Your Daily Dose of Good Mood – Pictures That Will Improve Your Day In A Second

In this article we’ve compiled some of the loveliest cutest fluffiest photos from the internet corners that will definitely make you go all “aww” and soft! We guarantee you that this list will cheer you up and brighten up your day, but be warned – these are overloaded with cuteness!


The whole idea of a cat

If anyone would ask you to explain what are cats all about – don’t say anything, just show them this video. And that’s basically it.



A very big good boy

As the author behind the post and photo stated themselves – the difference between the two pictures is just 2 years! Can you believe that?! The woman said she also had no idea the puppy would grow to become this giant ball of fluffiness. But you know what they say – bigger heart full of love!



It’s the spooky season again!

Everyone and everything is getting ready for autumn, and, of course, the Halloween. We have no doubt these two will be the winners of the best costume contest!



It’s finally spring!

If you ever wondered how the spring starts for the animals and how much of a joy it is for them – here you go! That’s what you call a pure happiness!



Employee of the month

As the author stated themselves – ” People complained about a roaming cat near law firm office, so the law firm hired him. Meet Leon Advogato, Esq.”




This puppy is GLOWING in the sunlight! And she doesn’t even need any filters to look perfect like that! Instagram models take notes!



Coziness in one picture

This is honestly one of the most beautiful photos we’ve ever seen! It looks like an actual painting!



Merlin the cat

This blind cat, named Merlin, is taking over the internet with his magical and surreal looks. And we absolutely agree – he is fantastic!