11 Hilarious celebrity dolls that make you go ROFL

Celebrities are often honored by having their own wax figures or getting dolls modeled after them. But sometimes, things don’t go as good as you plan them to. Here are top 11 creepy yet funny celebrity dolls that are sure to make you laugh out loud. Watch out for the last one!


1. The Taylor Swift singing doll

The dolls sing Swift’s hit and popular song- ‘You belong with me’. But does it actually look like the pop sensation that is Taylor Swift? The answer is a big NO!



2. The John Travolta doll

This doll looks nothing like John Travolta. To be honest, it actually looks like Luke Skywalker from The Last Jedi. One of the weirdest features of this doll is that it can bend and twist from the waist down!



3. The Kelly Osbourne doll

Just one question- how does it even look like Kelly Osbourne? And why is the doll made to look so depressed? What has happened to her eyelashes? What about her eyebrows? What’s with the nose? There are just so many questions!



4. The controversial Frida Kahlo Doll

Talk about beauty standards and this doll isn’t far behind. Frida Kahlo’s unique unibrow and her spinal disability weren’t depicted in the doll, and as per reports, her family wasn’t very happy about this! As per the family, Mattel doesn’t really have any authorization to use Frida Kahlo’s image!



5. The Drew Barrymore Charlie’s Angels Doll

This doll looks much more like Kathy Griffin than Drew Barrymore! Also, what’s up with the shape of her face? And why is the doll cross-eyed?



6. Robert Pattinson Creepy Vampire Doll

The doll was supposed to look like Robert Pattinson’s Twilight character Edward Cullen. But well, here it is, with its creepy look, outfit, and – how can one forget – the legs!



7. The offensive and controversial Harry-Meghan Wedding Dolls

These dolls stirred quite a controversy when they were first introduced in the market, however, the makers have claimed that these weren’t meant to depict Harry and Meghan and were just meant for fun!



8. The Harry Styles Doll

The doll does have the iconic dimples of the singer, but yet, fails to actually look like Harry Styles. One of the band members of One Direction, Louis, compared the doll to Susan Boyle!



9. The Lindsay Lohan Doll

It’s hard to guess whether this is Lindsay Lohan or a fashionista version of Ariel, the mermaid! At least the makers didn’t forget the freckles!



10. The Emma Watson Belle Doll

The doll did justice to Belle’s yellow gown, too bad it is put onto a replica of Justin Bieber! And do notice the forehead and the ‘amazing’ hairstyle!



11. The creepy Timothee Chalamet Doll

This doll is literally the creepiest of all. Chalamet’s ventriloquist doll is valued at $122,795 on eBay! That’s quite a shocking price – just like the doll!