List of Celebrity Kids Who Have All Grown Up Now!

Celebrity kids become a part of the public eye the moment they’re born. And while some go on to cultivate a public persona following their parents, some avoid the limelight and chart a rather private course in their public life. Here’s a list of all the famous celebrity kids who’ve grown up (and changed a lot!) since we last saw them quite a few years ago.


1. Ava Phillippe

Ava is the daughter of the popular actress Reese Witherspoon (from Legally Blonde) and Ryan Phillippe. Ava greatly resembles her mother and is equally stunning as her. Witherspoon recognizes that she and her daughter look exactly the same and has also often stated that her daughter is a gem of a person. She shares a close bond with Ava and believes that Ava is amazing.



2. Annie Guest

She is the daughter of Christopher Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis. She recently accompanied her mother in the Golden Globes and blew everyone away with how different she now happens to look. She hasn’t taken up acting like her parents, but instead, she works as a dancer in the entertainment industry. She is a qualified dancer and also teaches at dancing schools like MNF Dance Factory.



3. John Owen Lowe

The son of Rob Owen, John tried his hand at acting independently, but wasn’t successful. He had started working in The Grinder in the year 2016 with his father, while simultaneously studying at Stanford University. His father pushed him to audition for that show and it worked out well for the two of them.



4. Ava Sambora

Another Ava on the list, but this one is the daughter of Richie Sambora (guitarist with Bon Jovi) and Heather Locklear. She is absolutely gorgeous like her mother and has completed several modeling assignments as well. She is only 19 and is still studying at college. Ava has an enormous following on Instagram, where she posts everything, from her modeling gigs to her college life.



5. Liv Freundlich

Liv is the daughter of Julianne Moore, while her father is the popular producer and screenwriter, Bart Freundlich. She has made her modeling debut at the New York Fashion Week. From a very young age, Liv was aware that everything in the movies was made up and she knows the same about fashion too.



6. Taylor Dearden

The daughter of Robin Dearden and Bryan Cranston made her acting debut in Breaking Bad along with her dad. She started with one episode and began getting bigger roles almost immediately. She has played roles for MTV as well recently and is working on a film called The Last Champion.



7. Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is a popular actress born to two stars: Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. She debuted with her mom in 1999 for the movie Crazy in Alabama and has become one of the most popular stars since then. She is best known for her role in Fifty Shades of Grey.



8. Zoë Kravitz

She is the child of Lenny Kravitz, the singer and Lisa Bonet. Zoë has had a very successful acting career just like her parents who are also from the entertainment industry. She has starred in several TV shows, the latest one being Big Little Lies with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon.



9. Sosie Bacon

Sosie is the daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. Sosie is named after the art director of the film Miss Rose White, in which her mother starred. She debuted with her mother and is now working with her again for a movie called Here, Now.



10. Rafferty Law

Rafferty is the eldest son of Jude Law and has most definitely inherited his father’s handsome looks. He has recently begun modeling but has already done assignments for D&G, as well as Tommy Hilfiger. Unlike his parents, he doesn’t wish to be an actor and instead wishes to make a career in music.



11. Dominik García-Lorido

Dominik debuted in the movie The Lost City back in 2005. It was directed by her father and she has continued to land great roles ever since.



12. Frances Bean Cobain

Frances is the daughter of the popular singer Courtney Love and her husband Kurt Cobain. Frances was only a kid when her dad killed himself in 1994, and since then, Courtney has attempted to keep Frances away from the media. When she turned 17, she had filed a restraining order against her mother. However, now they seem to have patched up and made red carpet appearances together. She works as a visual artist and has hosted many solo shows.



13. Gia Mantegna

She made her debut in the film Uncle Nino with her dad in the year 2003 and has worked in films such as 13 going on 30 and many more. She has been greatly successful at the television with the shows like Criminal Minds. She also loves playing piano and saxophone.



14. Hayley Hasselhoff

She left behind her parents’ shadow by entering a reality show called The Hasselhoffs, which followed her family’s daily routine lives. She ended up with a role in Huge and is now a popular name in the modeling industry. She is a plus-size model and has walked for Ford Models.



15. Jack Scott Ramsay

The son of Gordon Ramsay, Jack Scott has his own TV show called Masterchef Junior. He is the son of the short-tempered kitchen reality TV star. Jack is extremely kind though. He has now quit the kitchen and decided to join the Royal Navy.



16. Ireland Baldwin

She is the daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin and resembles her mother, which is why she took a career in modeling. She has had a rocky relationship with her father, but has now fixed it over the years.



17. Maddox Jolie Pitt

Everyone hated Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce, and mostly Maddox. He was adopted by Jolie in the year 2002 and by Pitt in 2006. He couldn’t see his father for a month after their divorce, which made him unhappy leading him to go for therapy.



18. Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt

She was caught in the middle of the divorce between both her parents and had initially been adopted by Jolie from Ethiopia. Her biological mother tried contacting her, but Jolie had been informed that both parents had died due to AIDs.



19. Raine Elizabeth Michaels

Bret Michael was part of a metal band and best known for his album Poison. He had his first daughter, Raine, in 2000, who is now the owner of an extremely popular Instagram page.



20. Helene Klum

Heidi Klum blew everyone’s mind by her swimsuit modeling for Sports Illustrated. She went on to become one of the best-known models ever and now has a daughter who is undoubtedly equally gorgeous.



21. Patrick Swayze with Jason Whittle

Patrick Swayze did not have any children with his wife. However, when he died, Jason Whittle claimed his will for being a son from a former girlfriend. Would you believe this? We leave it entirely to you.



22. Lily Rose Depp

She is the daughter of the megastar Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, a songwriter, as well as a singer. Lily Rose went on to be the face of one of the most famous brands – Chanel, specifically Chanel No 5. She has starred in some movies and also along with Natalie Portman. Johnny recognizes how amazing she is and is thankful that good things have happened to her.



23. Corinne Foxx

Corinne is the daughter of Jamie Foxx and she stole the hearts of people by acting as Miss Golden Globe. She wasn’t aware of who her mother was for a very long time. She has graduated from the University of Southern California and has worked as a model.



24. Georgia May Jagger

Georgia is the daughter of the founder of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger and the model Jerry Hall. She decided to become a model and was signed by TESS model management. She has modeled for Miu Miu, as well as Versace.



25. Connor Cruise

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted two kids during their marriage, namely, Isabella and Connor. Connor practices scientology just like his dad. He stays out of the limelight and is seen working as a DJ. Can you imagine having such gorgeous and rich parents?



26. Brooklyn Beckham

He is the son of the soccer player David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham. He is extremely good-looking like his father and is working as a model. He has had a rocky relationship with Chloe Grace Moretz.



27. Alexa Ray Joel

She was born to Billy Joel, the singer and songwriter, and Christie Brinkley, the model. She has both talents of her parents and is also a pianist. She has released many singles since 2006 and has appeared in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated with her mother and sister.



28. Francesca Eastwood

Francesca is the daughter of Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher. She has six half-siblings thanks to her dad and became prominent only in 2012. She was part of the reality show Eastwood & Company, which revolved around her family life. She acted as Miss Golden Globe in 2013.



29. Joseph Baena

He is the love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena. He was born in the year 1997 and was a well-kept secret from Arnold’s wife. Nevertheless, the paparazzi found out and this led them to divorce. Joseph and his father enjoy a good relationship now.



30. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson

She is the daughter of Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson. She has appeared several times after the death of her father and was later called an It-Girl. She is now a go-to choice for fashion, as well as beauty. She will be seen working in a movie with Amanda Seyfried.



31. Zelda Williams

She is the daughter of the famous comedian Robin Williams and his wife Marsha Garces. She was named after Princess Zelda from a video game. She has worked with the game that got her the name and has appeared in commercials for the same.



32. Gia Lopez

Gia Lopez has been shining ever since she turned 6 years old. The daughter of Courtney Mazza and Mario Lopez has been singing for Disney Junior series called Elena of Avalor. Her dad was extremely proud of her and showed it on social media.



33. Hailie Mathers

Who knew Eminem’s daughter would be this gorgeous? Most people were made aware of her through his lyrics, which spoke of his relationship with her mother. He has tried keeping her out of the limelight, but she was crowned as the homecoming queen. She is currently a student at Michigan State University.



34. Simone Alexandra Johnson

She accompanied her father for the first time at 15 years to the People’s choice awards. Everyone wondered why he had kept her hidden from the world. She is now a big sister to Dwayne’s then-fiancée.



35. Laila Ali

Laila is the daughter of the world-famous boxer Muhammad Ali and is extremely talented as well. She is an international boxer and has a wonderful record of 24-0. She has appeared on various shows, as well and has her own beauty products.



36. Will Reeve

While most of us consider our dads to be superheroes, Will Reeve had Christopher Reeve for a dad who had played the role of Superman. He lost both his parents in a span of two years, but he continued keeping their legacy alive. He runs a non-profit organization as well.



37. Dylan Brosnan

The son of the former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, was discovered as a model on a beach by a creative director. He has inherited his father’s looks, but stands way taller than him. He is currently studying cinematography, while simultaneously modeling.



38. Ella Bleu Travolta

The daughter of Kelly Preston and John Travolta, Ella debuted in 2009 with the movie Old Dogs. Both her parents also starred in the movie and they will soon be seen sharing space on screen again in The Life and Death of John Gotti.



39. Blanket Jackson

The world was introduced to Blanket Jackson when his father Michael Jackson decided to dangle him from a balcony. He has often been bullied at school and is currently trying to live a normal teenage life. He changed his name to Bigi Jackson.



40. Gemma Rose Davis

She is the adopted daughter of Kristin Davis and was adopted by her in the year 2001. Her mother has been concerned over racial discrimination in the US because of her daughter and has often expressed her concerns to the media as well.



41. Allen Iverson II

He is the son of the former basketball player and member of the MVP League, Allen Iverson. Iverson II was born in 1998 and when his father was inducted into the basketball hall of fame, he was extremely supportive of him.



42. Erin Murphy

Erin did not have famous parents, but her parents on screen were extremely popular. She played Tabitha on a show called Bewitched for 6 whole seasons. Once the show ended, she lived a pretty normal life. She was known to have taken up cheerleading and had also been crowned as the homecoming queen.



43. Matthew Kerrigan

Nancy Kerrigan was an extremely famous ice skater before the year 1994. She was later part of a scandal and was sabotaged by a fellow mate. Nancy moved on and went on to win the Olympics. She now has 3 kids, Matthew being the oldest. He knows how to skate, but has decided to pursue a career in costume designing.



44. Willow Smith

She was born in 2000 and graced the carpet as soon as she learned how to walk. She has great features that she has taken from her mom and dad, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. She models, sings and acts as well. She worked with her dad in I am Legend and has also released 2 singles.



45. Jaden Smith

18-year-old Jaden is the brother of Willow Smith and has taken the entertainment and fashion industry by a storm. He has worked with his father in movies like The Pursuit of Happiness and has also performed with Justin Bieber.



46. David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie

In 2006, Guy Ritchie and Madonna adopted a son from Africa. She has adopted three other kids from Africa. His biological father seemed to be concerned about his welfare, but David seems to be happy and living well.



47. Natasha Gregson Wagner

Natasha was only eleven when her mother made the news for having drowned mysteriously off the coast. She is the daughter of Natalie Wood, the famous actress. She wishes to find out how her mother had disappeared and has already appeared in several films.



48. Rowan and Grier Henchy

They are the daughters of the actress/model Brooke Shields and screenwriter/producer Chris Henchy. While Rowan was born in 2003, Grier was born in 2006. They have mostly been out of public sightings except for a few rare instances.



49. Rumer Willis

Rumer is the eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. She is a born actress and has been acting since she was 7 years and debuted with her mother. She also participated in Dancing with the Stars and also won the show. She has also performed for Broadway and has 3 films coming up.



50. Marcus Jordan

Son of Michael Jordan, Marcus also had a promising career in the sport of basketball. He has played on scholarship for the University of Central Florida, but quit the team right before graduating.



51. Arissa Seagal

She is the daughter of Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock, his second wife. With such famous parents, she had to be successful. She became a plus-size model like her mother. She is extremely gorgeous like her parents.



52. Lyssa Chapman

She is the child of Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman and his third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain. She has worked for reality TV shows and got pregnant when she was only 14 years. She also assaulted a police officer and committed property damage as well.



53. Louis Bullock

2010 was the year when Sandra Bullock told the world that she had gone ahead and adopted a baby from Louisiana. She stated in an interview back then that she was ready for more children and adopted another child in 2017.



54. Quinton Reynolds

Quinton happens to be the adopted son of Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds. Both of them are legends from Hollywood. When his parents got divorced, there was a point when he had a rocky relationship with his father, but now they are stronger than ever. He wanted to work in the movies, but ended up with a career behind the scenes.



55.Cleo Cole Elliott

She is the daughter of Katherine Ross and Sam Elliott. She was drawn to music and built a career in it. She has been in the industry ever seen since she entered her teens and also released her own album.



56. Bindi Irwin

Bindi is the daughter of Steve Irwin. After his death in an accident, his two children kept his legacy alive by continuing to work with animals. Bindi had moved to Tasmania with her partner, but is now back in Australia to work at the zoo.



57. Jackson Theron

Jackson and her sister are the adopted children of Charlize Theron. They were both adopted from South Africa, which happens to be the home country of their mother. Being a single child, Charlize enjoys watching the two siblings bond.



58. Jane Carrey

Jim Carrey and his first wife, Melissa Womer had a girl child who stayed out of the limelight for a long time. She later auditioned for the show American Idol, but did not win. However, she did sing a few songs after that.



59. Sydney Simpson

Sydney’s family has always been subject to controversies, which started when her father, the former football player, was charged with the murder of his own wife and her friend. Sydney was dragged into this whole mishap and now lives in Florida. She has her own company by the name of Sydney LLC.



60. Brooke Hogan

She starred with her father in a popular reality show and was loved by almost everyone. It ran for a few years until she got her own singing gigs along with her own reality show. Even though it wasn’t as popular as the initial show, she continues to work on her music and makes appearances with her dad.



61. Charlie Axel Woods

Charlie is the son of Tiger Woods, who happens to be the famous pro-golfer. His parents are now divorced and have joint custody over him. He has decided to be a golfer like his dad and entered into a tournament in 2016. He came second while only being 8 years old.



62. Sam Alexis Woods

Sam is Charlie’s sister and her name isn’t short for Samantha. Her name is given based on the fact that Tiger’s dad would call him Sam, rather than Tiger. Sam is more of a soccer fan than a golfer.



63. Bella Hadid

Yolanda Hadid has two gorgeous daughters, Bella, and Gigi Hadid. Bella was signed as an IMG model in the year 2014. She has also studied photography at Parsons School of Design, but later dropped out as her career in modeling shot up. She was touted as Model of the Year by many publications.



64. Courtney Roker

Al Roker was a co-host at a show with NBC and also works as a weatherman for the same channel. He married Deborah Roberts and they now have three beautiful children. Courtney was born in 1987 to his first wife.



65. D’Lila Star Combs And Jessie James Combs

Sean Combs is a popular rapper who has not one or two, but six children. D’Lila Star and Jessie James are twin sisters who were born in 2006 and they probably have a career in music.



66. Paula Nelson

Willie Nelson, the famous country music legend has a daughter named Paula Nelson. Paula also has a career in country music like her dad and has released five albums. Whether she becomes as popular as her father is yet to be known.



67. Theresa Líf

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is the strongest man on Earth currently. He is a weightlifting champion and also an actor. He is also a father to Theresa who is still too young and is in school.



68. Lola Iolani Momoa

The actor who stars as Khal Drogo in GoT is Jason Momoa, and he has acted in several other shows as well. Lola Momoa is his and Lisa Bonet’s child.



69. Michael Gandolfini

A treasured artist to pop culture was James Gandolfini and was the actor behind Tony Soprano. The show went on for six whole seasons and won several awards.



70. Salma Hayek and Valentina Paloma Pinault

Salma Hayek is a name that every household knows. She has done several classic films. She married a French billionaire and gave birth to Valentina, her daughter.