15 Amazing body transformations that celebrities underwent for a movie!

Actors often undergo transformations for nailing their role in a movie. However, some actors go beyond all limits to ace their performance and probably that is what that sets them apart from the rest! Here is a list of 15 amazing transformations that actors underwent for their roles-


1. Hilary Swank for Boys Don’t Cry

In this film, Hilary Swank portrays the character of a girl who wishes to transform herself into a boy. It’s safe to say that she nailed it!



2. Gary Oldman for The Contender

The actor is well-known for his versatility. He has been able to pull off many roles, but his transformation for The Contender is remarkable!



3. Edward Norton for The American History X

When talking about versatility, how can one miss Edward Norton? He gained weight and bulked up for his role as a white supremacist for the movie, which brought a significant change in how people perceived him as an actor.



4. Jared Leto for Chapter 27

To play the role of John Lennon’s assassin- Mark Chapman, Jared Leto gained so much weight that he became unrecognizable. With such a severe body transformation, Jared Leto aced his role!



5. Renee Zellweger for Bridget Jones’ Diary

For her role as Bridget Jones, Renee gained approximately 30 pounds. Well, it’s safe to say that she looked better after her transformation!



6. Robert De Niro for The Untouchables

For playing Al Capone’s character in The Untouchables, Robert De Niro gained a few pounds, which made him unrecognizable!



7. Eric Bana for Chopper

For playing the character of mastermind criminal Mark Read, Eric Bana lost a lot of muscle mass and gained weight!



8. Donnie Wahlberg for The Sixth Sense

In order to play the role of a psychotic patient, Wahlberg lost a lot of pounds! A man with a good built body losing all his muscles just for a role is what is called a true dedication!



9. Tom Hanks for Castaway

Talking about dedication, how can one miss Tom Hanks. His character in the movie demanded him to look healthy at the start, and gradually lose weight as the shooting progressed!



10. Vincent D’Onofrio for Full Metal Jacket

To play his character in this brilliant film, Vincent gained a lot of weight, which helped him to actually get into the character!



11. Charlize Theron for Monsters

This is actually makeup, but she did transform her body for this role. Don’t just notice her physical transformation, but also take note of the different attitude!



12. Benicio Del Toro for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Benicio is normally a fit and slim character in other movies, but he did gain a tummy for his role in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!



13. Gerard Butler for 300




14. Gwyneth Paltrow for Shallow Hal

One of the most amazing transformations is of Gwyneth Paltrow! Well, not just for this movie, look at her transformation after she finished the shooting!



15. Christian Bale for The Machinist

This is probably the best transformation among any other celebrities. For his character of Trevor Reznik, he ate only an apple and a tuna a day and managed to lose around 30 kg for a role! That’s quite a record in itself!