Have A Look At The List Of Top 10 Shows Of All Time According To Hollywood Insiders

Even before Netflix took over our weekends, TV shows were always loved and watched. Most of us have a list of our favorite TV shows, and we love posting about them on social media as well. However, have you ever given a thought about what the series makers actually feel about the TV shows history?

Well, to get an answer to this question, THR decided to ask over twenty-eight hundred industry professionals to rate their favorite TV shows of all time. The list included 780 actors, 286 directors, and over 350 producers, amongst other professionals. The answers they gave were quite surprising for plenty of reasons. While you can easily check out the list of shows rated between 11-100 on THR’s website, we have come up with the top 10 and we begin this article by talking about the most resilient family that has probably ever existed!


The Simpsons

The Simpsons has been the source of laughter – and debate over when the true golden age of the show got over – for several decades. The series is now on its way to the 27th season with all its cast members intact, even though it earlier seemed like the showrunners would back out of the show due to money problems. However, what remains fascinating is that nobody could have predicted that this spinoff of Tracy Ullman Show is going to last well over 550 episodes! Despite that, the show truly deserves the tenth spot on this list.



Mad Men

Not many TV shows have been critically acclaimed by the masses, as this period drama by Matthew Weiner named Mad Men. Throughout its run of seven seasons on AMC, the show was praised for its great attention to detail and an ensemble cast with complicated motivations as part of their character arcs. This was the series that made Don Draper a household name in the country and was a stark reminder of just how much people consumed cigarettes and alcohol during the sixties. It was also the show that brought AMC on the map as a top network that had one of the best original series at the time.



I Love Lucy

The only show before the sixties that made it to this list, I Love Lucy, was indeed one of the first few classic sitcoms to have aired on TV. Anchored by the hilarious (and sometimes manic) Lucille Ball, the show was loved by the audiences and critics alike. The supporting cast included Vivian Vance, William Frawley, and Desi Arnaz – all of whom were absolutely magnificent. While there were numerous spinoffs of this popular show, none came even close to the quality and fun quotient of I Love Lucy. In fact, the “Lucy does a TV commercial” episode is considered by many as the best one ever made.



Saturday Night Live

If you were of the impression that The Simpsons is the longest-running show to feature on this list, you’re about to be proved wrong. The Saturday Night Live, which claims the seventh spot on this list, holds that distinction. This beloved and often crazy sketch show has seen the birth of numerous comedians. Thanks to the live and topical approach this show takes, almost none of the SNL seasons are even close to perfect. But there lies the success mantra – “some things are only perfect because of the fact that they are imperfect” – as the show manages to churn out some unforgettable moments every year.



The Sopranos

HBO was in the production of many other original series before David Chase’s The Sopranos hit the TV screens in around 1999. However, it was this mob drama that gave HBO the upper hand in the business. With top-notch performances from Edie Falco and James Gandolfini, amongst others, The Sopranos was the beginning of a unique and revolutionary era of the TV series. The finale of this epic mob drama remains one of the most unforgettable moments from the show ever.




Seinfeld is fifth on this list of top TV shows of all time. The show chose subject matters that hardly even matter – ruffled shirt or soup kitchen cook, and made it into notable icons of pop culture. The show revolved around Jerry Seinfeld and his three weird friends Elaine, Cramer, and George, as they went about finding answers to some of the most trivial yet bizarre questions. The show ran for nine seasons before it was felt by the showrunners that it has run past its prime, and shouldn’t have a tenth season. There were news reports that Seinfeld was offered a sum of hundred million dollars for what was meant to be the tenth season, but Jerry Seinfeld declined that offer.



Game of Thrones

Based on George R.R. Martin’s novels, the Game of Thrones series turned HBO into a top rating monster. The novel series written by George R.R. Martin was immensely popular, and HBO cashed in on that to perfection. With a big cast of characters and different conflicts all interconnected to one another, this fantasy show was loved by the audiences and critics alike. Add to that the constant surprise deaths, you know you are in for a treat while watching this epic saga!



The X-Files

If anyone wants to learn what makes a show successful, The X-Files can help you learn every aspect in detail. In its entire duration of nine seasons (and possibly a short, limited series), The X-Files has managed to create an engaging and overarching plotline involving its central characters that keeps the audiences hooked. The procedural elements along with the one-monster-a-week approach have kept the series’ fans hooked to their TV screens for good. The show is also known for its number of side characters that were both funny and added a sense of mystery. Even though it wasn’t exactly perfect in the latter seasons, it had something for everyone that kept it going – assuming at least some people love alien conspiracy theories!



Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad did a lot of things in a successful manner, but turning a funny Bryan Cranston from a sitcom star to one of the most dramatic antiheroes we have ever witnessed on the TV screens was one of the biggest wins. A series that consistently used black humor even while the series of dark events continued to happen, was another hallmark of this great show. It is considered by many as the best show ever and will continue to inspire show makers from around the world – and hopefully, some high school teachers who wish to open a meth business!




Possibly no one ever knew that a story involving six New York City friends will continue to remain in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide for such a long time after it aired on TVs. Friends was perhaps the best reason why many people associated NBC with comedy throughout the nineties. Having a great ensemble cast, the show was a perfect blend of silliness and emotions almost each one of us could relate to. While many may disagree with this choice, Friends is THE show Hollywood insiders love the most.