Some Instances Of Bizarre Things That Could Happen At The Supermarket

The supermarket is a bizarre location, where crazy activities happen, which can actually make your day most of the times. So much of human life is seen to unfold here that it would be surprising if odd things didn’t happen at the supermarkets at all. It seems like a theatrical play most of the times, where the staff plays various characters. Have a look at this list, which shows such instances that will surely amaze you beyond any doubt.


1. Creativity is an important talent and our local supermarket owner knows how to be creative with soda can boxes!



2. Here’s an everyday example of courage and endurance that we must all take.



3. Sometimes people ask the weirdest questions and the staff may not be in the mood to please you as always.



4. If you’re trying to buy chips and spot this cute cat, which one would you choose?



5. Dads can be really weird, right?



6. Old people in love are really cute. Look at them be #couplegoals till this day.



7. Someone’s grandfather saw a bunch of plants wilting and decided to water them immediately. He isn’t an employee at the supermarket.



8. Look at these adorable grandma twins who are also twinning their outfits. If it weren’t for a supermarket, where would you have caught such a sight?



9. Even security seems to have insecurity. Odd, isn’t it?



10. Some people will go over any limits to click creative pictures. Here is a guy who pretends to be a part of a Swedish Arthouse Film every time he visits Ikea.



11. I think this will be the weirdest thing you’ve seen on the internet.



12. Walmart names its products in an absurd manner. Look at this Nana holding a Nana slicer.



13. It seems no place is too odd to take your afternoon siesta after all!



14. It appears like Sam did not make the cut at the citadel.



15. Look at this fish trying to eat a Barbie. These are the kind of things I find at the seafood department in my local store.



16. If you wear the same colored clothes as the staff from the Apple stores, you can go in and try selling Android mobiles for some time before you will be kicked out.



17. He gave me a shock before I realized he was a sweetheart looking for love.



18. Here is a lady trying to shop for some fish for her cat, with her cat.



19. This kid thought it would be cool to visit a tech store and do this with iPads.



20. Police officers visit Walmart to buy gifts for their daughters. At least we hope that is the explanation for this picture.



21. If you think you’ve seen crazy, you need to ask this baby then.



22. This hedgehog has some serious business at the supermarket.



23. The security tried their best, but the cat didn’t want to leave the chocolate shelf.



24. A woman carried her goat to the local grocery, on her back.



25. This greeter at Walmart is mostly playing a guitar or violin to welcome customers inside. He surely takes extra care to do his job.



26. A monk at the grocery saw me and my dog and stopped us to tell me that he had seen a similar picture of my dog.



27. Like mother like son. This kid wanted to be an astronaut, guess who supported his dreams?



28. Meet the cashier, Kashera, at the supermarket. She was born only for this job.



29. You should try to smile all the time, but should you try so hard?



30. This cool lady had a lunch date with Pikachu. Sounds like a great date idea?



31. Well, you had one job to do, didn’t you?



32. I decided to buy 100 bananas and the cashier lost his cool.



33. This book was too emo for my baby. Please don’t buy this for toddlers.



34. Who would have thought to find this in a baby carriage?



35. Well, it wasn’t much of a shock when someone licked my hand at the billing counter.



36. Look at this businessman wearing heels that hookers wear. Who would have thought?



37. And then they said – enough is enough.



38. Have you ever seen a weirder combination? I bet you haven’t!



39. I found this very touching apology at the local store.



40. I think my supermarket has the best sense of humor and rocks those puns.



41. This worker is spending a hard day at work by trying to catch a bird.



42. Here’s a mini-baby sleepover. Tangled is the go-to choice for these cute babies.



43. We all love dogs, but I’m sure he’s the coolest pup you’ll ever meet.



44. The kid seems to have the right sense of humor.



45. These are the bizarre security measures you’ll find near my local grocery.



46. This lady couldn’t leave her duck alone at home, so she brought him along.



47. This retro grandpa is rocking the Johnny Bravo style.