Look out for these 15 facts, which may sound fake, but are as real as they can get!

The world that we live in is unexplored and strange in many ways. We come across many new discoveries, explorations, and facts every day! The universe is neverending and so is the knowledge out there! The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing. You must never stop exploring and expanding your mind. Here are some mind-blowing facts, which may not seem real, but they are!


1. Can you imagine the thickness of the rings of a large planet like Saturn? Well, the rings are only 30 feet in thickness!



2. While in his teens, Elvis had blonde hair, which later became chestnut! He dyed his hair black.



3. Try to move your right foot in a clockwise direction while sitting, and make the number 6 with your right hand. Watch your foot involuntarily change its motion!



4. Cigarettes were advertised to be beneficial for your health in the 1950s!



5. Human beings have more nerve connections in their brain than the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy!



6. When the revolutionary iPhone was launched, it possessed the same computing power as NASA when it launched a manned mission to the Moon!



7. Speaking about the Moon, did you know that the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, and his team had to go through Hawaii Custom Authorities while on their way back from the Moon?



8. Lobsters don’t die of natural factors. They never age! It is only external causes that can kill them!



9. Did you know that pollination of figs is carried out by wasps? The wasps enter them, lay their eggs and die! The enzymes within the figs digest these poor wasps.



10. Due to the 1971 Soviet Gas Exploration accident, there is a gas crater in the middle of the Turkmenistan Desert. It is 60m wide and 20m in depth. It has been dubbed as ‘Portal to Hell’ and has been active since for the past 38 years!



11. Up to 50% of the Presidents of the United States have been left-handed and even ambidextrous!



12. You can reach the Moon by folding a paper 42 times! The math adds up, but you can’t really fold a paper 42 times.



13. Your favorite chocolate bar contains at least 8 parts of an insect!



14. When a person is struck by a lightning, a weird scar, known as Lichtenberg Scar, develops on their body!



15. Did you know that the song ‘Happy Birthday To You’ is copyrighted by Warner/Chappell Music! They have been persistently insisting that you can’t sing the song without paying any royalties! In 2008, they earned over $2 million as a royalty to this song. Guess we have been infringing their copyright for quite some time!