30 Times When Celebrities Were Caught Off Guard During Their Interview

Celebrities, as long as they are aware that they are on-screen, irrespective of whether it is a movie that they are in or the usual Vogue 73 Questions with a well-known face, look and act usually well. It is as though they always get things like one is supposed to. Even during the so-called Interviews in their natural habitat, you would see them sit, walk and talk like a paragon of perfectness. That is exactly why no big secret about any big-shot gets disclosed through interviews in any talk shows.

Some interviews, however, have been able to capture some of the ‘oops’ moments of the people and the side that they would hate for other people to know about. Not every time can they keep their calm when they are shot questions about something that they would like to keep quiet about or throw the mic at the interviewer. Let’s face it, they are just as human as we are and when that is made apparent to us by some of these ‘oops’ moments, we love them.


Madonna’s Interesting Present to David Letterman

While it is unsure whether the American television host David Letterman enjoyed interviewing the singing sensation Madonna, we can assure that we definitely enjoyed watching it. It was written on his face that he was genuinely uncomfortable when Madonna started cussing him and gifted him her panties.



Barbara Walter Speaks Our Mind Regarding The Kardashians

American Broadcast Journalist and TV personality Barbara Walters uttered from her mouth what we have been wondering since the Kardashians became a thing. That too, on a TV show. Khole, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian along with their mother Kris Jenner were invited as guests to her show during the special 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011 when Walters revealed a bitter truth about them.

Khloe’s same old “But we are still entertaining people” was not convincing enough when Walters said, “You don’t act, you don’t sing, you don’t dance. You don’t have any, forgive me, any talent.” But we have to accept that our mind screamed “EXACTLY” when she said this.



Jim Everett Threatens Jim Rome

We all know the old habit of the Talk Show host of ESPN2, Jim Rome, of pestering the former American Footballer Jim Everett by constantly addressing him as “Chris Evert”, who was a champion tennis player. However, things went a bit overboard with the joke, which led to Everett getting exasperated about it. He showed his anger and said “If you call me Chris Evert to my face one more time, you better take a station break”.



The Cheeky Side of Jesse Eisenberg

If it was only through the interview of this celebrity on a show known as Say My Name that you’d have got introduced to him, you would totally think he’d fit the part for Mean Boys, if they ever made a movie like that. It was in this interview that we see a side of Jesse Eisenberg that is completely in contrast with the character he plays in his movies. When the interviewer addressed Morgan Freeman as just “Freeman”, Eisenberg chided the young interviewer and even called her the “Carrot Top of Interviewers”. She was about to break down (which honestly anybody would if this was done to them on national television.). Even then, Eisenberg maintained being the meanie that he was throughout the show and asked her to cry after she is done taking the interview because otherwise, it would seem as though he caused her to cry.



Russell Brand’s Savage Comebacks

On this one, we all will back Brand’s stand. In 2013’s MSNBC’s Morning Joe, he was invited over as a guest to take the interview. When the interview began, the panel talked about Brand like he was an object. They called him names and referred to him in the third person. They even gave him the name “Willy”. However, as we had been wanting it, Russell Brand comes back in the game six minutes into the interview and bashes the panel for doing what they did. Russell Brand pointed out to the panel that they low-key “objectified” him and thanked them for the casual objectification. He shamed them as he hinted that dissing people is what they do for a living. His remarks sure did make the interviewers dubious about themselves. At least, we hope it did.


Tony Danza Talks About How He Despises News Shows, On a News Show

The American TV personality and comedian Tony Danza defends by saying that he was actually just talking under his breath and was unaware that the mic was still on when he said “Ya know what I hate about being on these things? Ya end up on those news shows so often, ya know? And those news shows are terrible…. I’m gonna be part of the local news! How exciting, ya know, right after ‘Murder and Mayhem, and the rescue in California, Tony Danza!’ I’m so excited.” It is not like he never realized that the host was listening to him talk about news shows in this light. He did, but he couldn’t care less. He said “Well, don’t ya feel a little bit like that’s what you do? It’s not just me that thinks that, by the way.” Listening to him talk like this was very much out of character, and let’s admit it, we let out a good hearty chuckle.



Samuel L. Jackson Schools Laurence Fishburne

The American actor Samuel L. Jackson was super humiliated when he was mistaken for some other African-American actor called Laurence Fishburne and he made it apparent with this gesturing towards the white TV reporter. Jackson said, “We may be all black and famous, but we all don’t look alike. You’re busted.” This low-key was a racial stereotype by the reported and we think Jackson gave him exactly what he deserved.



Drew Barrymore Shuts David Letterman’s Mouth

When it is David Letterman on his talk show, it is entirely his show, irrespective of who the guest is. It is more often than not him who trolls the celebrity guests and definitely not the other way round. On one particular episode of his talk show, however, when he had invited Drew Barrymore to be his guest, the tables turned. Drew Barrymore, as we know her, is known for her spontaneity and that is exactly how she caught Letterman off guard in his own show. She got on top of the desk and started dancing and in no time we saw her facing Letterman and lifting her shirt, which gave him a view of, umm, you know, a little something. Even after what happened that day was long forgotten, Letterman said “It is still something I think about and talk about and tell my friends.” Now we can be sure of what impact it had on David Letterman.



The View Witnesses Drunk Danny DeVito

The drunk us always gets the better of us. Ever wondered how some of your most liked celebrities carry themselves when they are not sober? One such episode features Danny DeVito when you could say, he was intoxicated. Well, it would not strike you immediately that he appeared on-screen drunk, but once he gets out of The View, he talks about spending the whole night boozing with his friend George Clooney.



A Rift Between Omarosa and Wendy Williams on Plastic Surgery

Omarosa Manigault, before becoming or getting fired from being the political aide to President Donald Trump, had a rift with Wendy Williams who was the host of a talk-show regarding the topic of plastic surgery. She also compared an angry black woman and a buffoon and whether it was better to be former or the latter. The whole time period of their argument is the most interesting part of the episode, obviously. But, the moment that can act as a hallmark of the episode is when Omarosa starts making personal attacks on Williams, telling her that she has got her nose operated upon. She also comments on the wrinkles of Williams. We have to accept that the whole episode was a treat to all the viewers.



The Playful Flirtation Between Jennifer Lawrence and Jack Nicholson

Okay, so this was a very wholesome thing for us viewers to watch. The expression on Jennifer Lawrence’s countenance after she figured the presence of Jack Nicholson, the film icon, standing at the back of her. Later, it was even more of a treat when both of them started fooling around with each other. It started with Nicholson saying that Jennifer resembles an old girlfriend of his, which Lawrence followed up with asking if she looks like a new one.



Joan Rivers asking the reporter to ‘shut up’

If you are really thinking of attacking an eighty-year-old legend of comedy who is known for her wit and sometimes anger, you should be ready for some crossfire. So when a CNN reporter started being critical of Joan Rivers and called her being famous for her ‘shock values’, and called her out on her choice of clothing for the cover of her book (she wore a fur coat), the response this young lady got was a typical of what you’d expect from Rivers. She shot back, saying “Are you wearing leather shoes?”, and followed it by “Then shut up, I don’t wanna hear about it”.



The Bi-winning Interview of Charlie Sheen

Many talk shows and interviews had their guest as Charlie Sheen during his ‘Tiger Blood, impervious to any addiction’ phase in 2011. Though all of them had his element of craziness in this, the conversation in the show Good Morning America remains a favorite. In a span of 5 minutes, he gave us his bizarre opinions on various topics. He said that if Mick Jagger and Frank Sinatra are put in contrast with him, they would look like “Droopy-eyed armless children”. He even said “bangin’ seven-gram rocks and finishing them because that’s how I roll” and a lot many things that will make our belly ache due to laughter.



The Pie and Water Fight Between Marc Summers and Burt Reynolds

One episode of the Tonight Show aired in 1994 is well remembered because of the water and pie fights witnessed on the set. When the famous Nickelodeon game show host Marc Summers and the actor of Evening Shade Burt Reynolds were invited as guests to the TV show, things turned a bit sour and a fierce water fight began as Summers made a joke relating to the split-up of Reynolds and Loni Anderson. Jay Leno, the host, tried to avoid this mess, but eventually, a pie hit him.



Courtney Love’s Unpredictable antics

It is terrible if you were not born in the 90s only for the fact that you would not know how hilarious it was to watch Courtney Love play her usual self – funny and whimsical. Appearing out of nowhere, especially in shows and interviews where she hadn’t been invited like its anything, throwing stuff at people when they are occupied with something else, you name it, she has done it all. Something similar happened when Madonna was giving her interview in VMA and Love happily made herself a part of it without getting an invitation. And you can guess what would have followed in such a scenario where The Madonna is interrupted.



A Crossfire Interview Gone Wrong

When Jon Stewart was invited as a guest on the show of Tucker Carlson, which was aired on CNN and was about to stop, he was perhaps expecting some jokes of political nature to be cracked by the host. But, to everybody’s surprise, Stewart started denouncing the others in the show as according to him, they were the “Partisan Hacks” and he also requested them to not cause harm to America. It took time for others to react to this as this was quite unexpected of him.



Ben Affleck Wants A Topless Interview!

Most people were shocked and piqued when Affleck was drunk during the shooting of this 2004 interview with Anne-Marie Losique. He straddled her and teased her saying that the audiences would have loved the show a lot more if she was actually topless! He also went on to say that she usually shows a lot more cleavage. Well, it didn’t exactly turn out to be good PR. Years later, Anne-Marie Losique has come out in support of Affleck and said that it was all actually staged!



James Brown – “I am single and ready to mingle”

This 1986 CNN interview of James Brown was epic beyond words. When the reporter asked how he would actually answer the question to his fans regarding his relationship troubles that he had been going through lately, he went on to say that he feels good. “Papa’s got a new bag” and it’s a man’s world. The most memorable part, though, was when he shouted at Ted Turner, founder of CNN“where’d y’at Ted?”



R. Kelly’s memorable BET Interview

In an interview with BET in the year 2008, R. Kelly was provided with the best ever opportunity to dispel all rumors regarding his personal life. But to do that, you need to understand you’re in trouble in the first place. If the question is “are you attracted to teenage girls”, the right answer would definitely not be “how old are we talking about, when you say, teenage girls”!



Shannon Tweed Walks Out on Gene Simmons

Looking back, we wonder how Shannon Tweed actually made that far in that interview. After all, she had to listen to details of how her husband Gene Simmons has had sex with over 5000 women. It was a bit too much really when Joy Behar asked her how her back was, especially considering the fact that it was all tasteless enough for her to answer.



Gary Coleman’s rockets

Gary Coleman sure wasn’t expecting to be asked about how he felt regarding the domestic abuse accusations during The Insider interview in 2010. However, what followed next was Gary Coleman firing missiles one after the other. He asked the hosts to “walk on a plank and drown in the ocean”. He went off with his verbal volleys when he said that he really doesn’t care if the hosts end up under a bust later that night or drown in the ocean. Well, that was some anger, indeed!



Cara Delevingne feels “exhausted”

The Good Day, Sacramento anchors were not exactly expecting verbal volleys from actress Cara Delevingne on the show in 2015. Cara, who was on the show as part of the promotions for her movie Paper Towns, was answering questions, but didn’t exactly look ‘energetic’, but definitely did not deserve the kind of grilling she got on a morning news program. She was asked if she has indeed read the novel on which the movie was made, she agreed by saying that she “kind of winged it” – obviously with a tinge of sarcasm. And when asked why seemed irritated, and that maybe it was them (the anchors), she became even more annoyed and shot back saying, “No, I think it’s just you guys”!



The Grilling of Robin Williams by Puppets

Just imagine for a second the legendary actor Robin Williams giving a 90s interview with two Irish puppets known as Zig and Zag. Yup, it went exactly as you thought in your head it would. Now imagine Zig asking what he felt was the worst thing about being an alien in the movie Mork and Mindy. Well, let’s just accept the fact that the interview went into a completely uncharted and weirder territory from then on!



Harry Belafonte Falls Asleep During a LIVE show!

We’ll agree with the fact that if we’re 84 years old and are to answer the local news reports exactly the same set of questions we have been answering all morning, we’d doze off to sleep as well. This is exactly what happened when Harry Belafonte fell asleep on a live TV show! It was sort of cute when the anchor actually thought that the poor chap was just trying to meditate. Anyway, you missed your opportunity, lady – now let the man get some sleep!



Tom Cruise Actually JUMPS on Oprah’s Couch

Who can really forget that iconic moment when Tom Cruise decided to convey his love for Katie Holmes by actually jumping on Oprah’s couch! Most news sites actually agreed on one thing for the first time – they believed that Tom Cruise has gone nuts for sure! Well, who are we to judge His Cruiseness.



Dave Letterman Loves Talking To Paris Hilton about Jail

Considered by many as the best late-night show TV interviewer, Dave Letterman couldn’t simply stop asking Paris Hilton about her brief jail time she served in 2007. Freshly out of jail, Hilton wanted to talk about anything other than jail, but Dave Letterman clearly wasn’t in the mood to let her off the hook. He went on to say “that is exactly where you and I are different, jail is all I want to talk about”! When a Hilton fan from the audience yelled I love you, Letterman shot back, saying “is that somebody you met during your jail stay?” Ouch.



Sacha Baron Cohen Throws Ashes on Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest should actually have been a bit more alert when Sacha Baron Cohen, famously known for Borat, walked all the way to him during his red carpet interview at the 2012 Oscars – dressed as a Dictator with a small urn in his hand. He tried to explain that the urn actually had the ashes of the dead North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

In his usual funny way, he added that it was leader’s dream to attend the Oscars and his ashes to be sprinkled over Halle Berry’s chest and over the red carpet. The ashes, however, ended up spilled on Ryan Seacrest, instead! It was definitely an “oops” moment, we think.



Vanilla Ice Crushes Set using a Bat

Prior to Jon Stewart working on the Daily Show as an anchor, he was the host of a weird MTV show about “worst of” video countdown, which also had his comedy friends Denis Leary, Chris Kattan and Janeane Garofalo. The weirdest part was when the MTV Lame 25 actually invited Vanilla Ice to come and crush a video copy of his hit from the 1990 – “Ice, Ice, Baby”. While he definitely did that, he also went ahead and smashed the entire set using a baseball bat!

Garofalo later admitted that she was actually quite scared that Vanilla Ice was pissed off because he felt the channel was mocking him and his legacy. However, nobody got hurt during the entire smashing process and Vanilla Ice was in fact very kind when he apologized when his bat swing almost hit Jon’s face!



Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling can’t stop laughing

This Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling interview is many people’s favorite for only one reason – they keep on laughing for apparently no reason. When the duo, who were promoting Blade Runner 2049 went to give an interview to a British reporter, they simply couldn’t stop their giggles. The interview starts with them each taking a sip of whiskey. What follows is sheer laughter and possibly no reason for why they’re laughing. Ryan Gosling goes on to praise Harrison Ford’s singing – calling it the sweetest thing you’d ever hear, and goes on to add that it feels like “angels are pouring honey down your ear”!



Crispin Glover Decides to Kick David Letterman’s head – ALMOST!

Crispin Glover surely felt like a nervous man and a maniac in this 1987 David Letterman interview. Or, maybe it was all inspired by Andy Kaufman? We really have no idea whatsoever what the truth is, but one thing is for sure – when Glover starts going all “I am strong, do you want to arm wrestle” and almost decides to kick David Letterman’s head – the host definitely seem nervous and scared!