional no-makeup photos Trisha Paytas, a famous blogger and internet-personality, can be often seen in her natural looks, however the edited photoshoots with tons of makeup look completely different.



Okay, so that looks absolutely normal now.. Okay, I see

The girl obviously wanted to give herself some sort of anime-ish look with nice big blue eyes, but it went completely wrong, making her look like some nightmare creature. The worst part is that the girl in the back also got filtered!



Two completely different people

Another famous beauty blogger, model and internet-personality, Nikki De Jager is very popular among the beauty community with her useful tips and videos on makeup. However, her face pre and post makeup and editors is like two photos of different people.



What are even those body proportions??

Just one question – how big does it have to be to be good enough??



Nevermind what I said on the previous photo, this one tops all that

Let’s play a game of “Guess where all his organs went”!



Tagged photo VS Own Post

Ouf, that awkward moment when you get tagged in your friend’s photo! Yikes!



Realising that these two are the same person is kinda scary

Why even bother wasting time on editing and doing hours of makeup at this point? Just go find a nice photo of some stranger on the internet and put it in your profile as if it’s you – it honestly won’t make any difference and you’ll at least save your time!



Here we have a clear example of Slenderman proportions

Listen, here’s a quick useful tip for you – before you go onto editing your photos, try to look at the real human being. We assure you – they don’t look anything like this in real life at all.



Celebrities are also people and fall into this Photoshop pit too

Yep, if it was big news for you – here you go! People DO look different in real life compared to their photos online.



It looks like you could scratch a slice of makeup like a butter off her face

The worst part is that both pictures look horrifying. Just let your skin breathe and live a little, jeez.



What’s up with making your face look like a baked potato??

Well he sure didn’t THINK about making his face look decent in this one!



Uh, this is supposed to be sexy, but it’s just straight up scary

Uh, it’s really hard to say anything (good) about this one, honestly.



Photoshopping your face to look uglier is a whole next level

No, but seriously though, why would you edit a perfectly normal and pretty face?!



Ma’am, that is not how human anatomy works

We really hope this is just a joke at this point…