List of famous celebrities who can’t stand each other

Acting is all about being believable. If you’re not believable and make it look like “acting”, the audience won’t be able to get behind the character, and root (or hate) for them. This is the reason why most of the successful actors of all time were known for their method acting – they slipped into the roles and made themselves believe that they really were their “character”. Sometimes, this also involves finding great on-screen chemistry with their co-stars, which is especially true if they’re playing a romantic couple. In most cases, the stunning chemistry you saw on-screen is actually a great trick played by actors into believing you that they indeed share chemistry, but the reality could be that they can’t even stand each other in a room off the camera! Surprised? We’ve compiled a list of famous celebrities who can’t stand each other’s presence. Here we go!


Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey

Patrick Swayze autobiography caused quite a storm in the Hollywood industry circles when he directly pointed fingers at his Dirty Dancing co-star Jennifer Grey. He accused her of having frequent mood swings, which would interrupt the shoot for hours and would impact and cause inconveniences to other cast and crew members. This can hardly be deduced from their on-screen chemistry they shared in Dirty Dancing, which gained critical acclamation from around the world.



Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

The Notebook was the movie that brought the stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams together in real life, which would go on and off for a few years. However, what may surprise you that the stars weren’t as close during the shooting as they were after it was wrapped up. Sources say that Ryan Gosling even went ahead and asked the director to change the female lead. The director, then, arranged for a quick therapy session, which was quite a scene according to the sources. They apparently yelled at each other for a while and everything was normal after that. Couple therapy really works!



Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

Who can forget the 50 Shades of Grey starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. The movie, which was known for its sexy chemistry, wasn’t all good during the shooting. Apparently, the lack of chemistry between the stars caused many parts of the movie to be reshot, which caused trouble for not only the cast, but also to crew members present on the set. According to an interview with Natalie Morales, Dakota Johnson can be seen affirming to the fact that Jamie Dornan was quite difficult to work with. After watching the movie, we could have never imagined that even in the wildest of our dreams!



Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf

Lawless was known for its power-packed performances by Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf. However, little does anyone know of the fact that not all went well during the shoot of this amazing movie. Apparently, both the leads got into a fight off-camera. Tom Hardy acknowledged this in an interview later, and said that LaBeouf “knocked him out”. However, Shia said it was nothing but “brotherly love” between the two actors, which hardly seems worth believing given the actors track record!



Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj

2013 season of the American Idol saw two new judges – Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. However, what was expected to add a great saga in the history of the show turned out to be a bitter catfight that dragged throughout the season of this epic show. Unsurprisingly, both were never hired to judge this famous reality show after the 2013 debacle and they continue to hate each other.



Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio

It seems that the only chemistry displayed by these 90s teen actors was while filming Romeo + Juliet. Danes went on to call her co-star Leo “immature” – even though he was six years older than her. She found Leo’s habit of pranking other crew and cast members to be quite irritating, while Leo found Claire’s behavior quite uptight. Needless to say, they still don’t get along so well in real life.



Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice

If you’re a lover of the Nickelodeon TV show, Victorious, you might be in for a heartbreak. The fact that Tori & Cat (Victoria Justice & Ariana Grande) aren’t really the closest of buddies in real life comes as a shocker to many. The show was canceled after glorious four seasons, which pushed the ladies into a social media catfight. While Grande called Victoria selfish for going on a solo tour, which resulted in the cancellation of the show, Victoria didn’t hold back either when she called Ariana “phony” disloyal friend!



Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion

ABC’s Castle lead stars form one of the most sizzling on-screen couples on the show. However, what may come as a surprise to many is that the beloved couple can’t really stand each other’s company. It is said that the two leads never talked to each other on the sets for many seasons! Despite couples’ therapy and other attempts at making it work, the stars couldn’t reconcile and ABC was forced to cancel the widely acclaimed show after eight seasons.



Tisha Campbell and Martin Lawrence

If rumors are to be believed, this onscreen couple of Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell actually had a thing going on in real life as well. This led to jealousy on part of Martin when Tisha got engaged to another man. The drama went on with Tisha filing a sexual harassment claim against her onscreen husband and quitting the show, only to return later with a long list of terms and conditions. One of such terms was that Martin should not be on the set while she is filming her scenes. They were never seen on screen together ever again, and they never would be!



Anne Hathaway and James Franco

Also known as the worst Oscar hosts in recent years, James Franco and Anne Hathaway, share the worst off-screen relationship as co-workers. During The Howard Stern Show Franco chose not to speak up for Anne Hathaway when the host ridiculed her way of being – accusing her of being “actress-y” all the time and not being real. Instead of backing his former co-worker, Franco instead chose to take a dig at her and we wonder what led to this situation between these two stars.



Naya Rivera and Lea Michele

What do you suppose will happen when women (and men) in their late 20s and early 30s were asked to portray teenagers on screen? Well, you guessed it right – they start behaving like one! That is exactly what happened on the sets of Glee starring Naya Rivera and Lea Michele. Not getting along is surely a common thing these days, but the drama went on to physical fights and plotting to get each other off the show. Lea wanted Rivera and Chris off the show and that is exactly what happened when Rivera was removed from the show later.



Will Smith and Janet Hubert

Have you ever wondered what led to the removal of Janet Hubert as Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Well, according to Janet, she was removed because Will Smith wanted so. She went on to call the actor an a**hole and an egomaniac! Will Smith later accepted the fact that the two didn’t get along so well during the shoot, which led to her firing.



Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard

Before Don Cheadle made the iconic Marvel character Rhodey his own, the first installment of Iron Man movie saw Terrence Howard play that role. However, things didn’t work very well for him because of his fallout with Robert Downey Jr., whom he accused of getting him fired from the Marvel franchise. He also accused RDJ of taking the money that was meant for Howard. RDJ didn’t hold back and his attorneys warned him of legal consequences if he didn’t back out.



Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford

It seems that the making of the famous 2003 movie Hollywood Homicide was a bad experience for everyone associated with it. According to various people associated with the production, the two stars, Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford couldn’t really see stand each other and went behind each other’s back to say mean things! This continued throughout the movie’s shoot and continued even during the movie’s promotions and tours!



Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrera

It’s never a great thing for the show (or the actor) when an actor is signed up for doing six episodes but is thrown out after doing just four! Apparently, that’s what happened at the sets of Ugly Betty where it was a Lindsay Lohan show every single day. She would throw tantrums, walk with a large entourage, smoked all throughout the shoot and made everyone’s lives miserable. After hearing all this, it sure seems like the best (and perhaps easiest) executive decision ever to fire someone!



Blake Lively and Leighton Meester

While they may have been the onscreen best friends on the Gossip Girl for the six seasons it aired, the two actresses aren’t on speaking terms till date. One of the many rumors, which suggest why they can’t see face to face is that Lively didn’t seem too happy and didn’t congratulate Leighton when she got engaged to her boyfriend Adam Brody. We wonder what else was there that led to the breaking up of this friendship!



Lucy Liu and Bill Murray

The first of the Charlie’s Angels movie saw Bill Murray starring in it alongside Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore. However, things got a bit ugly when Bill Murray allegedly went on to say that Lucy Liu was a terrible actor and she couldn’t act. Eventually Murray was finally replaced by Bernie Mac in the next movie.



Joan Crawford and Bette Davis

It is often rumored that Bette Davis and Joan Crawford hated each other to the core even before they both signed the movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Things turned ugly real fast when Bette kicked Crawford right in the head, which required the latter to get stitches! She also went on to call Crawford a “phony c**t” and said that the best time of their time together was when she pushed Crawford off a staircase!



Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall

Another onscreen best friend pair, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall’s friendship off-screen really started to fall apart when Kim came to know about the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker received a paycheck that was almost double of what she received. On the other hand, Sarah Jessica Parker rued the fact that Cattrall was slowly becoming the fan-favorite. In the end, this rift was the major reason why there were only two Sex and the City movies and not three.



Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair

Charlie Sheen isn’t really what you would call a professional and ethical actor. After being fired from Two and a Half Men for his eccentric behavior, he started Anger Management with FX but he ran into trouble all over again. He was accused of being unprofessional by Selma Blair who was then fired from the show – by none other than himself! He not just fired her, but also sent profane text messages, calling her a c***. We wonder who really needs an “anger management” therapy!



Kiefer Sutherland and Freddie Prinze Jr

While some stars try to hide their differences in public, some are clearly vocal about it. Freddie Prinze Jr. belongs to the latter category. He is quite vocal about the fact that working with Kiefer Sutherland on 24 was a really bad experience for him. In one of the interviews, he went on to call Kiefer the “most unprofessional dude in the world”. He also went on to say that he could say the very same thing in front of him as well and claimed that most actors really find Kiefer’s behavior annoying and unprofessional!



Bea Arthur and Betty White

How can anyone hate on Betty White? Apparently, her co-star from The Golden Girls didn’t quite like her for reasons best known to her, nor did she like her Emmy nomination! Well, some people are quite strange and weird, indeed! We’d leave it at that.