Possibly worst haircuts your eyes have ever seen

We all have at least once in our lives seen that one incredibly terrible hairstyle on someone that left us questioning a lot of things and decisions. Well, in this list we have compiled a collection of such gems of looks. Thus, with no further ado let’s get a glimpse at the hairstyling fashion and skills at their “peak”-


Manbun-fade-curly flow combo

Apparently, this guy felt like one hairstyle wasn’t enough, so he went a step further and got three different ones.



It’s the eyebrows (if it was hard to tell)

This is not the worst case of all the possible ones, but still, how can you look at yourself in the mirror and think “yeah, this is perfectly normal and natural”.



What is that even..??

No comments on this one…



The “Corn Hawk”

Adam Levine’s, lead of Maroon 5, got into a lot of controversy over his new look this week, that he titled as “corn hawk”.  Many were quite shocked and thrown off with this choice of a look, even his biggest fans.



Perfect volume

You’ve heard of the “bowl cut”, well now get ready for the “BALL cut”.



You could at least comb it…

…at least with your hand or something.



And it had all the chances to look decent

He may be good at racing and all, but sense of style is definitely his big weakness.



Poor kid…

Also that comment is gold, not gonna lie!



How do you even explain this to your stylist?

Being a fan is really cool and sweet of you, but taking it to this point is honestly too much and creepy.



“3 in 1” – kind of hairstyle

Yet another example of combining lots of everything at once. This is what you call “business in the front party in the back”.



No words are even needed here as well