25 Times Tourists Decided To Do the Most Stupid Things!

Traveling is perhaps one of the best ways to learn more about life in other parts of the world. However, when this learning comes at the cost of doing some of the most stupid things imaginable, it becomes a nightmare for others around us. Obviously, taking selfies with your loved ones or buying a few souvenirs is nice, as it allows you to relive those precious moments later on in life.

However, this isn’t just enough for some of the tourists. A simple selfie or a store-bought item cannot match the thrill of taking epic Instagram selfie atop ancient statues, endangering wildlife, or even destroying ancient stone walls!

In this article, we have compiled a list of twenty-five such instances where tourists did the absolute stupidest things imaginable. Without making you wait any longer, let’s check out the article now!


Destroying an Oregon sandstone formation

This unique sandstone formation in Oregon, which is also called the “duckbill” formation or “Pedestal Rocks”, was vandalized by some tourists who thought it was a really cool idea to mount it and take some selfies. This prominent Oregon icon was pushed down when these tourists decided to ignore the fencing put in place and climb this rock formation.



Egyptian temple being vandalized by a Chinese

Honestly, we have no idea why tourists do this, but it is actually one of the most common things some visitors do to ruin ancient monuments – by scribing their names on the walls! This is exactly what this Chinese teen did when he scribed “Ding Jinhao was here” in an ancient Egyptian temple. Naturally, the netizens were extremely furious when they saw this!



Plucking lotus at a cultural and ecological-park

This time, it’s a Chinese place in question. The Longqiao Cultural and Ecological Park was all set to be reopened, but the authorities had to close it because of some rowdy tourists who decided to pluck the lotus flowers without permission. And as if this wasn’t enough for them, some tourists even jumped over the fences and decided to catch stream fishes!


Tourists knocking down a statue while taking a selfie

While it’s always a good thing to click a selfie or two in front of prominent tourist spots, the key is to stand in front of them, not on top of them! A tourist knocked down this famous Dom Sebastiao statue that is well over 125 years old when he decided to capture a selfie by climbing the statue. The man was later arrested by the cops, but the damage had already been done!



Another statue obsessed tourist!

The Saint Michael’s statue at the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon was knocked down by another selfie-obsessed tourist who thought it would be Instagram-y if he actually climbed the statue. Unfortunately, the statue fell down and it was beyond repair!



Graffiti at the Colosseum

Scribing messages on the walls of ancient monuments isn’t just a teenage thing. This 42-year-old tourist from Russia carved the letter K on a wall of colosseum that is well over two thousand years old! The authorities concluded that the carving was quite notable even from far and ordered him to pay a fine of twenty thousand euros!



“Green” colored hot spring because of coins thrown by tourists

The Morning Glory hot spring in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming turned green from blue after tourists started throwing coins, as apparently, it brought good luck! Ironically, the same people are referring to this spring pool as Fading Glory instead of Morning Glory. Seriously?!



Chasing Tibetan Antelopes for pictures

A group of seven tourists decided to chase the Tibetan Antelopes (endangered species according to IUCN) in two SUVs just to click some pictures! And the chase didn’t stop at any point. They went ahead and broke into the protected area of Selincro National Reserve in order to get closer to the animals.

Thankfully, one person was smart enough to film the entire episode on the camera, which allowed the authorities to identify and later arrest the culprits. The group of tourists was only released after each of them paid fifteen thousand yuans as fine!



Azalea Tree Branches for BBQ

Azalea trees in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture are loved by tourists from around the world. However, some weren’t just content with looking at these beautiful and rare trees. Instead, they plucked the flowers and broke the branches, and made use of them to cook barbeque! And if that wasn’t enough, they even uprooted the trees’ trunk!



The messiest beach you’d ever come across!

The Margate beach in the United Kingdom was converted into a messy place after tourists left behind all the plastic bottles, plates, and other stuff after a party. The waste was left behind by around five hundred people, so you can imagine the quantity of waste left there! The chief of the District Council termed the incident extremely disappointing.



Send nudes!

Iceland, one of the most pristine locations on the face of the Earth was subject of tourists’ cruelty this time. A part of moss-covered hills was used to write “send nudes”, apart from other words and names by the tourists! To make it even worse, the moss requires quite a lot of time to grow, so this would possibly be etched for a while on these beautiful hills.



Destroying pink grass

In the Hangzhou province of China, the rare breed of pink grass was destroyed by the tourists who tried to sit in the grass and take selfies! These grasses take years to grow, and are very rare to be found, and they were destroyed completely as the visiting tourists ignored the barriers and kept ruining the plants.



Destroying ancient Hindu stone pillars at Hampi

This UNESCO world heritage site faced the wrath of tourists when they decided it was a fun and cool thing to knock down the stone pillars at Hampi. The temples, which are associated with the Hindu god Vishnu, are centuries old and were destroyed when a group of four young men thought it was cool to push the rock pillars. Fortunately, the entire episode was recorded on camera, which allowed the authorities to identify the culprits and later arrest them.



Burying a used diaper on the beach!

A renowned beach in Boracay, Philippines was forced to close for a day for cleaning as a Chinese tourist buried a used diaper not in some dustbin, but in the beach sand, which was recorded on camera. Her partner, on the other hand, was seen washing the child’s buttock using the seawater! The video was shared online and made the netizens extremely furious.



Yet another statue being vandalized

A statue of “Two Hercules” was vandalized in Cremona, Italy after tourists decided to click a selfie atop the statues! Honestly, we believe such tourists shouldn’t be allowed a visa for their entire lifetime!



Ancient tomb destroyed by Harry Potter fans

On a tomb in Galicia, one Harry Potter fan drew a logo of Deathly Hallows. The tomb, La Casa dos Mouros dolmen, is ancient and is one of the prominent tourist spots in Galicia.



Corals defaced by the sea divers

A photo where names were scribbled on the corals went viral on various social media platforms, after a diving center posted them. From what the center later admitted, one of the tourists who wrote the name apologized and vowed never to do such a thing again. They also added that hopefully, it would prevent others from this kind of stupid behavior.



Ancient land formation destroyed by tourists

In Zhangye, China, a unique land formation that is said to be millions of years old was destroyed by a group of tourists who first broke into this unique landscape and then destroyed the place. They even went ahead and took a video of the entire incident, and later bragged how they didn’t even have to buy tickets for entry!



Bamboo forest vandalized

As evident in this case, even bamboo forests aren’t really safe from being vandalized by the tourists. In this bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan, hundreds of trees were destroyed by tourists who scribbled names and made edges on the trees. According to the forest staff, the trees were destroyed and were removed from the place later.



Mexican monuments vandalized

In La Venta Museum and National Park in Mexico, a group of Indonesian tourists destroyed more than fifteen ancient structures. These monuments were built more than one thousand years ago, and are considered sacred by many people.



Mosque vandalized by tourists

A Moroccan mosque was vandalized by some tourists who made fun of the religion by scribbling a man peeing, along with the word “PEACE”. The incident led to a severe outrage and the authorities were left with no choice, but to open an investigation as to who did this.



Calf euthanized because of rowdy tourists

A group of tourists in Yellowstone National Park decided to put a bison calf in their car for some strange reason – and that too on a hot day. The problem arose when the staff was unable to find the calf’s mother, which got separated from the rest of the herd. The calf started panicking inside the car, as well and had to be euthanized ultimately.



Tourists disturb the nesting season of olive ridley turtles

Olive ridley turtles, which are considered endangered, were deprived of their nesting season in the Ostional National Park in Costa Rica when a large group of tourists showed up on the beach and scared away the turtles. They even sat on the turtle nests and took photos, while others were seen putting their children on the turtles!



Cruelty to peacocks

Visitors at Beijing Zoo caught hold of a peacock and in order to get its tail feathers, ripped and hurt the birds. While other tourists were vocal enough to ask them to stop doing it, they didn’t listen and continued with the cruel act on the poor peacocks.



Poor baby dolphin

Spain, which is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world, witnessed rowdy tourists on a beach when some tourists thought it would be really “cool” to click pictures with a lost baby dolphin. Instead of calling the rescue team, they kept passing the baby dolphin around and went on clicking pictures before it ultimately died because of the stress that its body went through because of rough handling.