Top 10 Big-Budget Movies Ever Made!

To create the most amazing cinematic marvels, production houses often spend high sums of money on visual effects, stylish costumes for actors, promotions and, of course, the actors! Spending large sums of money on production isn’t a bad idea either, since it always turns out to be a good investment, barring a few exceptions. Here are 10 movies, which had one of the highest budgets of all times –


NUMBER-10: Star Wars: The Force Awakens with a budget of $258.6 million!

This movie was a box office hit and grossed around $2.06 billion! The movie was acclaimed by critics as well and had a budget of a whopping $258.6 million and a post-production budget of $48 million! The star cast of the movie – Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford were paid $40 million!



NUMBER-9: Tangled with a budget of $260 million!

This 2010 Disney movie was a huge success. The budget wasn’t planned to be $260 million, but in order to get the right story, the script was re-written! It took a decade for Disney to create this animation film and it grossed $592 million worldwide.



NUMBER-8: Star Wars-The Last Jedi with a budget of $262 million!

The movie was released in 2017 and was the biggest hit of the year! With a big budget of $262 million, the film’ worldwide collection amounted to $1.3 billion!



NUMBER-7: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with a budget of $263 million!

The Warner Bros. Studio have kept the budget of this movie under wraps, but as per estimations, it is around $263 million. The post-production budget for promotions too amounted to $400 million! The film was a commercial success as it earned around $874 million, but it failed to impress the critics.



NUMBER-6: John Carter with a budget of $264 million!

One of Disney’s biggest flops had a budget of around $264 million. And, we aren’t even accounting the budget for marketing and promotions! Though the budget wasn’t planned to be so huge, some portions of the film had to be re-shot. However, the film could only collect $284 million!



NUMBER-5: Solo – A Star Wars Story with a budget of $275 million!

The Star Wars Franchise is known to be producing big-budget films, and this movie is at No. 5! In spite of spending big bucks, the film was a commercial failure, earning a mere $392 million at the worldwide box office.



NUMBER-4: Justice League with a budget of $300 million!

The movie’s budget was a whopping $300 million, and a post-production budget of $150 million for promotions and marketing. The budget wasn’t originally planned to be this huge, but due to errors and reshooting, the budget skyrocketed. The film needed $750 million in order to cover all its costs, but managed to gross only $657 million.

And it’s a tie with-



Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End with a budget of $300 million!

It is the third film from the franchise, which was released in 2007, and had a giant budget of $300 million! Unlike Justice League, the film was a commercial hit and managed to collect $963 million! The bucks spent on special effects, costumes and creating Singapore of the 18th century did give out lucrative returns!



NUMBER-3: Avengers: Infinity War with a budget of $316 million!

Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War was a huge commercial success! The film received applause from critics, as well as fans, but did give a heartbreak to all the fans. The movie was able to collect $2 billion worldwide!



NUMBER-2: Avengers: Age of Ultron with a budget of $365.5 million!

Another movie by Marvel Studios proved to be a huge commercial success! The shooting of the movie was carried out in various countries, including Italy, Korea, South Africa, Bangladesh, etc. In fact, the lead cast too demanded huge sums and threatened the producers. The movie has grossed $1.4 billion!



NUMBER-1: Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with a budget of $378.5 million!

It is the film with the biggest budget ever! Johnny Depp received a hefty sum of $55 million to play the role of Jack Sparrow. The film turned out to be a big hit, earning over $1.04 billion!