Check out this list of 19 real-life doppelgangers of celebrities!

Doppelgangers are often considered as symbols of misfortune in many cultures around the world. This can be an issue for celebrities who believe in superstitions, but it surely is not when it comes to their lookalikes. They can, perhaps, use their uncanny resemblance with the celebrity to their advantage if they wished so. In fact, one person on this list of 19 doppelgangers already has done that! Anyway, without further ado, let’s check out these 19 men and women who look like famous celebrities. Here we go!


Maisie Williams

One Redditor posted an image of his girlfriend with the caption that she looks exactly like Maisie Williams. Upon seeing her picture, we can’t seem to agree more! She looks a hell lot like Maisie Williams and should have been offered to play her body double in the Game of Thrones series. Agree?



Ryan Gosling

This charming superstar from Hollywood doesn’t need any introduction. However, his doppelganger surely does, and he did get it when he posted a picture of himself along with this caption “Then why am I single?” After this post went viral, he wouldn’t have been single for far too long, we reckon!



Billie Joe Armstrong

While some find it super interesting to be a lookalike of a famous celebrity, we found one who didn’t exactly love it. Billie Joe Armstrong’s doppelganger is an exact replica of him and this is what he grumped about as well when he posted a comparison shot along with the caption “I see the resemblance, but some people act like I’m a walking clone”. Well, we agree. Good thing, though, is that he doesn’t use the eyeliner, or else it would be a nightmare to figure out which one is the real deal!



Josh Hutcherson

We never knew Josh Hutcherson had a twin all this time. Well, not a twin, but he is certainly a doppelganger of this Hunger Games star, albeit a bit older than him. The resemblance is striking though, and we reckon he’d win over Katniss as well, agree?



Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln has a real-life lookalike as well, who looks unbelievably similar to him. If you’re not sure if he does, even then you’d agree that he looks a hell lot like his Rick Grimes mode from Walking Dead, for sure! Check out the comparison pic and see for yourself if he is indeed a doppelganger.



Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has a doppelganger out there and we’re surprised that even she took note of it. Right from the hair, the smile and especially the eyes, this woman looks spookily similar to the Hollywood star. She has been hired in the star’s next movie as a body double, as a recompense.



Craig Ferguson

An erstwhile host of The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson was in for a surprise when he found out a doppelganger existed who was actually two years older than him. The person was singled out at the filming of the show, and in no time the news reached the ex-host who quipped in jest “So that’s what I’m gonna look like?!”



Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch boasts of a fan following that keeps growing multiple times after every movie release and TV show premier. This young man calls himself a die-hard fan of the Sherlock and looks eerily similar to the actor. We hope he gets the role of a double in one of the star’s next movie!



Saoirse Ronan

The other woman in this picture surely doesn’t have a couple of Oscar nominations to her name like this Brooklyn star Saoirse Ronan. What she does have in common with the star is her striking resemblance with her features – right from those long locks and gorgeous blue eyes.



Harry Styles

The kid on the right must be extremely popular now – at least in his school. And we will make no second guesses about the fact that his popularity soared high the moment One Direction became a huge thing. This Harry Styles’ lookalike kid is strikingly similar to Harry Styles and he surely deserves all the attention!



Angelina Jolie

Difficult to believe, but this Scottish beauty wasn’t aware of the fact that she looked like Angelina Jolie! Well, after looking at the comparison pictures we can hardly disagree with what her Instagram followers have to say. She does look strikingly similar to her Hollywood powerhouse.



Michael C. Hall

We’re quite certain that unlike other doppelgangers on this list, he must have seen people scared and sprinting away from him the moment they spot him, and not actually flock towards him. This man looks eerily similar to the Dexter star and you would surely see the resemblance in the pictures above. And oh, don’t worry about Dexter killing you, he only murders other murderers, you know!



James Franco

I bet you can’t figure out which one of those two is the real deal. Here’s a tip – James Franco is a teetotaler. Well, at least that is precisely what his managers say. This lookalike of him looks so similar to him though, that it would be impossible to figure out unless we match their fingerprints! I think we definitely need a show with these two playing themselves in it, agree?



Aubrey Plaza

If they are ever recreating Parks and Recreation and Aubrey Plaza refuses to team up for another stint, maybe this doppelganger would be a great choice for the role. This woman not only has a striking resemblance to the actress, but has also nailed her trademark disdain look from the show. I’m sure you’d agree!



Morgan Freeman

One of the legends of Hollywood industry, Morgan Freeman needs no introduction. However, this security guard from Venezuela certainly did, and he gained overnight success once his picture went viral on the web. Unfortunately, we didn’t hear more about this man, nor could we hear his voice, which would have been really cool if it matched with the legendary actor’s voice!



Emma Watson

Emma Watson is another name on the list of celebrities who have a doppelganger that we know of. This girl looks eerily similar to the Harry Potter star and we wonder if she took a sip of that notorious Polyjuice Potion before clicking this picture!



Claire Danes

Redditors went into a frenzy when a user posted a picture of his wife accompanying the caption, which read something like “My wife’s name is also Claire, and she is also from Denmark!” Well, so we finally found a doppelganger who doesn’t just look like her celebrity look alike, but also shares the same name and nationality!



Kristen Stewart

If it wasn’t for that trademarks smile, we would have definitely assumed that this lady was indeed Kristen Stewart – the star from the Twilight saga. Let’s just pray that she stays away from those teen vampire movies and Robert Pattinson!



Ed Sheeran

Seriously, this guy can walk into any room and no one would have any doubts if he’s indeed Ed Sheeran – unless he starts singing, of course! The striking resemblance this man shares with his celebrity lookalike isn’t just restricted to looks, he is British too! No surprises that he must have gained immense popularity once people noticed his resemblance with the popular singer.