Do you believe everything you see on social media? You will not, after reading this!

We all adore the various social media platforms that are available to us. We live and breathe them. And why not? They help us get in touch with our old, lost friends, make new ones, find our better halves, deal with heartbreaks and most importantly, kill time. Nearly everyone we know owns at least a Facebook, Twitter, and an Instagram account. Some even have multiple accounts while others have created accounts for their newborns or yet to be born babies. Yes, that’s a thing!

Regular updates from our friends, families, and celebrities alike keep us hooked onto our phones for hours. Right from what we eat, what we wear, and what’s our next travel list – we share anything and everything. Quite a few us actually don’t take a bite of food without taking pictures and Instagramming them! In fact, some get so addicted that they have to seek medical aid. We share almost everything on social media.

However, social media platforms can also be a cause of resentment and hatred if not used wisely. Ninety percent of the things we see there or read about are fake. The location in the picture may be entirely opposite of what it looks. It could be just good photoshopping! Read on to find more –


A perfect picture involves a lot of risks

Some photos on social media look too good to be true. Well, that’s because they aren’t true. Ever been left wondering about the camera angle and position to take such an amazing picture with amazing lighting? Well, it could be the photographer placing himself in a risky circumstance, like in this case.



Working out is glamorous only on social media

Pictures on social media of celebrities working out always give us fitness goals and lead us to plan our own work out routine. The perfectly fitted gym wear, no sweat bead, neatly done hair, and excellent body can make anyone apply for the membership of their nearest gym. However, it doesn’t take long for us to realize that exercising isn’t as stylish and pleasurable as Instagram makes us believe.



It doesn’t taste as good as it looks

I have done this. You have done this. Everyone has done this. We prepare something to eat, present it in the best possible manner, take a picture, add filters, post it on every social media account that we hold and then ruin the presentation to gobble the food up. Why do we do this? For likes and shares!



Ideal Location or Ideal Photographer?

If you are jealous of your old school friend traveling the world and seeing exotic locations, stop that right away. They may actually be in a slum! Good photography and photoshopping skills can help you make hell look like heaven.



Not all models are size zero

If you say that you have never ever wanted to have a body like those models in Victoria’s Secret ads, I would know you were lying. It’s okay. There is nothing wrong about wanting a slim body on which any dress can fit perfectly. However, not every model looks in real life the way they do in ad films or ramp walks. But they have the ability to make themselves look like that.