20 Photos of 00s and 10s Kids: Then and Now

Step into the nostalgic time machine as we glance through 20 photos of 00s and 10s Kids: Then and Now. From child actors who first made their mark on TV shows and the silver screen in the 2000s and 2010s to random kids who became accidental but hilariously iconic memes, this collection shows how our favorite teenagers have changed over time. It will feel like a trip down memory lane as we compare the adorable innocence of yesteryear with the matured charm of today’s familiar personalities.

Hilary Duff

Hillary Duff rose to prominence as the lovable Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel in the early 2000s, captivating audiences with her infectious charm and relatable persona. Transitioning from acting to music, she achieved success as a singer-songwriter, releasing several albums. Today, Duff continues to act in film and television, notably starring in the TV series Younger. Additionally, she is an entrepreneur, author, and mother, balancing a multifaceted career with grace and resilience.