Trends that should have no place in 2019!

2018 was a year of inventing weird, creepy and disgusting trends. Though some of them were actually pretty interesting, though many were quick to draw flak from the netizens. 2019 demands that we forget these good-for-nothing trends and move on!

Here are some of the craziest trends that we should leave behind in the past-


1. Rainbow/Coloured Teeth

Well, just one word- WHY? What’s the need for this? Teeth are supposed to be white and clean. That’s it! Don’t color them up, PLEASE!



2. Flower-Vase Hairstyle

What is the need? Why do you even want your head to look like a flower vase? Why do you want to roam the streets like that?



3. The tik-tok craze

Tik-Tok videos are just so annoying! In fact, many people have gone to great lengths just for a perfect tik-tok video. It is one of the fastest growing apps!



4. Weird manicures

Manicures are fun and satisfying to watch. But when you shape your nails to make them appear like molar teeth, it freaks everyone out! And this madness needs to stop.



5. “Fun” eyebrows

You must NOT have weirdly shaped eyebrows! In some countries, you can’t remove your eyebrows because it is important for your identification. What’s up with this weird and crazy trend?



6. The “Fake News” Jeans

These jeans actually exists when there is absolutely no need for them to! Who even wears them? Heck, who even buys them?



7. Unicorn Food

Why does anyone want to add color to food? And even to cheese?! Who even wishes to eat a “Unicorn Grilled Cheese Sandwich”?!



8. Glitter Food

Speaking of unicorn food, there exists glitter food too! Like who even wants sticky glitter inside their mouth and organs? What is the need to have a GLITTER PIZZA? This trend is a total disaster!



9. Black Food

Since we are speaking of food, why can’t we just have normal food with their natural or usual color? What is the need to add a different unnatural one? Some folks out there love black, but why do you want to eat charcoal-black food?



10. Tide Pod Challenge

Speaking of eating, why were people eating tide pods in 2018? Why was there an internet challenge for literally eating detergent? This insane thing defined 2018 for me!



11. Rain Cake

Speaking of weird things people ate in 2018, how can one forget this? What kind of dessert is it? Why would you spend money on eating a blob of water? Who even thought of it?



12. Edible Cookie Dough

Why don’t people eat food as it should be eaten? Cookie dough smells great, but why do you need to make an edible version of it? It’s totally gooey & gross!



13. Fortnite and PUBG

Okay now, how many more times does one need to hear “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”? And what other dance moves are going to trend? How many more challenges like the Floss Challenge? It’s all madness!



14. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Speaking about weird challenges, how can one forget the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge! Sure, Kylie Jenner has beautiful lips, but why do you need inflamed mouth, which will make you look like you were just stung by a bee on your lips?



15. Tiny Sunglasses

Speaking of Kylie Jenner, how can one miss the tiny sunglasses she wore to the 2018 Met Gala. The sunglasses soon became a fashion trend and well, THEY MUST BE DISCONTINUED!



16. Baby Shark Dododo

Now this song is super annoying, but really addictive! It just doesn’t get out of your head! But it’s perfect to stop babies from crying!



17. Slime Videos

There are so many “satisfying” videos of slime where people prepare slime, add colors, glitters, and thermocol balls. This needs to stop, since these videos are like a plague – there’s just too many of them!



18. Yanny or Laurel?

This weird yet amazing trend did manage to make headlines! Two different words, yet they appear to be sounding similar.

*Mind Blown*

BTW, what did you hear?