20 Places You Cannot Afford To Miss Visiting On Your Next Europe Trip

Okay, so you have finally decided to visit Europe as your next travel destination. Sounds like a great idea, but planning a trip to Europe is a herculean task in itself. One needs to plan an itinerary, book tickets, get hotel reservations and the to-do list just keeps growing! In such a scenario, missing out on including some of the most iconic and breathtaking places in Europe in your travel list is very much possible. To help you make sure you don’t, we have compiled this amazing list of places that you cannot afford to miss out on your Europe trip. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!


Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

The longest railway bridge in Scotland, Glenfinnan Viaduct isn’t just well-known because of its presence in the Harry Potter movie series. The bridge boasts of an impressive twenty-one arches that have been ferrying trains through a single line railway track – one hundred feet above the Finnan river! What’s also astonishing is the fact that there are no metal reinforcements in the bridge. Now that is some true magic stuff!

Why visit? The Glenfinnan Viaduct is perhaps one of the most amazing feats of human structures ever built. Enjoy a train ride over this magnificent viaduct and enjoy the most stunning scenes you’d ever see!



Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Talking of bridges, the Charles Bridge over the Vltava River is perhaps one of the oldest bridges in the world. The bridge has a total of sixteen arches that are at least 500 yeras old, while the towers used in the bridge are from the fourteenth century!

Why visit? The Charles Bridge is famous for its stunning Gothic design. The numerous statues you will come across on the bridge are a must-see, as you would not see anything like this bridge in all of Europe!



Dona Ana Beach, Lagos, Portugal

A stretch of gorgeous sand located very close to Lagos, the Dona Ana beach is one of the most beautiful beaches you would ever come across. What’s even more surprising and fascinating is that the beach is located so close to the urban Lagos. The rugged cliffs of unusual formations and multi-colored rock, strata, that dot the coastline add another dimension to the beauty of this beach.

Why visit? Well, don’t wait for the sea to further erode this stunning coastline and the rugged cliffs. And in any case, do you even need a reason to visit a stunning beach?



Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a beautiful city that is known for its amazing architecture and football giant FC Barcelona. However, a visit to Barcelona won’t be complete unless you visit the Sagrada Familia, which was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi – one of the finest of his beautiful designs. The imaginative design with its detailed elaborateness makes for fine viewing.

Why visit? The Sagrada Familia is a wonder you cannot afford to miss when visiting this beautiful city. Take a look at this unbelievable design and sit down for some quiet, peaceful time near the church.



Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

The Grand Canal of Venice is one of the most beautiful stretches of waterway you’d ever see. This three hundred feet wide canal makes its way through the city as an inner-city waterway, and can easily have up to over six thousand boats in a day!

Why visit? The Grand Canal has some of the most incredible architecture of Venice on either side of the waterway, making it one of the most fascinating waterway in the world. Also, you can only view most of these grand buildings through a boat ride. Before the water damages the foundations even more, you should definitely visit this iconic waterway!