14 Times When Photoshop Was Too Obvious On Social Media

The question or rather big problem and issue of the social media is always widely discussed by the masses, media and public. The topic of discussion is quite obvious – the extreme amount of usage of filters, editors, Photoshop, excessive makeup and so on. Simply put – beauty modifators and tools to make one look more attractive thatn they appear in real life. Unfortunately (or actually fortunately) some people get exposed to the public, when their imperfections shine through all the glitter and filters. Thus, proving the bitter reality of the so-called “Instagram beauty”. In this article we will look into more of such examples that will further shatter your trust in social media beauty.


Ah, the good ol’ face editor apps and their magic



Okay, so that looks absolutely normal now.. Okay, I see



Two completely different people



What are even those body proportions??



Nevermind what I said on the previous photo, this one tops all that



Tagged photo VS Own Post



Realising that these two are the same person is kinda scary



Here we have a clear example of Slenderman proportions



Celebrities are also people and fall into this Photoshop pit too



It looks like you could scratch a slice of makeup like a butter off her face



What’s up with making your face look like a baked potato??



Uh, this is supposed to be sexy, but it’s just straight up scary



Photoshopping your face to look uglier is a whole next level



Ma’am, that is not how human anatomy works