Check out these 10 Creative Ads that won’t fail to amaze your eyes!

In this era of cutthroat competition, quality advertising is the distinguishing factor that decides the popularity of your product or services amongst audiences. It is, therefore, quite important that you place the task of advertising your product or services in able (read – creative) hands to reap the maximum benefits. Because, as they say in the advertising circles, creativity without a sound strategy is ART; creativity backed by a robust strategy is ADVERTISING. In this article, we have compiled a list of top 10 creative ads that never fail to amaze us –


Sprite Shower

This is a super cool ad campaign by Sprite, wherein they installed showers on the beaches in Brazil and in Israel, which looked like soda dispensers, is creativity at the very next level. We wonder who was behind this creative advertisement.



Mars Truck Size

This chocolate company came up with this strange, yet creative idea to make a bar of giant-sized 3D chocolate on a truck! Well, apart from driver who is driving this awesome truck, I bet everybody would be tempted to try out this lip-smacking chocolate, which looks like it is ready for a quick bite.



KitKat Bench

Another chocolate advertisement, this one involves a bench, which has KitKat chocolate popping out from the packet, which tempts the viewers. The idea and USP of the chocolate are included in the very nature itself and engage the audiences with its “have a break, have a KitKat bench”. Do you feel like buying a pair of these yummy bars from the store now? Well, you’re not alone.



Nike’s Seatless Bench

Quite the opposite of what KitKat advertisement focused at, this Nike’s seatless bench is aimed at encouraging viewers to not just sit, but run. “Just do it” is aptly the tagline for this clothing brand, and the seatless bench advertisement clearly is a creative piece of work from the ad creators. This outdoor advertisement was created by Anna Echiverri.



Law & Order Outdoor Lamp

We all love the show Law and Order for its creative and engaging storyline. Creativity does stimulate feelings in each one of us and it stands true not just for this show, but also for this effective piece of advertisement by Colenso BBDO Agency. This simple, yet very creative advertisement by TV 3 New Zealand is quite effective in engaging the audiences and drawing their attention to itself.



Hanging straps

This creative advertisement by Big Pilot’s Watch is surely one of the finest we’ve ever seen. The creators have used the image of watches on the straps in buses, adding their creative minds to best use. Anybody can easily try these watches on while being on their way to the next destination and decide for themselves if they really fancy it. Cool, isn’t it? This ad campaign was used in the year 2006 and was created for the IWC’s Big Pilot’s Watch.



MacFries Pedestrian Crossing

This creative advertisement by McDonald’s came up during the Zurifest, Switzerland’s biggest festival way back in 2010. The ad creators painted and redesigned the crossing right in front of the store in the form of MacFries, with fries looking like the zebra crossing. Amazing isn’t it?



Coca-Cola Ambient Ad

Coca-Cola isn’t behind when it comes to creating unique and creative advertisements. This ambient ad was used in Zurich, where you can see a Cola bottle on the roof with the drink falling into a glass attached at the side of the building. This is definitely a creative ad from many ‘angles’. We couldn’t find who created this ad, but surely it was a genius creation without a doubt!



Snake Bus

If you thought buses could only be used for giant chocolates to tempt you for a bite or two, you were clearly wrong. This advertisement involves a huge constrictor snake that has wrapped the bus all over. A bit scary, but very creative advertisement, which was made to promote the Copenhagen Zoo created by the Bates Y&R ad agency way back in the year 2009.



BIC Razor Billboard

This unique and creative razor advertisement involves a giant razor with ‘shaved grass’. The ad focuses on its quality and the fact that it can even shave off the grass, let alone your beard! This is certainly a great example of ambient advertising and we loved it to the core. Didn’t you? The ad was created in the year 2006.