Insane Facts You Never Thought Were True

The world is filled with all kinds of crazy things. Even the most mundane, boring, everyday events can have some pretty weird backstories – or even do things you never thought they could do.

For example, did you know that a worm can eat four to six times their own weight every day? Or that pigeons are intelligent enough to tell the difference between Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso?

But while there are some interesting facts, there are also some dangers as well. Things like our smartphones are infested with bacteria or that people found traces of the bubonic plague in New York City subways are a few. As it turns out, when we dig deeper into some things, we find the stuff we take for granted or that seems normal can surprise us in many ways. Below we’ll talk about those facts in deeper detail, but also share some more weird little facts.


Potato Chips Gain You The Most Weight

A study from Harvard University found that out of the 120,000 people researched, potato chips were to blame for the weight gain over the stretch of four years. The study found that by eating potato chips, participants were gaining on average 1.69 pounds per person over the four years by just eating potato chips. The study found other culprits of fatteners in potatoes (1.28 pounds), sugar-added beverages (1.00 pounds), and unprocessed red meats (0.95 pounds).



Fish Is Likely Labeled Wrong

Even though the package says salmon at the grocery store, that doesn’t mean it’s salmon exactly. Researchers estimate that about a third of all the fish sold in both grocery stores and restaurants is mislabeled. This kind of labelling isn’t by human error, but is actually deliberate, as some people wish to mislead consumers into buying higher priced fish. Snapper fish was found to be mislabeled 87 percent of the time, while tuna was mislabeled 59 percent of the time. This is happening so much it really can’t be a fluke.



The Most Uneventful Day In History Was April 11th, 1954

According to the software developers at True Knowledge, the most uneventful day was April 11th, 1954. True Knowledge is a search engine project that was built to collect the facts from around the world. And based on the over 300 million facts and events it has collected, only two events occurred on that date: the death of Jack Shufflebotham and the birth of a Abdullah Atalar, a now Turkish academic.



People Are The Only Animals Who Like It Spicy

One mystery that has eluded scientists for centuries is why we like spicy food so much. Out of all the animals in the animal kingdom we’re the only ones who enjoy eating these types of foods. What’s also odd is that there doesn’t seem to be any sort of health benefit from eating spicy foods. Outside of some research suggesting that eating hot peppers being able to fight off fungus, the only reason scientists can think of is that we enjoy spicy foods for the thrill. It’s no different than we’re the only animals who also love scary movies and rollercoasters.



Humans Are The Only Animals Whose Brain Shrinks With Age

Research found that as we all get older, our brains shrink. It’s this shrinking process that causes us to also develop cognitive dysfunctions as we get older like Alzheimer’s and dementia. What’s crazy though is that this isn’t the case with any other animals. This is also the same case with our evolutionary relatives like rhesus monkeys and chimpanzees.



JFK Died On The Same Day As Aldous Huxley and C.S Lewis.

While the deaths of two well-known British writers (who died between a 10 minute gap between each other) is certainly newsworthy, their deaths were overshadowed by something bigger. Just one hour after the death of these two writers, the then President of the United States John F. Kennedy was assassinated.



Dogs Smell Cancer

Man’s best friend is also a pretty good doctor for certain conditions. Mainly in the cancer department. We know dogs can catch some good scents off of people and things, but dogs are even able to pick up internal smells like cancers that are developed in our bodies.



Bees Are Able To Detect Bombs

Akin to training dogs to sniff for drugs or bombs, bees actually hold a similar trait. They can also be trained to associate a scent with getting food as a reward. As such, they are able to detect bombs and you’ll be able to tell that when a bee extends their proboscis.



Cell Phones Are Infested With Bacteria

If you’re a germaphobe, then this fact is going to gross you out forever. While popular lore suggests our smartphones can cause cancer or spark flames in gas stations, we do know for a fact that mobile devices are loaded with bacteria. According to British scientists, the average phone carries about 18 times more potentially harmful germs than even toilet handles in public restrooms.



Termites Are The Longest-Living Insects

Cockroaches may have lived through nuclear meltdowns, the dinosaurs, and all kinds of harsh weather and have been stepped on, but they have nothing against termites. Specifically, termite queens, as they can outlive any other insect out there. Scientists have estimated that these disgusting and obese critters can live up to 100 years.



Bananas Are Unable To Reproduce

Can’t go wrong with a Cavendish banana right? Well, this type of banana that we love so much is actually a hybrid of two other species of plants. Oddly enough, there are no seeds that these bananas leave behind, making them one of the fruits unable to be reproduced. So how do we produce these bananas today? Well, it comes down to the farmers who remove and transplant part of the plant’s stem in order to create more of them.



You Can’t Hum While Holding Your Nose

Much like our inability to exhale while holding our nose and closing our mouth, we can’t hum while plugging our nose. The reason is that the humming noise we make is produced when air passes through our larynx. We can’t get access to that while we plug our nose, as we are unable to exhale. Seems odd.



Boyfriends Do More Around The House Than Husbands

In a survey consisting of 17,000 people across 28 countries reported that after marriage, the amount of time a man does chores on a weekly basis drops significantly.



Newborns Can’t Shed Tears

If there is one thing we know about babies is that they cry a lot. But one thing you might not notice is the fact that your newborn baby isn’t shedding any tears. That’s because tear ducts are still in development and aren’t fully developed until an infant is three months old. That’s why in the first three months, their only way to express sad emotions is by crying louder.



The Largest Tire Producer In The World Is LEGO

You might think the largest tire producer is one that producers tires for vehicles right? Well, funny enough, LEGO produces about 306 million tires every year – excessively more than any other manufacturer in the world. It’s fair that these tires are only little toy tires, but the fact still stands.



Longest Word Someone Can Type With Only Their Left Hand Is “Sweaterdresses”

For those grammar sticklers out there who say we need to use a hyphen in sweaterdresses (thus requiring you to use your right hand), then the longest word one can type with their left hand is stewardesses. The longest we can type on our right is the European wildflower johnny-jump-up.



Naps Save Lives

As odd as it sounds, taking a midday nap can provide a surprising amount of benefits. Research found that taking midday naps boosts creativity, focus, and provides a freshness for you for the rest of the day. However one study went a bit deeper and found that these naps can also reduce risks of heart attacks. Those who regularly nap found that their odds of dying from a heart attack dropped by 37 percent.



You Have Deeper Sleeps In Hammocks Than Beds

Swiss scientists found that the rocking motion that hammocks provide leads to nappers enjoying longer and deeper sleep compared to those who nap in beds. On top of that, research found that the rocking motion actually makes people fall asleep faster than compared to a bed.